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  1. same problem, i think there is a general problem
  2. So you had one big sale that dont make the system better... you just had luck
  3. im now sure that shutterstock doing something shady, i asked many times, wrote to support, wrote to @Kate Shutterstock in private and wrote many times here but no one is giving my answers about on demand sales im lvl 5 and im getting less money on on demand files now when before even and the cheepest on deman price on the shutterstock is 9.16 so how can i get 1$ on demand sales???????????????????? today i had on demand sales with old prices whitch is less then i should be getting now since i should be recieving 35%
  4. @Kate Shutterstock we need to know whats going on with On Demand downloads
  5. i wrote to support and to kate but no one is giving any answers
  6. its really frustrating not to get any answers about legit questions to be honest 😒 i still cant understand how can i have a 1$ sale in On Demand if im level 5, my friend is level 6 and had 0.80$ in On Demand and the cheapest on demand pack is 9.16$ so i just wanna know how is this possible? Show me where can i buy a on demand photo on shutterstock for 2$ show me on what promotion and on what website can i buy my photo for 2$ on demand
  7. @Kate Shutterstock Can you please respond about this issue, how im i getting this low sales in on demand and im level 5, what On-demand packs give these sales ???
  8. @Kate Shutterstock under what license was my image sold ? Is this a mistake? there is no on demand license for this price if im getting 35%
  9. i dont think there are any actually ... im level 5 and same earnings as everyone else
  10. Level 5 and all my sales are under 0.20c how is this rewarding anything i just wonder ?
  11. @Kate Shutterstock Nope its still all in single and others for me, all my salles are there ....
  12. @Kate Shutterstock WHY ARE ALL SALES GOING IN Single & other???? i only had big sales there
  13. This is insane im in level 35% and im losing money how are you rewarding anyone ???????????????????? How are you rewarding anyones hard work???????????????
  14. Its insane that they don't respond anything and just ignore us
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