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  1. Hello every contributor here, I am TY from Cambodia. I wonder how is Shutterstock calculate of our image. it is often that i get 10cent for 1 image and sometime i get 57cent per image and sometime i get 87cent per image. I dont know how SS count for us. Could any one of you help to explain me ?
  2. do you know other contributor stock, I wish to joint other then delete all my portfolio
  3. Hello all contributor, I make this room for all of you to make a debate with commission that we get from Shutterstock
  4. Hello all contributor. I am UYTY from Cambodian. I have some inquiry after i upload pictures. 1- Missing Reference Image 2- Missing Artwork Property Release Please help to tell me what is the problem and show me. I have ready on the shutterstock instruction but I still don't understand. Thanks all contributor in advance !
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