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  1. haha, not me - when I saw the announcement this morning it left a nasty taste although I knew it was coming. To me it will not make a whole lot of difference but those on L4, 5 etc it must be a kick in the guts. It really is a slimy move by SS and totally unjustified no matter how much they try to sugar coat it by pretending fairness for all. Shame on you SS

  2. 10 hours ago, baypinar said:

    As an amateur who has portfolios in 7 other agencies, I apply the following actions :

    Everytime an image is sold for 0.10 cents in Shutterstock, I delete it from Shutterstock.

    This way I maximize potential income since my average in Istockphoto is 0.35 cents, 0.42 in Dreamstime and 2.50 in Pond5.  (Although I sell rarely with this ecclectical portfolio mixed with entry level pro DSLR, amateur DSLR, smartphone and illustration images, which is definitely not surprising). Since a long  time I was thinking that probably Shutterstock makes you addicted because it gives you so small but so often. It is like bad eating habit. I'd rather have a full meal at proper times, and stay mentally healthy. 

    Everytime an image is sold in another agency, I delete it from Shutterstock. So again, I know that the image can be sold elsewhere, and protect the value which is above RPD in Shutterstock. Before the new payment structure, my RPD in shutterstock was about 0.36, like Istockphoto. Now it is 0.15. 

    As an example Pond5 sold only 1 image, which is equivalent to 27 sales in Shutterstock. 200 sales in shutterstock equals to only 3 sales in Alamy. 

    Of course if I was a professional with thousands of images here, I would think differently. So, everybody has to find his/her own solution (or in other words, ways to escape from this sinking ship). Good luck to all those hardworking artists! I have worked in a place where I was "devalued" and ignored, and the only solution was to quit and go somewhere else which is capable of employing you among your talent. 


    an interesting idea. If you have images on istock you will probably be selling images for a lot less than $0.10. The best way to check that I have found is through deepmeta 

  3. On 7/7/2020 at 11:57 AM, Shirley Cronin said:

    For this reason I thought I would try wirestock for submitting to the smaller agencies, especially as DT has a $100 miniumum payout.

    However, 3 weeks in to submitting a test batch of 40, they are still processing the images (as they do the keywording) and so nothing yet submitted to agencies.

    Also a word of warning, once you upload to DT they dont let you delete the images for 6 months, you have to retain 80% of images. I think I found a workaround and just have them all unchecked for sales, but still it's a pain

    I started uploading at wirestock last November, yes they are getting slower but I think a heap of folks have been uploading there. I have about 400 images on line there with 50 sales, getting very close to first payout. The DT payout minimum is a real pain, at the moment sitting on $85 there. Lots of folks ask them to reduce the payout limit but they don't want to listen. They must be sitting on $M on unpaid earnings

  4. 5 hours ago, whitejellybeans said:

    II am a contributor and a buyer. Our business signed up for the monthly plan over eight months ago as we were setting up a couple of websites. Most months go by now where we are lucky to purchase one or two images a month but are still paying $49 per month for the subscription as it was an annual commitment. The months that our business does not purchase any images means that SS does not need to pay any of their contributors a cent. 
    I suspect that the overheads for storing images are huge, but I would have thought good business sense would be to offload images that have not sold for say three years or so and allow contributors to resubmit. It is appalling what SS has done to their contributors who are the backbone of their company. It is also a lazy business to take the easiest option out by cutting the bonus to their contributors rather than looking at other ways to cut a profit. 
    For our business, once the subscription runs out, our company will never buy images off Shutterstock again. As a contributor, my portfolio is small and was just a side income.  I am in the process of deleting all my decent images and leaving all my crapy ones on SS that I submitted when I first started out. 

     Please start using your full entitlement as a buyer, then photographers / artists will get paid. Bleating that SS gets all the money is not their problem. Just use your entitlement - doesn't matter if you never need those images. Nice photo of Oriental bay btw

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