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  1. ....with a photo of some toilets, kind of appropriate maybe https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/kawakawa-new-zealand-december-27-2012-1570797349
  2. Bang for buck - Mavic 2 Pro with the hassleblad camera. Sell lots of images with it. also takes great aerial panorama images, both vertical and horizontal
  3. I thought there was a forumthread for black and white sales, but couldn't find it. anyway sold this today https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/couple-silhouette-looking-out-sea-waves-1660604122
  4. shame on shutterstock, hope you feel great about it for a short time. Lets hope Karma doesn't bite you too hard
  5. the 70-300 VR is not a bad lens and should give good results. If using a tripod as others are suggesting, don't forget to turn off the VR. I had the non VR version and didn't like it. I now have the Tamron 700-300 with VR and find it pretty good, even hand holding down to 1/30 second. Using on both a crop and full frame camera
  6. haha, not me - when I saw the announcement this morning it left a nasty taste although I knew it was coming. To me it will not make a whole lot of difference but those on L4, 5 etc it must be a kick in the guts. It really is a slimy move by SS and totally unjustified no matter how much they try to sugar coat it by pretending fairness for all. Shame on you SS
  7. I think it is Deposit Photos. On my wirestock account DP sales are about half the numbers that SS and AS achieve and pays out $0.25 to $0.40 per sale
  8. just had another $44 photo sale at "mychillybin" - ok NZ$ not US$
  9. well done, those are awesome numbers - how many were $0.10
  10. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/mouth-te-horo-stream-sunset-on-1607018986
  11. I agree with KeremG, I had the 70-300 - bought it to replace a tamron 70-300 (nonvr) which in retrospect was a mistake. Now use a tamron 70-300VR which for the price is very good imo
  12. interesting, even though I have had my 2 for a year I didn't know about it. thanks for posting
  13. that's a lot of pixels, save it at a marginally lower quality and it should fit within the size limit
  14. I can not understand folks who upload full res high quality images to free sites - almost as bad as uploading to sites that only pay a pittance such as SS or IS.
  15. its not always 10 cents. My last ten sales have been 3.40, .40, .10, .10, .48, .13, .48, .10, .68, .10 - just a tad under $0.60 per sale average
  16. an interesting idea. If you have images on istock you will probably be selling images for a lot less than $0.10. The best way to check that I have found is through deepmeta
  17. I started uploading at wirestock last November, yes they are getting slower but I think a heap of folks have been uploading there. I have about 400 images on line there with 50 sales, getting very close to first payout. The DT payout minimum is a real pain, at the moment sitting on $85 there. Lots of folks ask them to reduce the payout limit but they don't want to listen. They must be sitting on $M on unpaid earnings
  18. I feel like we are in a zoo. We are the monkeys and we get paid peanuts - nice image btw.
  19. just curious, what happens when the thief has sold images that are stolen. Does SS transfer those earnings to the true author?
  20. Please start using your full entitlement as a buyer, then photographers / artists will get paid. Bleating that SS gets all the money is not their problem. Just use your entitlement - doesn't matter if you never need those images. Nice photo of Oriental bay btw
  21. send an invoice to each of the places you found it, for something like $100 - use of image....see what happens
  22. oohh goody again - just got an email to say I have been elevated to level 2. That means instead of getting 10c I will be getting 10c. Such joy! (not) Please Adobe Stock, start accepting editorial images
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