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  1. shame on shutterstock, hope you feel great about it for a short time. Lets hope Karma doesn't bite you too hard
  2. the 70-300 VR is not a bad lens and should give good results. If using a tripod as others are suggesting, don't forget to turn off the VR. I had the non VR version and didn't like it. I now have the Tamron 700-300 with VR and find it pretty good, even hand holding down to 1/30 second. Using on both a crop and full frame camera
  3. haha, not me - when I saw the announcement this morning it left a nasty taste although I knew it was coming. To me it will not make a whole lot of difference but those on L4, 5 etc it must be a kick in the guts. It really is a slimy move by SS and totally unjustified no matter how much they try to sugar coat it by pretending fairness for all. Shame on you SS
  4. could be DM just did a right click copy and thought seeing as they were crediting SS and yourself it was all legit. I had something similar uplifted from Dreamstime, never paid for but just credited. I tried to set "copytrack" onto them but they weren't all that interested
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