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  1. ....with a photo of some toilets, kind of appropriate maybe https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/kawakawa-new-zealand-december-27-2012-1570797349
  2. Bang for buck - Mavic 2 Pro with the hassleblad camera. Sell lots of images with it. also takes great aerial panorama images, both vertical and horizontal
  3. I thought there was a forumthread for black and white sales, but couldn't find it. anyway sold this today https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/couple-silhouette-looking-out-sea-waves-1660604122
  4. shame on shutterstock, hope you feel great about it for a short time. Lets hope Karma doesn't bite you too hard
  5. the 70-300 VR is not a bad lens and should give good results. If using a tripod as others are suggesting, don't forget to turn off the VR. I had the non VR version and didn't like it. I now have the Tamron 700-300 with VR and find it pretty good, even hand holding down to 1/30 second. Using on both a crop and full frame camera
  6. haha, not me - when I saw the announcement this morning it left a nasty taste although I knew it was coming. To me it will not make a whole lot of difference but those on L4, 5 etc it must be a kick in the guts. It really is a slimy move by SS and totally unjustified no matter how much they try to sugar coat it by pretending fairness for all. Shame on you SS
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