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  1. I feel like we are in a zoo. We are the monkeys and we get paid peanuts - nice image btw.
  2. just curious, what happens when the thief has sold images that are stolen. Does SS transfer those earnings to the true author?
  3. Please start using your full entitlement as a buyer, then photographers / artists will get paid. Bleating that SS gets all the money is not their problem. Just use your entitlement - doesn't matter if you never need those images. Nice photo of Oriental bay btw
  4. send an invoice to each of the places you found it, for something like $100 - use of image....see what happens
  5. oohh goody again - just got an email to say I have been elevated to level 2. That means instead of getting 10c I will be getting 10c. Such joy! (not) Please Adobe Stock, start accepting editorial images
  6. oohh goody, my first 10 cent sale. No more submissions from me until something changes. I just wish AS would accept editorial images
  7. the main advantage of wirestock is you load an image once, it then gets loaded to multiple sites. quite a time saver. I would imagine under the new SS scheme, they will be at a much higher level much quicker the average joe here, thus the higher level may earn you more per download making up for the 15% they take. Have to wait and see perhaps
  8. have a look at wirestock - they submit to multiple sites including SS, now have 200000+ images - my images there earn more than similar image directly on SS
  9. covid causing - less images coming in, fewer buyers = lower need for reviewers preliminary reviewing being done more by AI which weeds out many images - again leading to fewer reviewers needed - my comment about being replaced by an AI robot was stretching the truth. Apologies to those who took it the wrong way Reality for all those who have lost their jobs - tough times especially those with families and mortgages.
  10. I have a relation in Europe made redundant by Shutterstock two days ago
  11. Just want to offer my commiserations to all those hard working shutterstock image vetters who have recently been told their jobs no longer exist due to covid-19. Seems tough for those who only earn commissions for images vetted. "you have been replaced by an AI robot". Possibly expected in the long term but timing for some is not nice
  12. Been here since November '19. Reached 100th sale today. Received first payment of about $44 early in april.
  13. vanity search found this - always nice to see proper credits being given - site was childhood.com and page fun things to do in Dallas with kids
  14. out of curiousity started about 3 months ago. thought it could be a lazy way to load to Al, DP and P5. I have also loaded some pics to WS that SS have refused when i loaded them but accepted when WS loaded them. Interesting that have had several sales of refused files on SS sell on WS that they loaded to SS and sold on SS. Will be interesting once I reach payout to see if they do
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