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  1. Dear Kate, Please check your ftps service. For last month it do not accept my password every other day.
  2. Your way of thinking is very simplified. You spend less time renaming the files, so you save time for making photos, videos, illustrations. And you can offer more to the customers and increase your chance to make more money.
  3. IMHO you can't with FileZilla. But with Total Commander you do mass rename. Or if you transfer one file give him explicit name to FTP server
  4. If you check the ftp header you will see this note:
  5. One good think with one bad realization. The speed is half of the speed on other (FTP) sites. On other sites there is different web login and ftp(s) login passwords so why do not make it here too?
  6. I was in DT for > 6 months, >2000 images and sold 0!
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