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  1. If you put selective focus Or bokeh background in the keywords they should get accepted If not just downsize to 4K or even half like firn said & save on your editor. sometimes AF on a lens can focus on the wrong point & or the aperture is too wide. If you can use focus peaking on your camera use that as a guide.. But they are rejecting my pictures for noise at 200 ISO which is incredible on a sony mirrorless camera.
  2. True and SS will have to accept smartphone images because that's the only cameras most newbie's will have. Who on earth would want to buy decent gear with these payments? And banning people from the forum for telling the truth. Do these tech companies want to take over the world?
  3. SS rejected mine aswell. There are other sites which accept scans of old photos. I submitted some of my old slides to a site called A_ _ _ _ _ _ scanned on my old nikon scanner & they still accepted them even though they're very grainy
  4. there are human beings at least management are but they have very poor people skills - probably normal in the tec world.
  5. you can't even buy a packet of peanuts for 34p yet alone 34c
  6. I agree. The other sites apart from AS have very poorly designed upload pages & take some getting used to. Besides to get the same number of sales on those you probably have to upload 10x more images to equal the sales on SS.
  7. SS must either be incredibly bad at sums or have no common sense what so ever.. Is there an authority in the USA (SS is an US company) that you can report SS to for unfair trading practices. If they are losing money on subs then they are spending too much on something else. BUT in no circumstances should they bite the hand that feeds them ie. us contributors. Wake up shutterstack AND DO THE RIGHT THING NOW!.
  8. I think I'll go back to busking with a friend if we're even allowed with lockdown. Collecting coins doing that was much better & more fun but the beggers pretending to be homeless (those doing nothing) get way more money.
  9. Yes it can't be a person rejecting photos for grain at 200 iso on a quality mirrorless camera.
  10. same here I have some of my best photos rejected on here that are accepted on other site. But being accepted & then only getting a dime for a download is an insult. SS probably don't need us anymore.
  11. But we don't have a choice until we get to the payment threshold so either: have to quit & donate our earnings to SS or 'sweat it out' on here until we can cash out. so it is sweatshop labor until then. However if SS allowed us to cash out before $35 then it would be fine. They should allow people to cash out early
  12. Oh it was a sweatshop today 30c 86f heat in my town
  13. the window frames on the left are out of focus. You need a smaller F number ie f11 or f16
  14. Very good point. It's great that someone has pointed it out. Take Ebay (not stock but a good example of the power of people ) ebay increased their fees some years ago among other things & sellers (including me) left in droves. Now they seem to be begging them & me to sell there again, they've given sellers more protection & free listings & I went back there again. They now face stiff competition from Facebook etc. but that's another story. Trust me people who run SS including that arrogant founder Jon O (whatever his name is) just cannot ignore us for long or else they're commiting commercial suicide. I still know (via facebook) designers who were on my course in the 80's. We even had a reunion last year after over 30 years. and were some of the most kind & reasonable people I've ever met. if they knew about what SS are doing they would also boycott shutterstock.
  15. wow 900,000 different images. The biggest problem is learning how to submit to different sites then it's fine. Editorial requirement is different & harder than SS on many sites as well which is a shame.
  16. In the 1960's my uncle took photos of people at the seaside for money.& they would come back at the end of the day o collect their prints. I've seen it done at the same seaside town for photos on T shirts while u wait a few years ago. And my brother used to be a pro photographer but since digital he's only been able to do stock (on Alamy) He wouldn't dream of joining SS or similar sites.
  17. No not for 10c min DLs .there's no future unless people just leave work in their ports I will work on old youtube channel again which earned at least some money until a few years ago when google changed the rules to qualify for add revenue from videos. Apparently you need at least 1000 subscribers to qualify. I now have 865 subscribers on there even though not uploaded any videos for a year. And that's the thing, Even if you didn't submit to SS anymore but kept the ports open, people with 100's of images in their ports will still earn something without doing any more work but payment threshold should be reduced from $35
  18. people are getting annoyed with all these picky or even fake 'not in focus' problems which weren't happening before. Try downsizing the photo to 4K & re-sub
  19. they look fine to me but I don't think anyone with more knowledge of focus requirements will answer because many contributors are closing down their portfolios on shutter stock. The top seagull is very sharp with out of focus background but the reviewer should know that is what you aimed for. Just keyword 'focus on foreground on the gull & re-submit Note the background on your 2nd photo is slightly out of focus. The last 2 look fine but I cannot see them 100% just downsize the photos then re-submit
  20. I tried to submitscanned slides but were rejected for grain noise yet were accepted on alamy even when I first started there. Maybe SS don't accept film photography due to lower resolution compared to even point & shoot digital cameras
  21. They reject my photos on a long AF zoon lens for noise or focus at 200 iso on a sony mirrorless camera yet they accept pictures taken with my newer Canon power shot SX superzoom at longer telephoto lengths. I thought mirrorless or dslr's were supposed to be better. I've had some realy nice photos rejected on here yet were accepted on DT & alamy. Because of what SS have done recently, I didn't want to submit any more but just wanted to see if the image below (and a few taken at the same time) would be accepted but were all rejected. There is CA but they did not even mention that just noise or focus & was a sunny day. Note: things seem to pass through the review instantly now so are they using A.I.?. the photo was taken on a sony NEX 5N camera with adapted 75-300 minolta AF lens.& was for editorial. The focusing was AF
  22. they look fine to me. I.ve started having the same problems too. maybe due to a soft AF zoom lens at the highest magnification. They have just reduced the rates that they pay photographers so people are leaving this site in droves.
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