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  1. But the buyers are being charged the same as before & there's loads of complaints on Trustpilot
  2. Sorry to hear this & they won't delete posts. They probably don't even read the forum or just seem to ignore it. Shutterstock are nuts if they think even new contributors will the peanuts that this 10c DL price is. Most newbies will have little chance of cashing out.
  3. Then buyers are mean and not worth having The internet buyers cannot hold contributors to ransom - better off entering photo competitions
  4. It';s just about everyone's opinion now apart from the traitors who kiss up to SS.. I actually think that it amounts to fraud . let's see the court cases start soon.
  5. I wouldn't bother with the time wasting B***s You're time is much better served with other Micro sites - that's if it's even worth it.
  6. 6 10c DLs with 3 of the same photo. How are you supposed to get to the $35 payout with that?
  7. Well said.! I still cannot believe it 3 months later. Since the end of July I had 10c DLs only. Your work & even mine (I've not traveled for years) is worth more. I have old photos I took in philippines taken with an old cheap P&S camera, (all I had at the time) downsize to the min 4 mega pix & they actually get through the picky reviewers here. Why should I waste shutter count on my best camera or why should you or anyone else for that matter? The idiot at SS who decided this should be sacked as it's not even third world rates of pay. If they want pro quality images they have to pay properly for it.
  8. For the flower photo just write 'selective focus' in keywords. because only a small part of the flower is in focus. the bottom one just needs some noise reduction as there's grain in the photo
  9. No you photos are good not mediocre and you don't need pro gear but the ones you think are bad can sell the most. I don't have many DLs because of many being editorial but they've also ALL been 10c DL since end of July - a real riff off. My worst photo has had 5 DLs & counting but it's not even cropped properly (due to software failure) & has quite bad CA So if you don't like a photo you took it can still sell.
  10. And you have realy nice photos too. Downsizing seems to work though, I have few new photos to upload because I just feel like a begger with a camera. Instead I uploaded some holiday photos taken years ago with my old cheap olympus pocket cam and downsized to near 4 mega pix. I diddn't know what to expect but half were accepted. The others were only rejected because I used the pop are or vivid setting on the camera. My sony NEX mirrorless & newer buget canon powershot has these settings but never tried them. On my newer powershot superzoon I hardly ever get any rejections now.
  11. A video on youtube would be great
  12. Yes this is the problem with disabling an account They can steal off of you.
  13. You sound like that Jon Oringner on Twitter - If you don't like it take your work and go etc.
  14. It's not just SS amazon & many of these corporations are the same: Unbelievable greed at the top et others expense. Read this link. They need more regulation especially in the U.S. & only by voting the likes of Trump out could anything be done about it. https://www.quora.com/Why-are-corporations-considered-greedy-and-evil-even-though-they-employ-lots-of-people
  15. The rubbish AI doesn't like certain textures most likely. Besides they should be cutting down on all this QC for trusted contributors at least then they would save money & pay us more just like alamy does.. That would be the logical (Mr. Spock) thing to do.
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