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  1. Nah no trade secret involved, it was a couple of lucky sales actually... If it helps you, BLM and finance could be prominent topics in the lucky streak? It's not saying much really, of the lucky ones 2 were sold on their lucky day for 10c too. Doesn't it always look a little absurd seeing the random value of an image? 😄 E.g. I sold that non-smoking sign on Bondi Beach elsewhere for $70+ and for 10c here on the same day... Actually I found travel photos have been back for a while now - at least in Europe, we're already doing it again (yeah that's what she said)
  2. From the latest Lanzarote set...
  3. My July was horrible (maybe due to not uploading except the protest pics in June?) but August is starting great, reached payout by the third - not normal for me at all In July it seemed like my port had been blocked after the 15th... I remember some people reported this for June, I wonder if there's a mid-month reranking pattern...?
  4. Thanks for rummaging in your memory Yeah I expected the "no answer from support" experience... Let's see if it happens again.
  5. Good week after much doom & gloom last month... Frankfurt skyscrapers & Berlin BLM protest
  6. I don't know if this is a technical issue, I don't even know if it happened from shutterstock side but - - I've had a few cases lately where my descriptions have been shortened after an approved image went online...? Has anyone experienced this? I'm saying not sure it was on shutterstock's side because of course I can't 100% guarantee I didn't mis-copy-paste lol. But it was a couple of pictures, so it doesn't seem likely it was me...
  7. Then again blaming a woman would be what psychopathic CEOs do 😁 If it's true though it would be a strategic masterpiece using him as a proxy as he's more likely to be taken seriously: https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/10/acting-like-a-psychopath-is-great-for-male-ceos-not-so-much-for-women/ Lol sorry this thread is getting a little OT and all about psychopath CEOs... It's a topic I've been rabbit holing and bitching about with colleagues since the beginning of time 😅
  8. Yeah, reconstructed that in the meantime
  9. Such an interesting article here, esp. the last bit where it says that a way to disarm psychopaths is online communication 😁 (remember someone made their Twitter private...) https://amp.theguardian.com/technology/2017/mar/15/silicon-valley-psychopath-ceo-sxsw-panel
  10. 😄😂 LOL "but I had a bad hair day!11" Wonderful typo.
  11. I uploaded again - see it as a donation for the BLM movement because I'm not making any money from it anyway lol. Some of my faves from the protest this weekend: Did you notice how neo-colonialist the new scheme is too? Because the communication with the intransparency re: download plan data and generally just sending an email is, if at all, only acceptable when you're dealing with hobbyists. Since these hobbyists are mainly in the global west, with many full-timers in the global south/east, the communication towards the people in these world regions has been particularly condescending.
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