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  1. Now this is something really ridiculous. Either the AI needs to be calibrated or the Inspector needs to be fired because he only pushed a button without inspecting. I just had 40 Editorial images rejected (I uploaded 40). All of them out of focus. Every Foto is unrelated to each other and while I may agree with some of them being not absolutely perfect the majority is pretty sharp. When a whole batch gets rejected for the same reason in a short time than there is something wrong with the Inspection system and someone should look at it. Otherwise it is not worth wasting the time on SS when I ge
  2. Same here. This seems to be a problem affecting all of us
  3. Weird thing is that what I read here this is quiet common practice. Which raises the question what are this companies doing to protect their employees (speaking of us Contributors) rights?
  4. https://www.shutterstock.com/de/g/Ruchithakur16 The photo of the Mail box belongs to a friend who only uploads to iStock. And as far as I heard from others the politician images have also been shot by other professionals. This is fraudulent if not already criminal behavior stealing other peoples copyright.
  5. I came across a Shutterstock portfolio that uses images of Contributors from other sites. There are only 19 images in this portfolio and at least three of them have been identified by Getty and iStock users of being their photos. What is the best way to report this obvious fraudulent behavior on SS ?
  6. Hi Fernando Picfair is another side where you can set your own price if you want to have a look
  7. I receive this message on AS on a regular basis. Definitely some AI pre screening. I usually ignore it and continue. In 90% of cases the files got accepted after the review process.
  8. Thats what I found: Nude model: Releases for nude models must include a copy of the model’s photo identification with proof that the model is over the age of 21. A model release is required for nudes even if the face is not visible. I assume as Linda said you need to attach an ID document for your model !!!
  9. Reset happened this morning for me !
  10. It is my understanding that this is a once a year fee large companies are paying to have full access to iStock images but with the limitiation to be only used on websites or search engines. California makes sense as this is the place from where main internet and high tech companies operate. They pay once a year, which happens to be in March. I may be wrong and happy to be corrected but that is how I understand this concept.
  11. I agree. Start a tour and picture all the nice monasteries you have in Serbia, This is a starting point for sales on travel sites. I am sure they are in demand
  12. 6 month 1078 images and 99 downloads so far here !!!
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