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  1. I did not intend to shout, I had not noticed the title was in caps until I saw your response. I'm new to this and it was a genuine question.
  2. Thank you, that's very helpful. I was aware of being able to enter keywords before uploading but will need to look into how to edit description in exif data.
  3. I have just read feedback from my first submissions. Most were rejected on the grounds of trademark names in the description or keywords. I can't see any issue with the keywords I used, but the name of my camera was automatically inserted in the description field. Had the field been left blank to begin with, this is information that I would not have considered putting in the description. Since it was automatically put in the description field by Shutterstock's system, I assumed it was valid information to include. So the question I am left with is; Why does Shutterstock automatically put information into the image description that will lead to an image being rejected? I feel this is an unnecessary waste of my time.
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