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  1. April sales you say? Oh really great... I am moving to P***5 for good now. I see a big respect for artists there, not like here and I prefer selling less but for x4 more which is the right and fair price for my work. If you don't have respect for yourself and give away your work for pennies, no one else will have either especially the greedy one.
  2. Thanks for the answer I will stick with the standard 422 then! I was asking because I have bought the new Canon R5 with mainly videos in mind and I would like to make the most of it and the quality of the footage.
  3. So you say it really matters if the clips are in high quality codec ProRes? And which the standard ProRes 422?
  4. Hello Does it matter if we take the effort to upload videos in high quality codecs like Apple ProRes (big size of files) or we just upload in h.264 saving space and time? Are buyers looking at that or they don't care?
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