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  1. I have rejections for noise and aliasing for the video footage below. I can't see any issues. Can someone give me any directions where to look for? 20210409ConstructionYard7.mp4 20210409ConstructionYard9.mp4 20210409ConstructionYard8.mp4
  2. Hi, I have the same issue and its driving me mad. I even upgraded from iPhone 8 Plus to iPhone 12 Pro, use a gimbal (DJI OM4), use Filmic Pro (Filmic Quality), lock exposure, film in 4K 60FPS, film in soft light (late afternoon), minimal edit (remove audio and trim begin and ending), upload as H.264 P3 D65 (12-1-1), 41,24 MB/s. I want to upload some clips I have made on my trip to the city, see my compilation on YT: What else can be done? Suggestions are welcome!
  3. The third is an hyper lapse in HD (1920x1080 with h.264 codec). The others are 4K with H.264. I use a chromium based browser and can view the videos without a problem. I don't know what is causing the MIME type problem.
  4. In Filmic Pro I use Apple standard (extreme filmic is unusable while editing, due hiccups in playback in iMovie). I use manual exposure and exposure locking. Shutterspeed is different per video, I cannot recall the shutterspeed and this information is not available anymore in the EXIF info. It should be pretty high (1/800 - 1/2000 range), because of the daytime and no ND filter. Bitrate is 8-bit. What is a common simple workflow to edit video files from my iPhone to Shutterstock?
  5. Hi, I am trying to upload some clips taken with my iPhone 8 Plus, a JDI OM4 gimbal, JDI Mimo app (hyper lapse video) Filmic Pro. In post I use iMovie for a little stabilization, trimming, extract audio and export. I am planning to upgrade my phone to iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro, but if these problems still exists then that is not a good option. I have a hard time to get those footage accepted. With still images I can estimate if those should be accepted and can repair some problems in post, but with video footage I can't estimate it yet. I have the clips uploaded with this me
  6. @Thijs de Graafdo you mind share you're highest earning image and your most downloaded one?
  7. Hi Thijs, I am also from The Netherlands. My average for February is 0.25 ct / image (11 downloads). In 2020 February I had 0.67ct / image (15 downloads). I hope times will get (a lot) better. Kind regards, Robin
  8. Hi, these are very pretty photos! The first and third have some issues when I view them at 100%. The first looks over sharpened to me. The third has some posterization in the sky and noise in the land. I can't readout the EXIF to see you're camera settings (ISO, shutterspeed, etc.). Can you post that? The second look very good to me, I'll try that one again without any editing. Or was it rejected for title problems? My experience with Shutterstock is that it is difficult to get nighttime photos accepted. EDIT: I see you have managed to get the first one accepted: https
  9. January 2020 sales 21 downloads with total of $8.51 January 2021 sales 13 downloads with total of $2.59 Is stock photography worth it?
  10. @Karen Dunn Photography As an example that you don't always need to shoot everything in focus is this image which I uploaded yesterday: https://www.shutterstock.com/nl/image-photo/abstract-blurry-lily-pad-be-used-1899389971. This can be used as a backdrop. A designer can place text in the white area.
  11. The book seems pretty sharp to me. The main subject is the heart, thus the edges of the pages there should be tack sharp in focus. Note that the focal plane is not constant due the diagonal placement of the book. Your camera produces 60MP, which is insane high. You have the luxury to crop or downsize the image. Just try it again. Smartphone cameras have a tiny sensor and places almost everything in focus. With enough light they are good enough for stock, but I do not think you can create the same photos with the same lightning and get them accepted. I have many smartphone (iPhone 8 Plus)
  12. @Maciej BledowskiThanks for the reply. I guess that I need to make one my self and upload a property release.
  13. Hi, I had a rejection of the image in the attachment. Can you give me a clue what the rejection is about in this image? Is it the hard drive fishing bait, both? Or... Any help is appreciated.
  14. Hi, I had no problems uploading images this week. I think you need a new reviewer...
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