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  1. Wow, that's a lot! Congratulations... Meantime, I only have 1 DL this month 😆 And my camera just broke recently.. dispirited right now. I'm contemplating to stop...or still continue this hobby. I like photography, but seems like photography don't like me. 🙄
  2. No, I wasn't blaming SS.. t'was just an expression. And I definitely agree with you. Fortunately though, I just sold a single image in AS that surpasses my entire SS's sales this year.
  3. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/pattaya-city-thailand-february-3-2019-1814445296 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/pattaya-city-thailand-february-3-2019-1814442125 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/isolated-leaves-cactus-flower-1813357747
  4. It's the 13th day of Sept.and still no single DL's.. whats happening SS 😭😕
  5. Wow! good for you.. September for me is very silent. Zero DL for 9 straight days now.
  6. From someone with low portfolio, zero DL so far.
  7. My August performance, 1 OD ($1.06), 1 single DL and 9 subs for 0.10c each. 😁🙃
  8. I have the same issue with one of my editorial image [portrait of a lady (who happens to be my office mate) wearing a mask and face shield]. It's being used in a health and wellness online store (in South Africa). I thought editorial images can't be used for commercial/promotional use. 😕 Note: Although I have other portrait images of her with MR - but that specific image was taken in April (before she agreed to signed an MR) so I uploaded it as an editorial at that time.
  9. Yeah, I agree. I'm planning to upload 10-20 images per week to at least boost my portfolio. (Sadly, I only have 1 day off per week to do photography). Anyways, thanks for the compliment.
  10. Wow, congrats! Poor me... I only got 1 DL at 0.10c so far (this month).
  11. You're right. As I checked, AS's minimum sub royalty rate is 0.33/image (both my DL's were lower than min.). I don't know why but I don't really mind. Its just my first DLs anyways.
  12. I checked AS's royalty rates structure and seems like mine were below the minimum subscription royalty amounts. Could be because I'm new to AS and/or its my first DL's? Hmmm.. anyway, I won't complain.. its still better than 0.10c/image. 😁
  13. Wow! I had my first ever (two) DL's this week in AS but were only 0.23 & 0.31 .. is this normal royalty they pay for an image?
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