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  1. Congrats brother! I'm in good mood this morning too after seeing a $30 sale in AS last night ($5.33 for 5 images and 1 image for $25).
  2. Only 5 DL as of writing..... 🤔 Four subs ($0.10 each) and one OD at $1.70
  3. Same plight! I made $5.87 for 16DL's last month 😁 I'm supposed to buy a new gear to replace my broken one and to ultimately improve my port size. But never mind, its not worth it anymore.
  4. OMG, look at this sc#m%@g! (sorry for the language 😁) He's still posting as of writing (Sept 1, 8:45am BKK time), so obviously SS hasn't still fixed this issue. Hello SS admin!🙄
  5. You're not alone.. 🙂 I'm level 2 yet I constantly get 0.10c..... sometimes 0 .11c . This week is a bit lucky week for me, I had 1 OD the other day & another one yesterday for $1.70 & &1.73, respectively.
  6. We're on the same boat. 🙂 Actually, we have almost similar port size and my average DLs per month is just around 9-10 images. Yesterday, I finally reached level 2 (100 DL) but I'm not sure it will make any difference in terms of DL's or even RPD.
  7. As of today, I only have 9 DL's for the month of May - for a whooping $3.52! ^^ My camera's broken and I stopped uploading contents for a couple of weeks now - my port is now stuck at 365 images. 😒 Not sure if its worth it to buy new camera nowadays considering this sales trend.
  8. UPDATE. I just received my very first payout 😇 That was quick!
  9. @Awana JF I actually didn't know that SS will reset your earnings prior to the actual payout date (or shall I say I just didn't do my homework reading SS's FAQ🙂) Anyways, just received their email saying they would transfer my earnings by 15-May. Thank you again.
  10. Sorry to hijack this post. @Awana JFHow many days will SS transfer that amount to our account (in my case PayPal)? My earnings was reset to zero yesterday but I still haven't received that amount in my PayPal as of writing. 🤔
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