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  1. it took me 5 seconds to write.. how long do you take to upload your images? well they look like 4 seconds work. really do you need to ask more stupid questions? i maybe waste 10 minutes here venting my anger.... but you and others are the clowns who keeps uploading stuff. onkel tom behavior... i don´t see you disabled your portfolio.... and as i said most here are just words but no action.
  2. honestly, we have to deal with reviewers who are totally unable to do their job and now we deal with this crap..... thank god i am out of this shit and only here because im curious how this industry is going to end.
  3. people go out and collect deposit bottles.. you will earn more and do something useful with your time for the environment.
  4. because it is a stupid lie. let someone from the moderator team show you, with numbers, who and when someone will earn more. it will be in 1% of extrem cases. 9% will mabye earn the same as before. 90% will earn less. SS will pay it´s CEO a fat bonus.... as usual.
  5. the current level as of june is based on lifetime earnings or not? is it even worse and it is based on the sales this year? LOL... it gets better and better....
  6. all these bigmouth people here and most of you will do NOTHING!! i will be back here in a month or two and i bet that 90% of the people are stil active here.. (&&%& sheeps. you will keep wasting your TIME uploadings images for CENTS. as if you have unlimited LIFETIME. i pity you...
  7. i will check if your only words or if you act.....
  8. what a piece of work these people are. living like krösus on the back of artists... milking them every year more. and how /%&/% are you people to allow them to do that?
  9. you can actually save a vector path in a JPG file (any normal JPG) that then can be used to easily create a mask. there are videos on youtube how to do it. i know most people don´t know this and always think i am confusing things.... well i do create such JPG images every day for years. i am to bored to explain it here. search on that youtube channel from pixmperfect.
  10. nonsense.. you should get actual info and not rely on info from the 90s... there are forensic data restore methods that even work when you rewrite a hardisk with zeros or ones. why do you think military wiping is done in serveral passes. of course this is not cheap and can not be done with software alone.
  11. thanks. and really an improvement .... your avatar i mean. that fish looks way better.
  12. If this really bothers you so much that you spend your days commenting about this childish stuff : Apply for a Moderator job. Or report Posts that you think are inappropriate to the Moderators. No need for you to play a Moderator and give the topics even more attention. Don´t you think? Except you experience some joy in taking part in such fights... then i would advice to see a shrink. oh and thanks for voting me down.. i will return the favor kiddos.
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