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  1. The first no number. I think these kinds of photos are tricky. The second also an eight. I see a number of nines, but also a few sixes. Most of them quite high on the first page. Try to change the language a few times. That helped me.
  2. Strange. First I didn't see it too. Your first photo: An Eight!!
  3. Magnificent. I once saw a fox in our yard. I already thought that was an experience.
  4. I still think that if the system has been perfected, the low-valued photo will sell a little cheaper. Of course they also yield less for us 0.05 cents maybe? Why else would they start with this? Better for us, because then those ugly photos sell better. And fairer to people who take beautiful photos, because they never earn 0.05 cents. And everyone is going to do better to provide high-quality photos. A bit similar to the new level system. This has also been introduced to motivate people. (And of course to become much richer. 😉)
  5. Wow.. I read that they (Lynx rufus) are indeed very shy. A beautiful beast!1 The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) lives along the border of the Netherlands. But not with us. You never know ... the wolf is back in the Netherlands, but now the sheep farmers are grumbling. 🙂 Aren't you afraid they'll hunt your pets?
  6. That must be it. Shall we email Kate to ask what kind of bullshit this is? 🙂 I have the impression that more photos have been graded than yesterday. They are working hard.
  7. Your Green Shield Bugs Palomena Prasina mating close up is better than my Palomena Prasina mating. Yours: 9/10 Mine: 7/10 😁 But my Palomena prasina in its wintercolour is also 9/10 😏
  8. Here your mountains. My computer every time change from English to Dutch in Shutter.
  9. I've thought about it again. I jokingly wrote that they could offer lower scoring photos cheaper. But that seems to me to be the only logical reason. Once the system works perfectly in their eyes, they can say that it is fairer to the good photographers that the, for example, 6/10 photos are offered cheaper. This has the advantage for them: 1 The photographers try to offer higher quality photos. 2 They earn more from the 6/10 photos. 3 Then the bad photos sell better. Only the system has to be perfected and that seems impossible for many types of photos. (Sharp, but not commercial,
  10. Is the next step to start offering photos with a lower rating more cheaply?
  11. Hi Steve Indeed, I have not read everything. My road and ditch have less sharp curves than yours. That is why I thought it would be nice to add them with a straight road as a comparison. So you can see the difference in effect. Here a photo with sharper curves. I think it is closer to your intentions?
  12. If they rate something low and think the customer is paying attention, the customer would start looking for better photos at a competing stock site. Which would make them sell less. So I advise them to give all photos a 10. 😎
  13. In this topic you can reed he has got his points for the forum already. https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/101763-billionaire- He has found a new forum: https://www.[do_not_advertise_other_microstock_groups]/shutterstock-com He isn't changed 🙂 He had already turned off all his photos and videos in protest. You saw that it would go wrong. I had also warned him. I did not expect it at Geogif. I still get pissed off at Shutterstock's totally rude ignorance of issues. And that they find it strange if someone does not respond correctly. And do not understand that they o
  14. Now I see it. Thanks. What nonsense. And that without Kate announcing as a great improvement, which we should be very happy about.
  15. Indeed, I mainly photograph insects, nature. I hope that customers will come back to me for that. But it is not a topic that sells great. That is why I also photograph other subjects. Because of the corona especially in my area, but that is because of the circumstances. No portraits. My wife, children and grandchildren refuse to pose. 😉
  16. Thanks and congratulations. 😉 With me, Alamy also sells better ($ 74 in 2021)
  17. Yippee !! Just sold the hundredth photo! Level2! let the big money come now! 😎
  18. My photos of buildings in the sun are always accepted. Pictures of nature with something in the foreground too. Foliage alone often goes wrong. Just like with macro photos. You need a person as reviewer for that. If one is rejected, I will stop and try another time. If a photo is approved, I try the other photos again. Often with success. Of course, that only works if you don't have a lot of photos.
  19. Just like Debbie, unfortunately, no message got back from @Kate Shutterstock . Not even in this topic. I emailed Geogif, but he didn't get a message either. I agree that Shutterstock wants us to behave politely. But I think that answering politely asked questions also falls under politeness and also falls under the position of administrator. A perhaps too fierce reaction from Geogif is still because he thought that it was not going well with Shutterstock. Not out of indifference. I wrote to you Kate, that you are now our sole administrator. But I fear only in the function of pas
  20. 453 fewer and earned 3,26 And my photos are almost as beautiful as those from Murat. 😁 Another one and then I will have sold 100 in 2021. Your answer to Kate has disappeared Debbie.
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