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  1. Make sure you can be found. When I look at your beautiful first photo. Is it easy to find by a customer who wants a photo of Echo point Munnar, Kerala. But if someone wants a photo of boats on a lake in India, he won't find your photo. I first looked for a river, but saw on the internet that it was a lake. I often look at the keywords that appear with similar photos. When I look with the words: lake india boats docking Not that it is perfect for me. It is difficult if English is not your native language.
  2. Of course I hope you are right and I am not. Because then I will sell more. We wait. 🙂
  3. What I said. I hope stores will do it too. Lots of free clothes, petrol, washing machine ....... 🙂 Something different than with a large purchase something for free. Never seen the garage give away free petrol in the hope that from now on you will fill up there or buy a car. Then I would drive from garage to garage. 😁 First you have to buy something. You could compare it to a free tasting of a piece of cheese in a shop. But here you get a whole cheese home for free in the hope that you will come and buy cheese every week after that.. I can imagine that if you become a member, what obliges you to buy, you get a (lot of) discount the first time or the right to some free photos.
  4. Because of the bad advertising Shutterstock has gotten, I hoped the lower sales would come because buyers had gone to Stock sites like AS and Alamy. Then if they buy my photos there, I would be fine with it, but that's not the case. I don't know if it also is because more and more is being offered for free, even now by AS.
  5. I hope stores will do it too. Lots of free clothes, petrol, washing machine....... 🙂 Something different than with a large purchase something for free. Started Stock Photos at the wrong time.
  6. After June I also put the photos on Alamy and Adobe. As long as the earnings on Shutter are higher, I will leave them here. I also don't believe that protesting helps much because of the enormous amount of photos. There is a separate site for professional photographers. Amateurs, who put a lot of time, money into their photos and illustrations, may drop out. As a result, the quality of photo / illustrations deteriorates over time. The frustrating thing is that it is difficult for the better Stocksites to compete due to the cheap offer and I contribute to that by leaving the photos here. On the other hand, because of the huge selection and other sites, which even offer free, it makes no difference. What I find worse is how we are treated by Shutterstock these days. No more admins (what happened to them?), Little or no help for those with problems. They make it very clear that we don't matter. On my website I explained the differences between the three websites, where my photos are. But they won't worry about that either at Shutterstock 😕.
  7. Reviewer pressed the wrong button. 😏 I've had this several times. You have to enter it again. Sometimes my photo was then rejected for another reason, sometimes approved.
  8. You must of course ask yourself what the graph would have looked like if all those measures had not been taken. In the Netherlands the hospitals were overcrowded and it got worse every day. If nothing had been done then it would have been disastrous.
  9. It went very well with us in the Netherlands for a number of months. But now we are in the second wave. More stringent measures are likely to come next week. It is incomprehensible that there are still people here, who do not want to understand how serious it is and who do not follow the rules. We are in the risk group. From February I only shoot in our area. Fortunately, I live in a quiet, beautiful area near the dunes. Only October is very rainy with little sun. 😞
  10. Hopefully they do their duty at Adobe. Then you could write Shutterstock again with a link to this topic. Would be good for their image (very low now) if they do something.
  11. Yes. I had already checked your port. Where I have been living for 40 years now, close to the dunes, there are many riding schools and therefore also horses. Every now and then I take pictures when I cycle around. These are on Shutterstock . But it is not my hobby like insects. I like it best when you meet them in the wild like the Exmoor ponies in our dunes and the horses in your country 😏 in Dartmoor National Park.
  12. I scanned all the old photos and sent them to my cousin in Australia. He has put them on his website . These were our horses a long time ago.
  13. Thanks for the nice poem Milius. Thanks for name, explanation and keywords Sari. I do know a few horse species. (Grown up on a farm with horses and ponies and a riding sister. I preferred my moped) But I had never heard of this breed. Our Friesian horse was even called Gypsy :-)
  14. Thanks 👍, I have added another photo. (maybe that photo is also suitable for Shutterstock).
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