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  1. Sorry to hear about your husband problems Wendy's. A holiday in the area where you live can also be very nice. The nature is so nice there. We did the trip just after we retired. My wife wanted to see her brother again and see how he lived. They were born in Indonesia and then moved to the Netherlands. Her brother emigrated to Australia at a young age. My mother's youngest brother also lived in Indonesia. He went to look for work in Australia. His wife and children lived until he had a job and a house with my grandparents in the Netherlands. Then they went to Australia. I was 7 years ol
  2. At our seaside, there is now also a strong wind on the coast, but that is not so much. There is a traffic warning. Wind force 9.I started my garden site on that provider (Quicknet). When Quicknet was taken over by Ziggo, I placed my garden site to a different provider for 90 Euro a year and then created a website about the trip in Australia.It has disappeared but I still have it and can place it on my other provider, but then I have to pay another 90 Euro and I don't feel like it. So I made a short version.I could have understood if they had warned me. Now you saw some on the forum asking wher
  3. I hope/think it went well with the cyclone. Kuranda reminded me of my website about the trip to Australia. When I first had internet from my provider, I had free space for a website. There was a forum where you were also helped. Then the company was bought by a larger company, from which we also have television and telephone connections. That company didn't like websites. In January I saw that they had closed the space for websites and the forum without warning. Everything was gone. It looks like Shutterstock. I have now added a short page to other vacation pages of my gardening website
  4. Thanks. We miss him. He was a painter. I've looked at your pictures of Kuranda. Nice to see the waterfall and train again. I just miss a picture of the street with the Curtain fig trees. We were there in 2012. A lot of strength with the Cyclone Kimi. I just checked the weather forecast.
  5. Doesn't seem to me. The rights of employees are described in the Netherlands. That was very different during the industrial revolution However, we are not salaried employees and Shutterstock is an international company. We have no rights. We can only switch to another Stocksite.
  6. Of course. But first it was immediately visible through all those red dislikes. Which would make one think, "What's going on here?" I suspect this was the reason for getting rid of the dislikes. Apparently our admins didn't like that. If everyone adds 'sad', they will also be abolished. 😁
  7. The same when i cycle along the meadows and ditches (without bread). Maybe I have to go to our public petting zoo in the village. But I prefer in wild. 🙂
  8. My brother-in-law (sadly passed away in 2019) first lived in Kuranda and then in Smithfield near the jungle and the university. We took the cable car to Kuranda and back to the car by train. We had made the trip with a camper (Sydney - Blue Mountains - Hunter Valley - Coffs Harbor - Lennox head - Broadbeach - Hervey Bay - Rockhampton - Airlie Beach - Mamu Rainforest - Atherton - Kuranda - Cairns). We've been worried about him sometimes when there was a cyclone. I don't hear much about storms in my family in Gold Coast.
  9. I have never seen so much snow Linda. 😧 Sometimes it snowed for two months just like rain now. But never in those quantities. I wish you luck Wendy. I certainly do not wish for cyclones. Although we have had storms more often in recent years, but fortunately no cyclones. My family lives at the Goldcoast. We once drove from Sydney to Cairns (where my brother-in-law lived). Along the way we also heard people talking about storms, as we don't know here.
  10. After two years finally snow in the coastal area in the Netherlands!!! Only 1 cm instead of the predicted 2.5 cm. It was at 4 am when most of the snow fell already quite dark. And in the morning everything disappeared again. No nice snow pictures unfortunately. I don't have to cover our palm. It survives this effortlessly. I long for an old-fashioned harsh winter. But when I look at the multi-day forecast it is rain, rain and more rain. Hopefully in February ..... 🙂
  11. Did I miss something? 😵 😵 I looked again at Kate's announcement and saw that there are only likes!!! Dislike is no longer possible on the forum. I hadn't even noticed. I don't watch it that often either. Only at the announcement is it a very striking difference. I added a 'sad'. 😒 An ignorant visitor now thinks when he sees the announcement, that we are very enthusiastic.
  12. The first three I've attached are images that were accepted (black-headed gull, barn owl, leaf), the last three are ones that were rejected (peregrine, brown bird, bumblebee). I just want to understand the methodology here really. The first three photos were already accepted Evgeniia. Although the birds are not entirely in focus either. He was lucky with that. The leaves are completely blurred and Shutterstock often accepts that indeed.
  13. Oh no, one more. @Kate Shutterstockdo you want to look at it?
  14. 🙂😏 Twice!!!! That is not very useful. (Before I upload I zoom in in my photos. When the important part isn't sharp than, they are often rejected. Sometimes you have luck. Sometimes when I have doubts about the rejections I try it for a second time. Sometimes with success. Completely blurred (the leaf) is more often accepted than slightly blurred.) Besides..... Your drone fly on some small white flowers is an Eristalis tenax 🙂
  15. Congratulations. Awesome Sheila. 👍 I don't believe that so much money is paid for a photo of a Dutch politician. 🙂 By the way, I only see them on TV 3.75 is the highest for me in January.
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