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  1. Also on Dreamtime https://www.dreamstime.com/telas1020_info I don't have much time, but I don't think he is that high in the ranking there.
  2. I think this is this the same Oleg Petuhov from Latvia: https://nl.123rf.com/profile_telas1020
  3. Why apologize? It's an interesting find. 🙂 Nice to discuss. I also wonder if Shutterstock knows about this. That is why I have mentioned the name@Alex Shutterstock, so that he is at least made aware of it. Furthermore, we expect nothing more from admins here. I looked to find out more about him Oleg ( Oleg Petuhov ? ) I think in Latvia, maybe in Riga. Loves motorsport. But couldn't find anything.
  4. Sony Alpha SLT A68. Macro photos I mostly make with the Tamron SP AF90mm F / 2.8 lens. I take a lot of macro photos of insects. But even if the focus is on the not entirely sharp foliage instead of the walkers, things have sometimes gone wrong. My eyes aren't great either. My optician told me three years ago that I probably needed cataract surgery within four years. But at the moment with corona I am not going to the hospital. Despite the advice of my wife, who did undergo surgery and is very satisfied. 😄
  5. Better indeed. Only the sharpness of the person or bird determines whether the photo is approved. Mine's have sometimes been rejected because I placed them too far from the center.
  6. Difficult to say something about without photos. I always zoom in on my photos. If they are not completely sharp, no matter how beautiful I think they are, I know that there is a good chance that they will be rejected. If the surroundings of the subject are blurred, I put it in the description just to be sure. .
  7. It has been not that bad for me lately. If the photo was accepted at another stock site, then I have not done the work for nothing. If it's not accepted there either, it's up to me. 🙂 Sometimes when I feel like it, I try again.
  8. We can ask @Alex Shutterstock. 🙂 Kate had said he's still admin I
  9. If your lens is not very good or you (like me) are not that good with setting the camera (often set it to automatic) you are more dependent on good light. The day before yesterday I took pictures of flower fields, which I was very satisfied with. Today I cycled to another flower field. It was sunny, but with moisture in the air. When I looked at the photos at home, the photos were therefore disappointing. So that will be another round of cycling. Don't let our comments discourage you. I really like these two pictures of you: plant-1952787217 and silhouettes-trees-small-forest-ba
  10. Thanks Marcel (of Bedankt, ik moest drie keer kijken voor ik het geloofde 🙂 )
  11. That is unfortunately not with me so far. But ..... today I sold a photo on Adobe for 21.12 !!! So this month AS can beat SS. 😁
  12. I think this is funny. I left some dandelions in the lawn for the insects. I took two photos in close succession. One of a European honey bee (Apis mellifera) accepted by SS and rejected by AS. Then from a red mason bee (Osmia rufa, Osmia bicornis).rejected by SS and accepted by AS. Are they both on a Stocksite. 😁
  13. Coincidentally the same answer at the same time Wilm! 😵
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