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  1. The best start ever. Nothing on Sunday, but that often happens. Three so far today and none of 0.10!! It is funny that the photo with a very common wasp was sold in Uitgeest, which is close to my village. Adobe nothing!
  2. Started at the end of 2019. Only photos Lifetime: $.34 June: $.19 July : $.30
  3. July 53 sold 15,73 (Sub: 7,46 Od: 8,27) (see topic small port) Better than last year (but with more than twice as many photos) and last month. Again more than the level (in Jan and Feb higher in level 1) the number of od and so determine the average price per photo. Adobe 8 total 6.20 Alamy: 0 !!!!
  4. No that is right. Because of the increasing amount of supplied photos, better editing apps, and better cameras also available for the lesser photographers, you could see it coming that it was going to change. Only the attitude of the leadership towards us has also become indifferent. You can see that with the disappearance of the admins. Also think of the disinterest in stolen photos, phishing on the forum. The total absence of explanation, for example about what they are doing with incorrect data, which are placed with our photos. I worked for a company at a time when the construction ind
  5. Amazing pictures and so many!!. 👍 Removing your photos doesn't make much sense to me. Earnings are declining. Almost every one of the old contributors complains about this. But you keep earning from it while the work is done. Only less. For us newbies is the frustration that we have not experienced the good time. As long as I like it I'll keep photographing and keep thinking of it as a cheap hobby. But frustrating that people at Shutterstock are getting very rich without caring about us.
  6. Yes, that's my impression. Steve wrote something similar. I am also a new contributor in relation to you, Steve and Wilm. So it looks sad for me too.
  7. Until recently I didn't see it either Wilm. Very enjoyable, but now it's visible on Chrome. I found Steve's answer interesting in a similar topic.
  8. I looked at the pictures of Wilm. There are many high, often used which of course is correct. That might mean the numbers have to be much higher than 20. before being noticed by Al.
  9. I can understand that they try out systems and try to improve and automate them. However... A little bit of honesty, explanation to us would be nice. But yes... As long as they have so many images and get so many more, the interest towards us is 0.0%.
  10. Laag Niet gebruikt : Low not used Used 20 times! 😁 But ... maybe the customer thinks. Yes!!!! I'm the first!!!
  11. Born in Palembang, Indonesian mother, Dutch father 🙂. I expected some of your photos to be rejected as similar, which has been happening to me a lot lately. I don't sell that much either. My hobby is photographing insects. But there isn't much demand for that. Wilm sells a lot in proportion to the number of photos he has. (although he usually doesn't think it's enough 😁 )
  12. Many beautiful photos, which deserve more. Beautiful country too (my wife was born in Indonesia). I do see a lot of series of photos of a subject. As a result, the number of photos is somewhat distorted, because a customer will often choose only one photo.
  13. Much better than last July for me. First half of the month better than the second half. In the Netherlands, where most of my buyers live, a lot of people are now on holiday. So it suits me.
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