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  1. Thanks. You're right of course. My English is not very good, but I know the difference. The words are also used in Dutch 🙂
  2. No criticism, but for example, if I compare my rejected Phyllopertha horticola (here on AS) with your Zygaena filipendulae , I see a sharply depicted insect with a blurred yellow flower in both photos. For that reason, several of my photos were rejected in a second.
  3. Strange. I do see some of your photos, which you would expect to be refused. When I look at my rejections today.
  4. Had I just bent the thread back to the reviewers and then ...... 😁
  5. Today I uploaded some macro photos. I notice when the environment is slightly blurred while the insect is sharp on it, the photo is rejected in a few seconds. That sometimes happened during the time that we asked Jeff if they were being reviewed by people. Then they were already experimenting with it. That is clear. It often worked if you uploaded the photos again afterwards. In any case, I do not feel like that for those few cents, while it is already on other stock sites. For example, this beetle approved on Alamy and Adobe: Phyllopertha horticola
  6. Editorial is not allowed on Adobe, so now I only have 370 photos and earn 0.33 That's why I have more photos (610) on Alamy, but earned nothing. I know that the earnings per photo are much higher, but I get a bit impatient. On SS I downloaded 983 photos and nothing in June and July. July sold 30 photos - 6.99 June 38 -17.53 May 47 - 21.53 Even with doing nothing I still earn a little.
  7. For me, the money is not so important and little work to put the new photos on SS after all. But then I reward the stock site with the worst mentality. But now I earn almost nothing on AS and Al so far. And that is also not the intention. 😕
  8. For me, there are also far fewer. But I mainly sell in Belgium and the Netherlands and many people have holidays there. That could be a reason. Maybe next month I'll post some pictures on SS again. I am still in doubt.
  9. That means you put pictures on Shutterstock again? I have now put a lot of old photos and also new ones on AL and Alamy with earnings 0.33 and 0.00. That makes me a bit despondent. I didn't quite believe Jeff when he replied that everything was controlled by people. (what would he do now?) Are there any reviewers who have written about their work?
  10. I cannot post my editorials on AS. For that I chose Alamy. I also read that they sometimes sell there. But now I put the photos for AS at the same time on Alamy. You never know. They charge a normal price and give a normal fee. Only it will be difficult to compete against SS in this way.
  11. So far once 0.15 and the rest ...... 0.10 Started with Alamy (nothing yet) and AS (0, 33) But.... On the Dutch news was, that there is decided not to reduce Dutch pensions this year. That is a bonus. 😁
  12. I had a few from Adobe (were approved by Shutter before the 0.10 problems). Alamy has approved everything so far. 🙂
  13. Shortly before entering the 0.10 payment, no admin appeared on the forum anymore. Only Kate with some bland explanation about this payment. You could email an admin. A message in the forum for them is useless these days. Many have already tried in vain.
  14. How is it possible!! It is getting sadder. This means that you can express your anger on the forum, but you cannot explain clearly where the problems lie with Shutterstock. They still don't explain anything themselves. Apparently they keep an eye on the forum anyway. @Kate Shutterstock can you or the other admins change this? Oherwise the admins lose their last bit of respect (which used to be). Hope to see you again on the forum @Wilm Ihlenfeld.
  15. June 4 I registered with Alarmy. June 8 I registered with AS. At Alarmy my three photos have been approved after a few weeks. But all other photos have been in the queue for days. Abdobe is also very slow. Some photos approved by Shutterstock have been disapproved here. At Shutterstock, I gave it another try, but now with the long wait I don't feel like it. Also difficult that they do not have editorial photos. They already rejected a doubtful photo. I live five kilometers from the beach. I cycled there today and took pictures. Corona is totaly forgotten. It was incredibly busy. The village was full of bicycles and cars. I was only 100 meters out of the village, when I stumbled across a flock of sheep. They are nice pictures but editorial. Only when I put them on Alarmy is it winter before they are approved. Maybe when I write they are news photos??? 😎 At Alarmy I have to log in every time. Pffff I miss the good old Shutterstock. On my website I just reported the problems at Shutterstock.
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