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  1. I hope this will be my only dispute with the change but I believe it may not be my last time. Now I am not going to get into in with anyone on here just pointing out what SS states that is in demand but fails to uphold it. Now I don't know if this is the same for everyone but how the world and daily life is shifting from protestings back to covid but still the enjoyment of life is somewhat taking form again. That form of content is not becoming that important apparently. Last month was very great for me. Over 300 sales in the beginning of the month of June and middle but at the end of the month of June now it starts to die off, same with my direct sales. Because the protesting is starting to become a stale and the content is not much needed. I covered a Blue lives matter rally and a few sales I got from there. But it is the 7th day in July. I know the holiday was just recent but I only have 4 downloads since the beginning of July. Which has nothing to do with what the shot list is stating that customers or clients are in need of. So what is really going on? Just an update on my side. One of my on going buyers on here closed out their accounts and we set a deal to buy from me directly. But still others on here still buy from here every so often. I am starting to believe this change is pushing customers and clients away from SS because of the uproar from the contributors. If this month is under 50 downloads, then I will stop uploading on here. Let me know your thoughts.
  2. This is a web server issue, I have asked on the support line and they told me that it is being looked into and worked on. But this has been going on for 3 weeks now. I am using a VPN to get passed this issue. I am using charter in the USA which is connected to my computer but on my att devices. I have no issues at all. So is this a Charter issue with SS servers? If any of the admins please look into this. @Kate Shutterstock
  3. No because I just recently went up a rank and I don't hang around here to consume my life.
  4. The higher packs are the same pricing. But single or lesser packs you will get more. I am getting more between .50 and up but I do get a few .10 still not many. I talked to the support staff since they have an online chat now. Very nice by the way. They told me that it takes about 24 hour change. So I will keep an eye on it.
  5. Well I went up a rank and nothing has changed yet. Not even the rank level I am 20 downloads over of the rank needed to be at the next percentage.
  6. Well I just went up a level and now my ranking has not changed. So I am asking on the admins to look into this @Kate Shutterstock. If my earnings have not changed either, well then I will make huge complaints about this. Because this is BS if it remains and it affects everyone else. Also how do a file a technical complaint if that is something that I have to do?
  7. I am just trying to figure out why am I getting spammed some BS about joining the cult movement here to burn down SS and take out the owner. It is really messed up. They are sending me emails which have been sent to the admins. This is seriously getting out of control. Many on here need to turn their energy to other sites then complaining about SS.
  8. Honestly why aren't all of you uploading to other sites to get more for each download. Double and triple the success. I have my editorials up on getty and Alamy and commercial up on here and AS.
  9. Here are some of my recent sales. Mostly editorials. The earnings are mostly above $.50 I did get a few under but mostly high above. I am making more then before :).
  10. Also he is another one of my photos being used from the Freedom march at my Capitol https://blog.petrieflom.law.harvard.edu/2020/06/03/safer-at-home-wisconsin-supreme-court/ Also mine: https://blog.petrieflom.law.harvard.edu/2020/05/20/covid19-policies-constitutional-violations/ Some editors never credit the photographers.
  11. But I do want to ask you a question. Is it legal and in our rights to go into a store with our cameras? A buddy of mine said you can only if you let them know why. I just want to know you take on the matter.
  12. I saw, you have some great photos also cute kittens by the way Not everyone is uploading to here. Mostly Getty, that platform is flooded right now with freelancers and hired media trying to make extra buck or buck. Besides with the outrage and the protesting to Shutterstock's changes. People are trying desperately to get people to boycott and protest SS. To me it is a joke, people should be using their energy to upload else where or start a site like smug mug. This is not their company, the owners of SS want to keep customers not contributors. Contributes are not hired employees and thus they need to place their employees and families first. People should have been taken notice of this trend for sometime. It is only the matter of time. But to talk about photojournalism, which I was going to make a thread about why I support this decision in away. Is because those that buy the photos for editorial purposes don't need 750 photo packs maybe 350 or 50 or even yet 10. They are only writing articles not working on huge projects with many customers that need 750 and up of photos or a pack of videos or whatever for the many projects they are working on. Editors only need a few handful of photos to write an article to get out the door ASAP. So most of time they would need 50 or 10. Which is why I been getting more .25 and up then .10 or .14. I even been getting more on demand at 2.45. I already made $30.00 this week with only 20 downloads. Well 22 since I just had two more this morning of this day. I do see editorial photos will be a bigger thing here with the changes and photojournalist looking to make a few extra bucks will be more happier with the changes. That is why they still and always upload to getty and why, CNN, FOX, MSNBS, CBS and so on use a lot of Getty content. I saw a youtube video about this change and he youtuber was not upset because he mostly shoot editorial and once he shoots the event going on he uploads within 30mins to an hour. It is all about getting the content out first and being first now to make that buck. Just saying. But all of you, you continue doing what you need to do and keep on shooting and hope for the best. I am not moving unless I know I have to move. I am going to stick around and see how this month plays out. I know it is a bummer for videographers and graphic designers but highly on demand content such as news worthy will always be on the NOW NOW demand. God Bless and live well.
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