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  1. This is the reply I get from support chat: I have over 400 photos been approved but have not been added to my portfolio. Why is it taking so long? We think this should answer your question. If you still need help, let us know and we'll connect you with an expert.
  2. Hopefully one issue fixed now not showing up in portfolio. I know there is a waiting period but damn it, it was no more in minutes or seconds. So we will see if this persists still.
  3. You will still get $.10 photo earning. I do at level 4 still. It depends on the subscription of the customer.
  4. This is utter BS! SS takes more from they contributors but can't fix their damn issues! No wonder there are review sites that poor reviews for SS to contribute to. Fix these ISSUES!!!! This is the second time this has happen!
  5. This is for the admins and Mods. It has been over a week and every time my photos or videos accepted some are not appearing in my port. You guys take more of us but can't fix this problem. When will this be CORRECTED!!!??? I get 3/4 of my photos accepted from the 100 I send in to be reviewed but I only get 1/4 of them appear in my port. FIX THIS DAMN ISSUE!
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