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  1. This photo sold 510 times between the last week in August to now https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/madison-wisconsin-usa-august-24th-2020-1802866510 I think the buyers thought is was Kenosha lol. Made $460.00 off of it not all 10 cents either. Above .50 cents mostly. I had many On demands and signal and others. Little over 400 more downloads to go to be at level 5. I am getting 12-20 downloads per day. But it may slow down now. My Direct sells were huge win for me. I did not upload my photos of Trump here when he visited Kenosha, Wisconsin maybe later 4 photos gained my $500.00 the first day. Still selling at $25.00 about 100 sells so far. Kenosha riots sold me on direct sells $800.00, SS passive income about about $1,000.00 is all the is between last week of August and to now. But it will be slowing down again because protests are not so exciting since it is heavily saturated with nearly almost the same look alike photos.
  2. I didn't look at his port but I see what you mean because there isn't really any sale value to poor low light. Not even for website use or print if that is still a thing. But I thought I read another thread that he got a $17.00 sale so what do I know but again I may be wrong.
  3. That is on the app the app does that. When they are not accepted the app blurs them out a bit with a vignette.
  4. Post full view of the photos you are trying to accept in so that we can have a better look at them. Perhaps more light is need and need to be in a lower F stop. Perhaps f/8 and up. So your entire subject is in focus.
  5. Do you have tax form listed and accepted? If you have any other issues contact the chat service: https://submit.shutterstock.com/contact?language=en choose the right issue and someone will be in contact with you.
  6. @Kate Shutterstock @Anna Shutterstock @moderator I been getting this issue for sometime. I have brought this concern up to your chat service. They have stated that this is an on going issue with some contributors. This only happens when logging in to SS. Has there been a fix for the or a correction yet? I been using a VPN to get around it. Once I am in it doesn't show up. But when I turn off my computer or close out of my browser for period of time it get it again. Could you please look into this. If you need to know my ISP. I am using Charter. I am in the USA state is Wisconsin. But on my smart phones that are using AT&T they are not having this issue just my desktop/ laptop. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks @Kate Shutterstock. Thanks for the update, also is the SS team going to resolve the 406 error issue when signing in? Also when will the 24 limit be changed? Thanks again, God Bless!
  8. I deeply apologize if it seems like I am yelling. I am not just very upset and as you stated frustrated. I am just voicing my opinions and I now see this is a occurring issue that is for many on here. I'll try to watch my concerns so they are not so vivid. I did send out a support ticket on this serious matter.
  9. Yes but it needs to be corrected because time crunching does matter!
  10. No because last week it was within 30mins to an hour they were added.
  11. The review time is fast but the time for the photos to be placed on SS and your port was within an hour time now I am on 3 day wait. This is totally BS!!!!! I shoot mostly photojournalism work. But how can I conduct myself on here when things to work! Also I have tried the editorial application and they denied me. It is very specific.
  12. I am going onto a 3 day wait. Day three will be in the morning in about 8 hours. This is ridiculous! If the wait continues way beyond tomorrow. I am going to pull my photos from here.
  13. If it works! Canon failed on their last version.
  14. Have many accepted content that is awaiting to be added into my port. Some have been waiting for 2 days now. The reviews times are very quick. 5mins - one hour of wait time. But the accepted content has not been added yet. It was quick like with the time scale of 30min - an hour. Now it has been two days. Can an admin look into this. Is this an issue for others?
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