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  1. Hi Thank you everyone for your reply's it really help. I knew the picture was nothing special so can understand if they was meh with it. The reason confused me so am glad I'm not alone. Thank you Ackab now I can see the noise. I only have a iPhone 6 so get a lot of rejection on noise and the dreaded focus. But thankfully I am learning all the time not just with Pictures but with Photoshop which helps with noise. I tell you what, I am still so surprised at how much I enjoy photography.
  2. Hi everyone, I have only been here a few months so am trying to figure it all out. I took this picture of a clear blue sky and thought I would try my luck and upload it. It got rejected which is fine but I am not understanding the composition reason as to me its almost one solid colour. Though I'm sure there is a reason so any help is greatly appreciated.
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