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  1. As it doesn't seem the company will respond or reply, I'm deleting my library of 200 new 4K/6K clips I had begun to build on Shutterstock and moving to Adobe and Pond 5 and others. Too bad about the royalties -- I won't sell myself short. If you're a professional and not living for free or trying to make a name for yourself, it's hard to justify all the work and cost for such a lopsided partnership. Bye Shutterstock.
  2. I disabled sales of my video files 4 days ago, and since Shutterstock doesn't appear to be responding or replying to any of the concern on this thread or about this topic in any meaningful way (unless I am missing something -- am I?) I am going to delete my account from the platform. Any company that has zero to say about a topic that garners over 4,000 comments from content partners is no company to be in business with.
  3. Meanwhile the Earnings Schedule page still lists the current rates, with no update for those of us already contributing, and perhaps even worse no warning to unsuspecting folks signing up. Seem a bit out of touch? https://submit.shutterstock.com/payouts?language=en_US. Screenshot below in case it actually got updated. Why do some large companies have such a hard time seeing in from the outside, yet some do it really well. Ponder that.
  4. I have fairly low sales right now so not much to lose in the near term by deactivating now. I think it would be a better statement if the data department says to management *this week* we have lots of people halting their licensing... so would encourage if you CAN halt it, even for a week, just go ahead and do it. To test this I flipped the status to "off" which triggered a change notification email to me, then 5 minutes later changed it to "on" which did the same. No effect on the library -- everything still safe. I tried to flip it back to "off" again but the system flagged, "You hav
  5. In reply to Paul Brennan, VP Content Operations, the sender of the email to contributors: Mr. Brennan / Shutterstock, I am a professional photographer and videographer in my first year of quality selling stock footage and was drawn to Shutterstock by the many good recommendations and assurances the company understood the balance of contributor/artists and company operations and profit and shareholder balance. Apparently that has changed. With only 200 clips carefully processed and uploaded, and over 2,000 more in process, I am halting the process with your platform and remo
  6. I do mostly video. “Stacks” are a concept in Adobe Lightroom that would work for grouping similar variants on an image or video, when there is a real need to include them — but engineering it would be a challenge I bet. In the search results grid you would see just one instance of the cover thumbnail for the stack, and perhaps there is a little corner indicator showing that there are more in the stack. And the thumbnail has a frame around it that gives the sense that it is the top of a stack of images. Click on the stack to see all the variants. Perhaps the account holder gets
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