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  1. A few more and you might be able to buy a cup of coffee.
  2. Yeah, I just saw my first sale in a very long time on Alamy today and even with the 40 percent cut that's more than triple the money than I made with over 50 sales on SS. Puts things in perspective.
  3. @Studio 2 Now that we've all been accused of being paid stooges/trolls to some degree, maybe we should begin a separate movement to demand our payments for these services.
  4. Thank you. Earlier, I wrote a comment in this thread trying to say something similar to what you said in your two comments here but deleted it because people were getting (maybe justifiably) very angry and began reacting aggressively. But you've articulated what I wanted to say far better than I could. So very grateful to your rational, level-headed point of view.
  5. The least surprising response. What did you expect him to say? "We're sorry. We'll pay you more money. Please come back"?
  6. Ah yes, my eyes must be going. Didn't see it. But yes, with DT I'm not surprised. I don't think they even review images. Uploaded some 50 images today and all got approved in 5 minutes. No human can do it that fast.
  7. Oh okay. I guess I read it wrong. I thought you had submitted this image to SS and it got approved.
  8. So does this mean @geogif has abandoned his plan to not upload any images to SS this year?
  9. I think generally, IS, DT, DP and 123 accept any image irrespective of image quality. The only rejections I've had in those platforms is when I submitted a commercial image as editorial. SS is eccentric. I've had some very noisy pictures accepted and some very clean images rejected for noise. So maybe it is because of different reviewers with different abilities in different moods. AS has accepted some truly terrible pictures of mine (which weirdly enough are the only ones that have sold there) that were rejected on SS. That said, the people who accepted your picture are definitely blind. Or not human. But there's only one thing that stops me from thinking all reviews are AI. The non-licensable content rejections. Only humans can see those.
  10. So here's what I think and I'm being somewhat hopeful (maybe even unrealistically so) in this entire "Doom and Gloom" scenario. The fault for the current terrible state of stock photography partly lies with "Buyers", because they are the ones going to agencies that give them the cheapest rates. But there's going to come a point when these cheap rates are going to become unsustainable for agencies, especially the big agencies who need to pay six figure salaries to CEOs and pay dividends to stock holders. So the ecosystem is inevitably going to collapse at some point and they're all going to die. The free stock agencies aren't going to survive for too long either (sites like pixabay are already struggling) because they're going to realise that they need money to pay for the rising costs of backend and storage and they have lost out on all the microstock sponsorship money. So very few players would be left standing. But... "Buyers" are still going to need images, especially cheap images. This would create demand and the few that are still left standing would have the golden opportunity to raise their prices because of lack of competition and increase in demand. This might lead to future photographers making more money. This might happen next year or might take a few years but this is how I see events unfold in the future.
  11. That's a great point. One of the indicators that the old rate may have become more and more unsustainable in recent times is the fact that the majority of June sales appear to be of the 10 to 14 cent variety for a lot of contributors irrespective of their level. Which probably means a vast majority of their customers go for large subscription packages and the ODDs and ELs are only dwindling rapidly. So the balance may have collapsed irreversibly.
  12. Yeah, I too don't understand the submission limit. When millions of images are disappearing off the database, you would think they would want to make things easier for people who still submit 20,000 images a day.
  13. I just got rid of my EE account. They said they would remove pictures from all markets.
  14. The reason they deleted the accounts was because of duplication of content. EE had a deal with GI to supply images from its collection to sell in the GI market, so if you had uploaded the same pictures to both EE and GI, chances are EE put the images for sale on GI. So your images were showing up twice on the GI website. GI is generally very strict about duplication rules, so they deleted the accounts for violating its norms. But if you had uploaded the same pictures to SS, AS, P5 and IS/GI, there's no chance of this happening because none of them sell your pictures on the other sites. So it's perfectly safe to upload your pictures everywhere except EE.
  15. Thank you so much for that valuable suggestion. We had no idea there were other microstock sites we could upload photos to. This is going to change our lives.
  16. Nevertheless your post implies that if "Indians" were to be doing work they might be favoring other Indians than working equally for all their clients. And when you stereotype people of a particular nationality, you are making a racist comment.
  17. One of the positive things to come out of the new earnings policy is that I don't obsessively check for sales anymore. Maybe just once a day, unlike once every few minutes like before. So more peace of mind. Another positive outcome is that, I spend more time doing other things I enjoy doing in my free time, like writing and reading and watching movies, than working in Lightroom on stock photos. I still enjoy editing pictures, but now I do it because I like the process instead of making shots good enough for SS with crispy clean noise reduction.
  18. Makes it all the more imperative that Shutterstock makes their sales info absolutely transparent giving us information about where the picture was bought and for how much like IS does.
  19. This is the most useful and helpful summary of the new earnings that I have read so far. Thanks for this.
  20. Hate to break it to you but Unsplash and the free stock platforms are making a ton of money off your photos without paying you anything. Big corporations take your pictures off Unsplash and make a ton of money without paying you anything. If you're making an argument against the new earnings system of SS, Unsplash would be the worst example of an alternative because there, you and your work are being exploited without giving you a dime or, hell, even a credit.
  21. They need to sell something for people to see a bonus. Haven't seen a single sale this month.
  22. My apologies, by "again" I meant I reiterate part of the argument I made earlier in this thread.
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