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  1. Thanks for all the help, guys. Resubmitted some of the images and they got accepted. So that's a relief...
  2. What I meant to say is, there is no comma between Day and Year in the description format suggested by shutterstock. I have only been enlightened about it on this post thanks to @cpaulfell and his very helpful suggestion which I will follow from here on.
  3. I have followed the "Editorial descriptions must follow the format "City, State / Country - Month Day Year: Description" format for over 300 images before and never had this problem before. Just wondering why every image is getting rejected left, right and center all of a sudden.
  4. And now I've had an image rejected for Keywords. None of the keywords contain special characters or grammar errors or repeated words in this particular image. In fact many of the other images I've submitted and were accepted had far more repetitive sounding keywords. That's the 12th image over 2 days that's been rejected in a row for caption/keywords while I've never had this problem before. Don't know what to do anymore.
  5. That's a beautiful image @paula french. Especially love how the pattern of the zebras drinking water is broken by the one looking back on the right.
  6. Was just playing it safe, so it doesn't rejected for not having a property release. Thanks Will try to resubmit as commercial and see what happens.
  7. Appreciate the suggestion but the subject matter here is the fact that people are seen to be playing cricket outside that particular temple in the town. I have described many other images similarly before and haven't ever faced a rejection for this issue.
  8. Your port is spectacular. Very difficult to pick a favorite image!
  9. My entire lot of 11 images was rejected for "Unacceptable Editorial Content". I don't know if it was a grumpy reviewer in a bad mood or just a bad day in office but I suspect it's not because of the captions. I'm of course going to re-submit but before I do so, is there anything wrong with these captions? Mumbai - Maharashtra/India - October 21 2019: A No Parking sign painted in the color red on the white, shuttered door of a shop on a street in Thakur Village in the suburb of Kandivali East. Bishnupur, West Bengal/India - February 6 2018: People play cricket outside the ancient Lalji temple built by the Malla kings in the 17th century.
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