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  1. On an unrelated (or perhaps related note) just went through your port thanks to your link and saw this picture of Mumbai from back in 1962. That's such an invaluable image, a peek into my city from way before I was born. I had to do a double take on the year because it doesn't look too different from how it looks now save a couple of the vintage cars on the left. Who took the picture if you don't mind revealing? And yeah, I guess if 35mm slide film could get accepted, it opens a new window for all sorts of things that could get in if we play our cards right.
  2. Depends on what you have. If you have ordinary photos of wildlife (like I do) that you took with an inexpensive lens on a safari, microstock isn't a bad place to sell. But if you've invested heavily in equipment and offer extremely high quality images of subjects that would make the cover of Nature magazines, then there are far better places than microstock to sell wildlife photography. You could earn 500-1000$ a pop for a great image. Generally the rule is, if your images are good enough, the agencies (like Minden, Steve Bloom, Nat Geo etc.) find you. Because of the competition, there's a premium on image quality and that comes at a very expensive price. The rarer the species you shoot, the better your chances of selling.
  3. You don't do it just for the love but primarily for the love. Because if you aren't doing it primarily because you love doing it, there are far better (and less time consuming) ways to make money.
  4. Happy photography day to you too! Hope we keep doing it more for the love of it and less for the money (even though money is nice).
  5. Lovely images! I, for one, never understood the idea that some stock agencies have that squeaky clean noiseless images are the only images that are acceptable or sellable. It flies in the face of the entire history of photography, both artistic and commercial.
  6. That's interesting. My two biggest sales have actually been through flickr (both for 500$) but they were two in over 10 years on the site. Both would have been rejected on Shutterstock (and maybe other stock sites as well) because back in those more innocent times, I deliberately put noise in my images to make them look "filmy". But I'm happier with those sales than the few cents I'm getting right now.
  7. Yeah, with every passing day, I have more understanding for contributors who deleted ports and quit in anger. The last two months have been absolutely brutal. August is even worse. And that's not because of covid, that's because of the new rates. I'm selling the same number of images I used to but make 40 percent less money. Two and a half months is a big enough data set for me to see that the future here doesn't augur well.
  8. Yes, but with the old rates, we would have seen a drop in income proportional to the drop in downloads. Now it's a double whammy where I need about 50-100 percent more downloads to make the same money I did earlier and the downloads are dwindling. So it's far more catastrophic than it would have been earlier.
  9. My personal favourite keyword tool is - https://imstocker.com/ Gives you many good options and uses many MS sites for its database.
  10. If that's the case, I don't know whether to feel happy or sad. Because like I said in another post, I have over 150 downloads and haven't made even 30 dollars yet. If I'm earning so little from so many sales, it's better if my port is switched off and these sales don't happen at all.
  11. I've had over 150 downloads since June. Even if they were all subs, with the old rates, I would have had a payout by now. But my earnings are well below the payout limit and it looks as if I'll need many, many more sales for it to go over. That's how terrible the new rates have been for me.
  12. My advice would be, don't crop, reduce noise and export in a lower resolution (6 to 8 mp). It might go through. I've had quite a few ISO 3200 images accepted. This, for instance...
  13. By far the slowest month this year. I mean, I have more sales on IS for godsakes. Wonder if something's up.
  14. As far as non-MS sites go, there are plenty of Print-on-demand sites. The most popular is, of course, FAA which you might be familiar with. There's also Society6, Zazzle and Etsy but I found all of these quite frustrating having not sold a single picture on any of them. They seem to require different strategies to sell than the simple "submit and wait" process we have in MS. But some people appear to have a lot of success with them.
  15. That's the exact same reply I got... twice But yeah, like @Alexandre Rotenberg said in the other thread, gotta have a radically different approach with this. Will keep trying. At least they aren't snooty and invite you to keep applying with different images. Sounds like the place is run by some good people.
  16. Now that's a powerhouse I can get behind. All we have in our times is Tony & Chelsea Northrup doing "youtube content" 😕 That said, what a fantastic thread this is. Probably my favorite in all of SS. Learned so much.
  17. Slow start in terms of downloads (9 as opposed to 15 after the first week in July) but thanks to an OD and a couple of nice 73 cent subs, better than July in terms of dollars. Can buy a cup of coffee I think.
  18. Haven't tried the 20 images thing yet. Will probably do that once I've seen a few hundred book covers and figure out what sells. Oddly enough, even though I read a couple of books every week, I have no idea what the covers look like.
  19. Yeah, Alex and Steve are my go to people for microstock tips and stats (bought both the books they wrote). Easily the most useful content for MS. I did follow up on Alex's suggestion for the book cover thing but got rejected by Arcangel twice 😕 Maybe I just don't have the images they're looking for or I'm not submitting the right images. All the best, Deb, hope you get approved!
  20. All the best making 500$ on 2 cents a download on IS and 2 downloads a year on DT!
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