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  1. May was almost apocalyptic to the point where myself and everyone I know knew someone who died of covid. But the numbers have dropped so drastically so quickly that I don't really know what to think.
  2. I'm not complaining. Unlike earlier, when if 1 image was rejected everything in a batch of 20 got rejected, now I see that individual files are being rejected/approved according to some kind of merit. In my last 2 batches of 20, had 3-4 rejections. That's not so bad.
  3. I saw a clear correlation between holidays in India and review delays on SS for the last year or so. So I think the speculation that the reviews moved here might very well be true and won't be surprising considering their "customer service" is clearly based out of India. As for covid, it was bad in April and May but I didn't see any major review delays then (except during the holidays). Right now, pretty much the entire country is recovering quick and businesses are returning to a state of half normalcy. So to see these delays right now, especially when there aren't any holidays, strikes
  4. Only for a period of 12 months and only to customers who have paid for an Adobe subscription. So it isn't as bad as letting everyone download it for free indefinitely.
  5. Well, they all have a high degree of noise/artifacts and have been excessively sharpened to mask the lack of sharp focus. Your expensive camera or low ISO doesn't matter if your images end up being noisy and out of focus.
  6. I opted in without batting an eyelid. If all my images are selected, that's 4 times more money than I've made on the site in 2 years.
  7. May was quite alright. It was level with Feb, March and April in terms of both sales and monies. For a while, I thought I might not make a payout but some decent sales came through in the last couple of days to make it a tense but good finish. Looking at my sales graph this year, I don't see much of a difference between levels 1 and 3. At current pace, should hit Level 4 in the first two weeks of June. Hoping it might give a boost.
  8. Month began with a 3.54$ SOD. Not bad...
  9. Sigh... now I wonder why I wasted my time to create that ruckus. Apologies, everyone .
  10. I understand why seeing post after post cribbing about the same thing might be annoying. But many of these posts/topics are initiated by non-regular posters who may not have much of an idea of how prevalent this issue is on the forums. I don't care for the spamming that the poster you refer indulged in the forums either. That person appeared to have an agenda of his own rather than legitimate concerns. But what I wish we had was a bit more empathy and understanding (I know these are alien words in the internet world). I could draw a direct parallel to what's happening in microstock with t
  11. I'm going to go against the grain of this thread (perhaps an unwise thing to do) and say that it's perfectly legitimate to complain and my sympathies are with @Shijune01. If we're seeing more complaining and whining on the forums these days, it's reflective of the state the industry is in right now. Is it pointless? Yeah, perhaps. But it can also be a bit cathartic for people and it reflects a degree of desperation. It's easy to say "get on with it and stop crying" than actually be in a mental state to do so when you've lost so much of your income (like so many have). So for people who are sti
  12. I'm in India where we are just beginning to recover from an almost apocalyptic situation. Lockdowns are going to be in force for another couple of months at least. After that, who knows? A 3rd wave? Another disease? Is the world ever going to let people from my country in without extreme scrutiny? Are we ever going to be able to roam freely like we used to? It's all a bit uncertain. If the lockdown eases, I might travel around India for a bit because it's been 15 months since I've left my city. But I don't think international travel is going to happen at least for a couple of years.
  13. They must have changed something at AS. Till about a couple of months ago, I made hardly any money there. And this month, I made more money than my lifetime earnings till April. So far, my revenue is 4 times the revenue at SS. But like you, I also hear a lot of contributors who were selling regularly having very poor sales this month. So something strange is going on over there.
  14. It's been bad. There's no sugarcoating it. By this time last May, I had made 3 times more money with half the no. of downloads and half the port I have now. So sales have increased dramatically and money has dwindled. That's probably owing to the fact that most of my sales come from India where I get a bulk of my 10 cent sales from and where my images seem to be more in demand than elsewhere. All my ODDs and SODs are from Europe, US and Australia and understandably, those are few and far between. There's nothing I can do about that. I, of course, don't have the experience or perspect
  15. For a change (and perhaps for the only time ever in history) I did better than you did, Wilm. 5.85 $! We could maybe split a burger.
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