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  1. I tried for months to get my contributor account deleted. Since I had some money in it, I could not use the button they reccomend. I emailed as instructed, and did the online chat thing, and tried through their facebook, pm'ing here, posting here, tweeting, etc.... Only the other day was I able to get a direct link that immediately terminated my account (if I agreed to forfeit the few bucks I had made). If you want to leave SS completely, I strongly suggest you manually delete your content first (there is a greasemonkey script you can find over at MSG for bulk deleting), then opt-out of licensing, then delete the account (again if you are willing to forfeit any earnings) using contributor-accounts.shutterstock.com/login?next=/remove
  2. There is an adobe guy over on MSG taking questions about this and answered some of the ones above. Be that as it may, I closed my adobe account today, and, finally, figured out how to close my contributor account (farbled, for those who remember) here as well. I only have 2 stock accounts left, waiting for the clock to run out. I've also pulled my stock industry book from Amazon since it was "pre-commision cuts" here and promoted SS a lot. I couldn't, in good conscience, leave it up. Good luck to those of you staying in the business. I have a few more months left here and there, then I am done for good. Ciao.
  3. Just an aside, you can send a DMCA notice to Shutterstock's ISP instead of just to Shutterstock if you feel they are not addressing the concern. I bet it would have a more immediate result.
  4. I think if you have something that otherwise would simply be deleted or given away and you get money for it for zero effort, that is calculation enough for some of us. I never changed my outlook from the first micro I submitted to, to make money from "photos sitting there doing nothing". However, there is definitely a number for all of us where it no longer makes sense to put in the effort. Given the commission changes and lack of sales, I have thousands of untagged photos just sitting here that are not worth the effort to submit. Also looking at selling the last of my gear and cleaning off my data drives and calling it a done deal. I think the micro industry as we currently know and understand it, is toast. Time will tell.
  5. I never bothered working out an hourly rate. I don't think I ever spent an hour per week on stock, and that included shooting my food and keywording. I agree with Doug that tagging can be painful, so like him I streamlined it to make it very easy to do. And I agree with Foodio that photos can be just as lucrative, just not "per sale" like video as often, although that seems to be changing. I never enjoyed taking video, and I found it easier to make "free" money on photos I already was taking for other reasons. I never made a full time living, and I never expected to with micro. Just trips all over the world, gear, and play money. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, and the returns make you happy, then there isn't really a wrong way except through thievery. My way was the barest minimal effort for the stated returns and that worked for me for over a decade. What few staged photos I had were (other) work byproduct, and were paid for long before they made it to micro. My 2 cents. :)
  6. edited: *Liam, sorry for the off-topic.
  7. Liam, what Alex said. To make money for most here, you need to research what sells and fill that niche with the best that you can do. If you shoot what everyone else does, then you have to be spectacular to even be noticed. Then you need to keyword appropriately so that your best work is actually seen. If they can't see it, they can't buy it. Generally speaking, finding niche items is pretty easy. Finding ones that sell either takes a lot of research or a lot of trial and error. In the meantime if you do that, my advice is to shoot every single thing you can, and improve, and throw it at the wall to see what sticks. And if you are here primarily for the money, look at video too.
  8. I agree with Ole, upload, upload, upload. :)
  9. Yup, one of the "old guard" was sending vile crap-laden messages to anyone he disagreed with even. Was nasty and good riddance. *Helped you with the missing bit Ole, you're welcome.
  10. Nicely done! I love to get proven wrong in this kind of thing. :)
  11. Anecdotally, I once has a picture of a salad featured on O magazine's website in a recipe. Took only a day to be reposted on news, pins, everything. Its the costs of doing business on the internet and selling micro for pennies. Chasing after it, legit or not, will drive you crazy and if you are extremely lucky it might get pulled down eventually, but it is unlikely you will see any money from it. Some have, but they are in a very small minority. SS won't even look without a complaint, and even then they might not unless they can make a profit from it too. IMHO
  12. Section 5, subsection b. Contribs agreed to it when they signed up. Plenty of legit complaints to make about SS without making things up.
  13. Do you guys not even read the TOS before you signed up? It is 100% clear what you have given them permission to do and for how long after you disable or close, that they can do it. That you'd rather complain than take 3 seconds to look it up baffles me.
  14. I generally don't post much these days being semi-retired, but I wanted to reach out to all you microstockers and self-hosted shooters. My good friend Dallas (you might know him over at MSG) runs a hosting company called bestwebsiteandhosting dot com. He is also a fellow microstocker, artist, and all around nice fella. Everyone is being hit hard by the pandemic and by recent changes here and if you are looking for a good host and alternative means to promote your work, I can highly recommend Dallas' company. I moved from Bluehost and never looked back. He has them beat on price, service, and reliability, plus he is "in the family". *Disclaimer: I don't get a commission or a referral, just helping my friend.
  15. I am on my new path. I've ditched every agency and I am putting my stuff up for free and paid through my website (farbled.com). I figure ten cents is practically free, so why not? Maybe people will but my books when they visit. *yes this is a plug. maybe they will finally delete my account like I've repeatedly asked.
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