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  1. Reimar, Beautiful photos in your portfolio. NICE WORK!
  2. View from our front door in winter of course. I hate that it will soon look like this again.
  3. Okay, never mind. I looked the term 'snowflake' up on Google. I guess I should have known what it means! Well, now I do. If you just open your mind to it, one can learn so much on Shutterstock!
  4. What does 'snowflake' mean? This question is addressed to Alexandre Rotenberg. I know I could look it up on Google but I'd like you, Sir, to tell me.
  5. I did ask for help through Shutterstock. I had to delete the cashe, reboot and more. It was a lengthy fix. Thank you Whiteaster for your help. It was good of you to take the time to help. I should have used Download area, showing the photos sold instead of receipt page. ... C and L Perry
  6. That was on "Latest downloads" that is in another language and on all sold downloads. I want it all in English. Please help if you know how to fix this.
  7. I decided to ask for help from contributors to this site thinking I might get help faster. Today we sold a photo. On the the information page it shows a language not English. This language shows on all our sold photos information page. How do I change it to English? I believe this happened just in the last few days. Thanks
  8. Congrats! Keep up the good work and much success to you.
  9. Thank you. It is good to hear how others are doing on SS.
  10. Has your experience been as mine? Sells have been very slow at just over a year and right on 500, photos and videos total. The number of photos sold is 15 and no videos with $8.33 total. It seems at first sells were brisk but the last couple of months nothing. Would love to know about how the rest of you are doing. ...L of C and L Perry
  12. Congrats for selling first time today.
  13. Sorry, about not making myself clear. I'd like to see a couple of Doug Jensen's favorite photos.
  14. Congrats on your sales. I wish you would share a couple of your favorite photos, not the most sold but your favorites. Just trying to understand an artist's mind!
  15. Milo J: We have had the same thing happen with one of our very ordinary photos. It makes one believe something is not working correctly with the site. A couple of people assured us that it happens from time to time. So I've forgotten the experience and moved on. HAPPY DAYS TO YOU AND SELL MANY PHOTOS!
  16. Made a mistake, this photo is yet to be accepted. Waiting ...
  17. Here is our newest accepted submission.
  18. This forum is so valuable. I'm learning so much. I thank you all for sharing your knowledge.
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