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  1. My worst month since i started with microstock almost 2 years ago. Sales down 93% from last month. And ridiculous auto rejections over and over. I will not upload here anymore until things improve. 🤮
  2. So, I suppose this should be fine? Not sure about commercial value of images such as this tho 😟
  3. Anyone knows why is this non-licencable... i had bunch of rejectons of historical banknotes from Kingdom of Yugoslavia, WW1, WW2 and interwar period from my personal collection. I made few shots of banknotes and coins a while ago and they were accepted without problems.
  4. No idea what is going on. This is ridiculous.
  5. I have similar problems with SS. For most of the people SS is 1st or 2nd highest earning agency. For me, it's tottally different story. I've come to conclusion that my port and/or my style is much better suited for other agencies. How is your sales on other sites?
  6. I got 0.02$ short of payment. No kidding.
  7. Yep, Alamy and DP sales are counted at the end of the month @ WS. Hoped to snatch extra 20-30 bucks but no luck for me this time
  8. Past month I had worst RPD ever on any agency without any question. I actually got more money from handful of rejected images reuploded by WS than from my whole port here. Generally speaking SS have never really worked for me, I have much better results elsewhere.
  9. I have like an average amount of sales but rpd for this month is atrocious.
  10. Damn, i see the pattern. Lets hope it will get better, there is still 20 days to go
  11. Do you know anything about this site? Is this legit? https://www.clickasnap.com/getpaid/
  12. Started good but ends in disaster. Same pattern across the all agencies.
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