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  1. I often use Helios 50mm f2.0 lens from 1974 on my Nikon because of the bokeh stuff it does
  2. Wirestock saves the day once more. 30.60$ yesterday which makes my WS income this month 51.96$ (AS, DT, DP, 123RF combined). For instance i can only dream about making 30$ MONTHLY on SS.
  3. You see, I don't think graph would be much different. I think measures (atleast in my country) are counterproductive and very dangerous. For instance, my sister in law almost died at childbirth and her child had to be reanimated because anesthesiologist was tested positive to covid and they couldn't perform caeserean section. I know far more people that suffered from lack of medical care than those who actually suffered from covid. We have joke in Croatia which is very popular these days, i'll do my best to translate: One day police officer saw villager spraying his street Officer: Man, what you are doing? Villager: Can't you see i'm doing crocodile dusting? I don't want crocodiles to eat my children! Officer: But there is no crocodiles here! Vilager: Yes, thats because i sprayed whole street! So police officer saw that is a good idea and enacted a law that every man in village must spray his street. So people sprayed, someone got sick, someones crops were contaminated, someone's cow died, but there were no crocodiles and no child was eaten. This is what is happening right now.
  4. This could be my worst month since i joined microstock. My best selling agency this month so far is actually 123RF.
  5. You guys still think some kind of pandemic is going on? These are death statistics in Croatia (official) and we are like super-infected country. As you can see, we had a nasty pandemic. In 2017.
  6. Terrible start. On both SS and AS.
  7. 1. AS 2. SS 3. DT 4. DP ---------------------------- Just recently started uploading to Getty&123RF so still dont have enough images there to compare. Alamy & Pond5 sell next to nothing.
  8. You have pretty generic nature shots which will unlikely sell anytime soon. On the other hand I believe this image could sell ...and you need more photos. I mean A LOT more photos, in a process of shooting and post processing you will improve and so will sales. On the other hand, you can never tell for sure, i barely uploaded this pretty generic image but it sells often on multiple agencies, so luck is a factor aswell Good luck!
  9. Now that's a lot of objects to take photos of!
  10. Congrats on great achievment, however i must point out that 1% port sales monthly is pretty low.
  11. I had some lucky sales in past few days so this month won't be too bad for me, but overall, my earnings on SS decreased dramatically.
  12. It's better now, had few big sales in short period of time so I'm few cents short of my average before the changes and there is still 10 days to go. On the other hand, I have terrible month on AS so this could be my first month this year that my SS income is actually higher than AS income.
  13. Of course, just upload 25 000 more images and you should be able to do that.
  14. Here? Since reshuffle and 0.10c scheme roughly pack of cigarettes monthly. AS is where I earn 80% of my stock income.
  15. 7 days without a single sale on SS. This didn't happen for a long long time.
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