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  1. Of course, just upload 25 000 more images and you should be able to do that.
  2. Here? Since reshuffle and 0.10c scheme roughly pack of cigarettes monthly. AS is where I earn 80% of my stock income.
  3. 7 days without a single sale on SS. This didn't happen for a long long time.
  4. Better than June but still BAD. I guess we wont see good months again in near future.
  5. Congrats, just don't expect you will see those often.
  6. Hey, it could be 10c aswell. Consider yourself lucky.
  7. COVID19 is just one of the mutations of coronavirus which is quite common since forever. It was often referred as "common cold". It circulates between people freely and number of infected is in most cases proportional to number of tests conducted. So, nothing is "worse" or "better" now or ever until we develop herd immunity, then the virus will mutate once again to COVID20. So tehnically this could last forever until we accept this as a normal condition and stop conducting tests. Then and only then so called pandemic will be over. OT: SS - sales gone down rapidly AS - slightly upward trend DT - worse than before DP - actually pretty good, i see potential there Alamy, P5, - no change but i sell next to nothing there anyways 123RF - new there so too early to say
  8. Try to upload as a "underexposed white background" 😂
  9. I have 90% sales drop, but, honestly, I don't care anymore. There are agencies which actually sell my images so I'm putting all my effort uploading to them, I have no time to mess with every turd agency which sell 3 10c photos in 15 days 🤮
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