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  1. Since i have no chance to get to, 35% tier with current port, and top tier is out of question, I think that best move for smaller contributors such as myself would be to delete port and reupload via wirestock, In theory they should in top tier in matter of days and after their 15% cut you still get around 33-34%
  2. No words needed. This speaks for 1000 words.
  3. This is insulting, absurd and totally unacceptable. 🤮
  4. Hmmm... I'm thinking about deleting my port and then reupload via wirestock...? They should sell 25000 images in no time, OK, they take 15% of income but it seems like a minor tradeoff considering that I should be in top tier all the time... what do you think?
  5. You're damn right miss! Can I ask you when did you join SS?
  6. Same here, seems like totally random shuffle, perhaps images with most searched tags going up...?
  7. I can already tell this is my worst month in SS ever. I have 40% smaller portfolio on AS then on SS and it generated me 250% more income this month. Seems that the gap between AS and SS becoming wider and wider.
  8. I wouldn't upload big bathches in this very moment if I were you. There is no almost no need for images currently and you risk your images get buried if this madness continues for few more months.
  9. I'm not...really selling anything at this point... so discouraging
  10. It's not too terrible Because you have very small port. More images -> more downloads + better chance for to produce a top-selling image
  11. So far, this month is beyond terrible. It had to be logarithm change, i had constant sales at daily basis from middle of March to middle of April. And then it stopped dead at once. I cant sell even corona related images these days. Doom. In short: 3 sales in 11 days. All subs.
  12. I have acceptance rate of around 90% lately, or even more. I have no problem getting images accepted, but I find them very hard to sell these days.
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