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  1. Thanks for posting this. I think this is the definitive answer. I have now had 300 of these 25c sales this month, and I've noticed a trend. They are the same ones that are selling over and over again. Mine are mainly very old food and finance clips from my first year of video, and frankly, I consider them to have very low current commercial value anyway. In fact, my best work have not sold for these prices. I have checked this with a friend, and he says similar. SS said above that itโ€™s for a new set of buyers who โ€˜have never bought traditional stock footage beforeโ€™. They are also no
  2. Tania, they have a whole range of special deals with various clients that are outside the standard prices. And yes, they are not transparent, nor do they show what sizes they customers bought. They never will ๐Ÿ˜ž A screen grab from here What usage is permitted with the Shutterstock Footage license? - 24/7 Shutterstock Customer Support & Help
  3. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, Sari. I had 109 today. One clip sold 74 times! All for 25c each. What the?
  4. True. But its starts with constructive not destructive advice. I still stand by my comments above, Foodio, because they are meant for newbies in general not just one person. You have probably missed my comments earlier about my background in training on another thread, but suffice to say that I was taught by one of the leaders in advanced and accelerated learning, an American lady who I met while she was doing her Ph.D here in Adelaide , and she was amazing. She had one of the best track records for successful training that I have ever seen, but the one thing I learnt from her is that sh
  5. Yay. All's well that ends well. I had thought we had scared you away. LOL Good luck, Ernest.
  6. I was really angry when I read this last night and realised that Ernest had deleted his port. But deleted my comments to wait and see how I felt about it in the morning. Its now morning. My comments are not necessarily directed at you, Wilm. I just want to say to people, show me your first 20 or 30 photos and let me decide whether you should continue or not. Because basically that's what you are doing. Every now and again, you see someone new come along who you can just sense has that extra something. I thought Ernest had that, just by the very fact that he wrote this on his
  7. I dont know that person personally and have never seen his figures, so I can't say. What I meant, Wilm, is to average $2,000 to $4,000 a month from total stock revenue is not a rare occurrence. That's been my range for the past 6 years, and I know people, whose numbers I have seen, who do much better than me - some who shoot landscapes.
  8. There are never enough photos with copy space. Buyers and graphic designers always complain of this. So its one way to get ahead of the competition. Just make sure you include the words 'copy space, copyspace, negative space', in your keywords because designers often search on that. Yes, photos without copy space do sell, but they probably have better search placement than someone just starting out. If you're new then you need to provide extra features that buyers need more of. I know people who make top money (thousands of dollars a month) from stock from shooting beautiful landsc
  9. Doug, I nearly fell off my chair when I read this. But thanks - not sure what else to say. I am a bit taken aback.
  10. I really love your photography, Ernest. Your colors are rich, you have great dynamic range in your images, and you have captured the essence of the woodlands. You have a lot of competition in this area, but you can get ahead of the crowd firstly by great keywording. Keywording is an art unto itself. Before you start keywording, always look at the drop down menu on SS for the main subject - and see what other words come up. They will be the most popular searches that buyers use - use any of those, but only those that are relevant to your photo. That's just a quick tip - there's lots, lots
  11. We're coming into summer slump period now, Paula, where less and less corporate buyers, who buy the big sods, are around.( But of course there could always be exceptions to the rule.) So don't feel too disheartened. But super well done on those large sods in the beginning of the month!! A big congrats ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Neat Video = 30 day free, after that $75+ My recommendation to the OP's immediate problem is to get free Resolve + free Neat Video to try and clean up those 90% of videos to see if they can get them through. After that, yes, learn from the masters. ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol ... I've been working with gopros since the 4 and 5 hero blacks were the only ones available. Pretty bad quality back in those days, but we could still clean them up, get them passed through review and sell. They had very limited camera settings. A lot of my 4s and 5s clips still sell. The last one I bought was
  13. Doug, we've had this discussion before and I know your position with regard to noise reduction filters, but not everyone has expensive equipment when they start off learning video and noise can be a problem. And Neat Video is certainly well above most others I have tried. Have you ever tried it? And for me, there are certain situations, like action cameras at night, being inexpensive yet very flexible cameras, that definitely need noise reduction. I sell a lot of driving povs and there's no way I am going to put my Sony on the front bonnet of my car! lol I also agree with you about
  14. I use Premiere Pro but the noise filter is just so, so. If you are having 90% of your videos rejected, Jade, then you are potentially losing money, so if you can't upgrade your camera, then spending a little money on a top noise filter plugin is probably a much better deal. The best noise filter on the market is Neat Video. Neat Video - best noise reduction for digital video I bought it a few years ago because I took some night time GoPro driving pov clips - which you can imagine would be the worst for noise - and NV was amazing. They then passed very fussy reviewers and sold v
  15. And @Awana JF, just one other thing that I can think of. We are coming up now to the infamous summer-slump period, when a lot of corporate buyers are on holidays and/or not working on their projects. The other time is the 3 week period from Christmas to mid January. During these times, its not a good idea to submit your best work unless they are important or time sensitive, because you are going need full exposure to get the necessary quick views, etc, to help your photos from sinking into the black hole of microstock. Its always best to wait until after these periods. There ar
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