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  1. I had the same problem and managed to get an answer from SS. For security reasons, SS will keep doing this if you keep changing between PCs and browsers. I asked if there is any override, and they said, No. So now I just view SS from one pc and one browser. It hasn't been a problem since. I hope this helps, MotionEmo Cheers Annie
  2. What I made yesterday (in one day) on AS: $94.48 In the past 48 hours I had 4 video sales on SS and received 51 cents each for them. Yesterday I had one video sale on AS and received $88 for it. Plus its a new one (uploaded after I stopped uploading to SS), and one that SS doesn't have. Last month I had 70 video sales on SS, the majority of which were under $1. Below is an example of just one day. This is the difference between the two agencies.
  3. Wow, good one Steven! Is that the ABC News theme??? 7872 frames. Yes, I can believe that. Timelapses can really kill your camera's shutter. Same as stop motions. After doing all the stop motions that I do (in excess of 400 now), I was well and truly over the recommended shutter actuations for my sony. Had to recently get a new camera. But I love hyperlapses. They are a real artform. Here's one of my favourites - of the Big Apple. And yes, as you said, its the music that makes it work!
  4. Stocksubmitter? Its about diversity and uploading all your files to multiple agencies with ease. It also keeps records of what files went where, so less confusion and mixups, and also has a very good keywording tool. You can use the free version with limited submissions (33 per month). That's how I started using it about 4 or 5 years ago. Or you can just use it for free to upload as many files as you want, and do the submissions manually yourself. Its the submissions that you are paying for when you purchase one of their packages. I noticed that author Steve Heap wrote about it in his quarterly report. See here under Value of Diversity: https://backyardsilver.com/quarterly-review-of-stock-photo-earnings/ I hope this helps, Tawrat 🙂 Cheers Annie
  5. Yes. Something for you to look forward to once you get all your other issues worked out. 😊
  6. OK. Well, one of the videos that I started uploading via StockSubmitter just before I wrote the above post has gone through. So no problems at this end. Hope you work it out. Good luck. Let us know. 🙂
  7. Patrick, I think the problem is with your laptop. Not enough oomph in it. Yes, Stocksubmitter shows your speed when its uploading the file in Kb/s, also you can check it with other ftp uploaders such as FileZilla. Another way to check your speed is through Ookla. I just checked my PC and my upload speed is currently 37.09 mbps. That's good for NBN. Here is the site: https://www.speedtest.net/ If you cannot upgrade your pc or go to Windows 10, then perhaps write to Stocksubmitter and tell them the problem. They MAY be able to give you some extended time for uploading videos, rather than having them time out. Not sure if they can or not - but worth a try. Before I went onto NBN, I used to be able to upload videos via FileZilla (although it took ages) but they always timed out with Stocksubmitter, so I am thinking they might have some restrictions on timing. Let us know how you go! PS. I found some videos on my harddrive that I hadn't uploaded to some sites and now running them through Stocksubmitter, and they are going through OK. I am getting around 1mb/s for 2 agencies each running simultaneously. You won't get what the Ookla speed test says I have found, because the further one lives away from the agency, the slower it gets. One of the disadvantages of living in South Australia. 😞 But you and I should get similar, all other things being equal.
  8. Mmm. Sounds like its timing out. I used to get something similar before I went onto NBN, but if you're already on it, then maybe its something else? Your operating system? What upload speeds are you getting with videos? Next time I upload some clips, I'll send you a pm and let you know what mine are so we can compare. Also, file sizes as well. Although some of mine are very large (using prores) and I don't have any problems. (Its financial year end so I am not around very much at the moment, but I will see what I can do.) Also perhaps write to them. Dimitri is always very helpful and prompt with his responses. Unless, Linda knows what else it could be?
  9. Yes, welcome back Wilm. You're one of the nicest and most polite people on the forum. I didn't understand it either. I will miss Geo, he always has some thoughtful posts and interesting takes on what's happening. ... Here are my stats - graphs below. Interestingly, my DT sales for June went right up - 42% increase compared to their average monthly sales for this year. I stopped uploading to SS and BS in June. If you compare June sales to total sales this calendar year, SS's % of total income has dropped considerably. It is only one month, but its worth noting to see if it continues. P5 was up, but AS was down. I even sold some photos on P5 as well in June. ... I agree with Linda, Stocksubmitter is the way to go. Since 2014, I have always put all my files up on 8 to 10 agencies. It can double your income from SS as well as its important to never rely on just one or two agencies. As we've seen in the past few years, agency managements, ownerships and policies can change dramatically, and we should never put all our eggs in one basket. ... @Patrick Cooper Patrick, are you on NBN? Because before NBN, I couldn't upload video via Stocksubmitter either. The problem was at my end - my broadband was too slow. ...
  10. Thanks Sari! BTW, you are one of the most logical and down-to-earth people on here, so I am taking this seriously. And I can never imagine you with a tinfoil hat. lol. ... But, seeing we are going into the weird-probabilities area, and speaking of covid-19, I was watching a science program the other day and it talked about how viruses and other new biological matter can come to earth via comets and meteorites. I was surprised to learn that small meteorites hit Earth all the time. And when I did a google search, guess what? A meteorite hit northern China in October 2019. do-do-do-do. do-do-do-do
  11. Steven, I think I am in mourning because every time you ask questions like this, I have this overwhelming sadness come over me that its the end of an era. But on the positive side (if there is one) you can see from recent results on the Viral thread, that with the right image that is highly topical and you upload it earlier than your competition, or have a specialised niche with very little competition, or get featured on an agencies curated thread, there is still possible hope. But Steven, you live a niche market!! Western Australia is so beautiful, with much, much less competition. When the tourism industry starts up again, you should get more sales. Here in South Australia, it was the same. Back in 2016, I bought a GoPro, stuck it on the car, and drove all around the place. I now have hundreds of driving povs, and they have always sold very well, and for higher amounts because buyers use them as establishing shots, and you get more 4k and video ELs. Like I said, hardly any competition (unless Patrick catches up. 😉 LOL).
  12. Patrick, it happened to me late Friday (yesterday) morning. Around 11:00 - 11.30am. I stopped work to start cooking lunch and turned the TV on to watch the news - and then it happened. Its a new TV as well, and its never happened before, and its ok since then. What a sheer coincidence, huh? Thanks Sheila, for your suggestion re DDoS attack
  13. I believe that this is an effective tactic because agencies need a constant supply of good fresh content to keep buyers from straying.
  14. Patrick, that's strange because we have a Samsung smart tv too, and yesterday it went all crazy. Didn't change stations, but the screen on all channels and on Foxtel, Free-to-air as well as Netflix, etc, turned into a kind of negative weird looking picture. Took us ages to fix it and lots of rebooting to get it back to normal. It never did that before. (For others, Patrick and I both live in South Australia about 100 kms apart). It could be a sheer coincidence and I never connected the two. But you're right, the TV acts as a computer connected to the internet. I was reading about the cyber attacks on Australia yesterday too. Patrick lives on an island and I live in a beachside suburb across the bay. I am trying to think of what is around here that another country might want to cyber attack??? There's Australian Submarine Corp up north from here (Australia's largest defence ship building manufacturer), that might have a lot of defence intel there. Hopefully, its all just a sheer coincidence.
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