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  1. No, dont know Romolo. Iain Campbell taught me video. I was so lucky to have such a great friend and teacher as him. He trained with Hotel Foxtrot, one of the biggest in the industry back then. I fall very, very short of Iain's work, but he was very inspiring. Iain Campell's Inspiring and Inclusive Video Portraits (shutterstock.com) And yes, Mihai is great too - and likewise you can learn a lot from him as well. He is really brilliant on the technical side of things, where I fall short. Or loose interest because I am just in it for the styling. lol Anyway
  2. Yes, that was exactly how I started to. I had left a stressful job in business, was doing graphic design for a few years but the clients were driving me crazy, so I started stock with zero expectation as well. 🙂
  3. Ok, the quickest way for me to work mine out is: Dec is the 8th anniversary of my first upload and sale on SS. Total income from stock from an average of 8 agencies over 8 years = approx $250,000 AUD. I have treated it as a full time job, so that roughly works out $16 per hour. (250,000/8/52/37.5) If we are comparing it to our (other) day jobs, then I am an accountant by profession and can earn significantly higher than that, but its not anywhere near as fun and enjoyable. I am constantly learning in stock, keep stretching myself (like learning stop motions, etc), using a full range
  4. There are some friends of mine that are doing significantly better than me. They are more in the league of Doug. So I dont think mine is that great. But from the start I have stuck with a few rules**, and they have worked for me. It has provided a relatively good second income for my family, and yes - I do it for fun and the love of shooting, and thats the most important thing to me. ** For me, its been more like 'paint by numbers'. I don't think I am particularly talented, like some people that I know (Have you seen ports like Iain Campbell or Mihai's? And even yours, Wilm!), but
  5. Stunningly beautiful portfolio, DaLiu. Well deserved numbers!
  6. Yeah, to make that extra 10,000 since May or June (I can't remember exactly when I hit 90k) has been tough going this year, especially during the middle of the year. But thanks, Wilm! You're not too far behind either.
  7. lol Yes, the whole situation here is very 'Peanuts', isn't it?
  8. hahahahaha they just got funnier and funnier as you scrolled down And a big thanks, Terry @PlopandShoot, for the great memes! Love them 😊
  9. I suppose it would be too much to ask for some Christmas Memes??? Or any memes for that matter? (pretty please)
  10. Thanks, Ole! (One of my favourites is the Progues song. I've always liked that one! lol ) Spam or no spam, we can never have enough Christmas music in my books, so here's something for the young ... and for the young at heart 😉
  11. YES! Love it Speaking of Ray Charles, while I was looking around YT I stopped and was listening to this:
  12. Couldnt find Christmas songs from Nina - but here's Ella!
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