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  1. I am not surprised. You have some great aerials, Steve. BTW, this is very cool! Did you make this with After Effects? Happy Easter Dynamic Blue and Stock Footage Video (100% Royalty-free) 1069458016 | Shutterstock If you're proficient in AE, then there's lots of different things you can do with it. I was making animated word clouds which were doing very well. I must go back to doing those some day soon. Animated Word Cloud Stock Video Footage - 4K and HD Video Clips | Shutterstock Here's one of mine: Investing and share market related words animated
  2. Good observation, Steve. SS has indeed lowered their prices on video. Big time. People forget about video sales, but because that's where the much, much greater margins are, they can have a greater impact on revenue - for both agency and contributor. SS has been cannibalising their own video sales for a few years now, notably since they first brought in the $1.50 commissions about 3 years ago, to lock in buyers in defense against iS/G's meager video pricing. But of course, since they announced video subscription plans earlier last year, its been much, much worse. Much, much lower pr
  3. Judging by the ratios of your photos, they are iPhone/smartphone shots aren't they? iPhone shots do sell but they have to be par excellence to what the experienced photographers with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are offering. They need to have very unique content, are very well composed, and with great lighting. You need to understand all of these things to sell a lot nowadays. Photography is the science of capturing light. Start there. If you can master light, you are 90% of the way to becoming a good photographer. I agree with Former Poster in that your photos are too undere
  4. Some good points, Pete. I can remember when they brought those big packs in. It would have been daring at the time - ultra low prices whilst still paying 25c to 38c to contributors. And yes, Jon saying, its ok, we'll make money from the un-used. But as time went on, it became more and more of an unworkable model because they didn't account for more and more contributors reaching upper and top tiers. And finding that - perhaps indeed - buyers used up more of their packs then first expected. After all, they have 2 to choose from. The 750 pack, mainly being used by big ad agencies, ne
  5. Thanks Steve. A couple more posts from me and then I'll have to leave. I've been trying new things in the past 3 or 4 months. One of which is showing a lot of promise, so I'm ploughing my resources into that. I decided to leave my photo port up here on SS, when I saw that my photo RPDs can be the same as 2016 - as I posted above for you. I've taken my video port down from here temporarily. But its more of an experiment than anything else. I want to test whether all of these small video subs are actually incremental sales that wont be made elsewhere. I did this back a few year
  6. Thanks. A small snapshot of history, Wilm. LOL All from just photo sales too. (I started selling video later that year.) Never going to happen again in microstock - not for me anyway. 2017 was the year that everything changed. Can you remember Mihai doing that big SS graphs thread a couple of years ago? A lot came out of that. 2017 was big crunch-time for SS and thats when they made a heck of a lot of changes - most of which negatively impacted contributors. All resulting from losses in the market to iS/G. And then along came Unsplash. I remember when Laurin showed it to us he
  7. I understand, Firn, and I hear you. And my heart goes out to all the people who feel angry and betrayed by SS, and to the losses they have made this past year. But I just want to say it was a long time coming. All the 'bad' decisions (bad for the contributors, that is) that SS has made over the past 5+ years have been a direct or indirect result of iS/G undercutting the stock photography industry and undervaluing our assets. I blame G. You can clearly see that SS's plan has been based on what iS/G offers contributors and they (SS) can justify their new rates compared to that. (But I just
  8. That's a bit harsh, Firn ??? I think Steve is making some fair assessments that should be considered. In response to your other comments. I think you may be taking a more short term look at the whole situation. The problem actually started a few years back with SS competing with its main rival and bringing in all of these big discounted packs but still having to pay contributors the flat rates. Eventually we all should be prepared for % commissions and not flat rates anymore. But its the way that the agencies manage it, is the big problem. My only axe to grind with SS is the Ja
  9. Yes, I know. A friend of mine said to me the other day: “Nothing good can come out of it for contributors. The most horrendous site that started pittance royalties now acquires a site that doesn't pay contributors at all”. Lol. That me me laugh.
  10. Here's some sample data for you, Steve: My biggest download day last month - compared to same day in 2016. RPD for both are around 64c. No video sales or large SODs are included in both those days. I got them on other days - just not, as it happens in these 2 examples. So we can make a fair comparison. I think, from a business point of view, that eventually all agencies have to pay their contributors a percentage of their sales - as opposed to a flat rate. SS would have been making big losses on some of those sub packs while they had to pay their Top Level contributors 38c (especial
  11. No, dont know Romolo. Iain Campbell taught me video. I was so lucky to have such a great friend and teacher as him. He trained with Hotel Foxtrot, one of the biggest in the industry back then. I fall very, very short of Iain's work, but he was very inspiring. Iain Campell's Inspiring and Inclusive Video Portraits (shutterstock.com) And yes, Mihai is great too - and likewise you can learn a lot from him as well. He is really brilliant on the technical side of things, where I fall short. Or loose interest because I am just in it for the styling. lol Anyway
  12. Yes, that was exactly how I started to. I had left a stressful job in business, was doing graphic design for a few years but the clients were driving me crazy, so I started stock with zero expectation as well. 🙂
  13. Ok, the quickest way for me to work mine out is: Dec is the 8th anniversary of my first upload and sale on SS. Total income from stock from an average of 8 agencies over 8 years = approx $250,000 AUD. I have treated it as a full time job, so that roughly works out $16 per hour. (250,000/8/52/37.5) If we are comparing it to our (other) day jobs, then I am an accountant by profession and can earn significantly higher than that, but its not anywhere near as fun and enjoyable. I am constantly learning in stock, keep stretching myself (like learning stop motions, etc), using a full range
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