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  1. Great! Thank you. Love Ella! She took scatting to a whole new level! Nobody could scat like her until Al Jarreau showed up I suppose
  2. Happy holidays from sunny Miami. A little late for Hanukkah, but there are plenty of other holidays left. Stay safe and stay away from airports and other major transportation hubs
  3. I am full of surprises Annie and thank you. That means a lot1 (it really does)
  4. For me, your work is the standard for your kind of work and if you do bad, they all do bad I would think MS is doing a lot worse for me too (no surprise), while my art sales are way up this year. Best year of the last five actually. Funny how that goes.
  5. Well, I respect your point of view and I will not be trying to talk you into something you don't want to do or already know. and from one grumpy old man to another, I just love your paintings.
  6. Love your paintings and photography @clivewa. I Really do! Hope you have other outlets besides microstock because just microstock would be a total waste of your talent. (besides the enjoyment creating the pieces, which is never a waste) Your work needs to be seen by the art world and that will probably never happen by just submitting them to microstock.
  7. I like to think I can afford $0.05 over a period of 6 months for donations on my own. (I was kidding. I make $0.07) Nevertheless I applaud the initiative. I might upload a little bit more now just because they care
  8. That "make money from your hard drive" mantra didn't last very long in real life
  9. in CC 21 the grid is just that, a grid. No golden rule or spirals or triangles. Those are in the crop toolbox In Picasso's famous words "You have to learn the rules before you can break them" . This logical statement alone celebrates the rules and does not mean that rules devaluate the learning process of photography, or flat art in general, by calling them guidelines. (Reading what I just wrote, I sound like a politician lol)
  10. I don't know about CS 4, but in the latest, you click on the crop tool and then in the toolbar on top you click on the icon that looks like a tic tac toe board.
  11. LOL. I just thought I throw it in there and although I think it is very interesting and these tidbits of knowledge could help with one's photography, in the greater scheme of things, none of what I wrote really matters much. The rule of thirds has been around since the 18th century and was originally used a little different than how we use it today. I might be mistaken, but the rule of thirds as we know it, was made popular in the golden age of advertising in the fifties. They placed the most important element of an advertisement (logo, name, product) on one of the intersections because
  12. Full time contributors saw this coming a long time ago and it should not have been a surprise. The professional stock photography industry was doomed the moment the subscription model was introduced about 16 years ago. Most realized that and always had a back-up plan (ay least the ones I know)
  13. Great post Steve, The Golden Spiral is actually more important or influential on the human psyche if you like, than the Rule of Thirds. It is very similar to the Golden Spiral (not the same though), which in turn, is based on the Golden Ratio Phi 1.618. You find this ratio throughout nature. Even the human body. (Fingers are 1.618 of the hand, the hand is 1.618 of the arm etc. etc.) The Golden Ratio is related to the Fibonaccy Sequence of frequencies. One of those frequencies is 369Hz "The sound of the Universe" or OHM/AUM, what Buddhists monks chant during their meditation. The Y
  14. Thanks POMinPerth (I have friends in Perth) For the most part, I don't have any overlap anymore with MS and POD. Some of my images are also on other POD sites and I have an Amazon store . My main attention is however on FAA. Simple they sell the most. (for me and in general). I had "stores" on Saatchi and some others, but it wasn't worth it for me.
  15. Here it is: Fine Art America - Anyone rate it? - Page 2 - Contributor Experience - Shutterstock - Forum FAA is my main sales outlet and I sold there this year alone more in money than the last 5 years on MS combined. I am very active on FAA. I like it there. This is me: Rudy Umans - Official Website (pixels.com) The other site I do fairly well on for jigsaw puzzles, calendars etc. is Zazzle. I know people who do very well on RedBubble (Australian site)
  16. My quote was from the EL paragraph. It is not allowed with a standard license as far as I know As far as the OP's question goes, there are 3 things to consider. From a legal point of view this doesn't seem to be a case of stealing, but rather a case of being a derivative work or a new work and we all know that is one big grey can of worms. From Shutterstock's point of view, their terms say that it is allowed "Provided such merchandise incorporates creative or functional elements apart from the image(s)" If the added elements are either creative or functional is a question I leave
  17. Obviously you are a very passionate person about graphic design, but regardless how tempting it might be I am not going to debate what I see and how I see it. What designers do is their concern, not mine. Besides there would be no winners. My second point was more important. You need more proof. Once you have that solid proof, tell SS.
  18. Admittingly I am not a Graphic Designer, but to me it seems that the designers you linked to did the same thing, to me (again) it looks like they took design elements from each other I am not saying you are wrong, but to make a case that sticks, you will have to come with better proof. Not for me, but for the people at SS
  19. I didn't see any discussion forum or anything on 99 Design in which they discussed this "many times" So, how do you know who is the thief, the Shutterstock contributor or the 99design contributor? Frankly, in the 12 years I am here I know that more often than not, they (not 99design in particular) steal from Shutterstock Contributors instead of the other way around. Your reference to the License Agreement makes no sense. You quoted about content use, but you are complaining about content acceptance
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