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  1. 22 hours ago, Fixazh said:

    is this a collage or a composite?

    To differentiate themselves from kindergarten, the early pioneers in this field called them Composites or Photomontages. Not Collages (even though there is obviously a huge overlap)  

    Hell, we still call it "cut and paste"

  2. 1 hour ago, HodagMedia said:

    No, all the way from FL and you're a Green Bay Packer fan?

    Or did you mean the real thing?


    51 minutes ago, Thijs de Graaf said:

    Rudy is  a Dutchman. And that are cheeseheads (kaaskoppen) 

    That's right! The Original Cheesehead!

    Nothing like that fake Wisconsin cheesy chewing gum stuff! (Just kidding!!!! my brother lives in Williams Bay- on the other side of Lake Geneva)


  3. 3 hours ago, Jeremy Lopez Foppiani said:

    So when someone buys a license for a photo or video, are there no rules and restrictions for that buyer in the use that he can give it?

    Yes there are rules and restrictions.

    There is just no guarantee that everybody abides by it and if somebody doesn't there is not much you can do about it and even if you can do something about it, the harm is already done.

    Besides there are a lot of goods and subjects in advertising that are not desirable for children, or anybody for that matter, but would be perfectly fine and legal such as condoms or whatever 

     I don't think you would be happy if you drive down the road and see your niece associated with an advertisement like that. or worse than a billboard, on television or social media. Some people are ruthless 

    Not saying that any of this bad stuff will happen, but it could and do you want to take that chance? Your sister doesn't and, as you have figured out by now, I agree with her and so do many others here.

    So, if you want your nephews and nieces to grow up as normal children and if you want to keep a loving relationship with your sister, Respect her wishes!!



    Clause 1.2 outlines these restrictions

    Shutterstock Terms of Service & License Agreements


  4. 23 minutes ago, HodagMedia said:

    It's not even semantics, it's language: I don't see anything from @muratart that looks like a collage

    Composite (as in photographic or artistic)

    When photographers say “composite” – they refer to an image that was constructed from two or more different photos. Most composites these days are done by layering images one on top of one another and then masking out the unwanted pieces using different methods.


    1. a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing.
      • the art of making collages.
      • a combination or collection of various things.

    Maybe I didn't explain it clear enough

  5. Now if people would only use their brains as well as their cameras, they wouldn't have had any problems figuring out that Tim was talking about composites when he said collages as opposed to straight photography. Collages is a term used in the art world other than photography. Composites is a term used in the photography world, but it is all semantics really. 

    The first "collages" in photography were made in the mid19th century by hand (obviously) by a guy named Oscar Rejlander, Shortly after that, it was made famous by Henry Robinson. Since they were done by hand, one piece of paper combined with another piece of paper, they were technically Collages, but they called them composites or photomontage. If anybody really wants to know what it is, look up Man Ray or the German Dada movement.

    but like I said, it's all semantics

  6. 6 minutes ago, blvdone said:

    It's very disappointing to see some fellow contributors want me to just say "OK, I quit".  I just ignore them.  And I'm not taking any of them seriously either.  Why should I?

    And none of them have any meaningful portfolio here, but talking loud like they are some major force.  lol  Sad.

    I see that pattern everywhere though.

    That's why I suggested to try MSG. You have a better audience there

    People will take you seriously when you act seriously and come up with something constructive. @Elliott Cowand Jr and I  (and others) tried to help you with that despite everything, but what do we know with our meaningless ports...............

    All you do is piss people off with all that yelling and screaming,. The same people you need to support your cause mind you. How about that? You think that will work?

  7. 37 minutes ago, PlopandShoot said:

    Lol, calling Rudy a newbie shows how little you know about the people you are trying to reach and the industry in general. You obviously haven't looked at anything that has been done already, from the coalition, to the twitter campaign, to the start-ups.

    It shows that you are not someone to be taken seriously. 


    That's Ok. I left for a while in 2019 and now it says I joined in 2019, but that's only for the forums obviously. He/she didn't know


    (if somebody asks, I was never really here.............)

  8. 3 hours ago, blvdone said:

    I don't have a blueprint for everything yet.  There's no step without spreading the awareness and create the movement and public pressure first.

    Ok let me help you out here a little bit


    First, it you accuse SS and MS in general of unfair business practices (not sure if you do or if it is all wishful thinking), you better have a solid narrative and the numbers to back that up. (it's a legal thing)

    Second, come up with solutions so you get what you want while the agencies still have a better than average chance to survive so contributors can survive

    Third, approach the major photography advocacy and associations such as ASMP, PPA, and PSA. Don't forget the ones for designers and illustrators and the international ones. Convince them to back you up with some muscle

    Fourth, you are on the wrong forums. This one is too limited for your purposes. You should try MSG where you can reach pretty much all the agencies in one shot and where you might have a much larger audience.

    Fifth, try something new and innovative to convince contributors to stand behind you. so far nothing worked

    and last but not least, get to work and do your due diligence (homework)


  9. 3 hours ago, blvdone said:

    Like I said, it's better than doing nothing and take it in your ass like you do.  Another newbie with less than 1,000 photos telling me "You can't".  lol

    Boycotts have been tried, unions have been tried (The last seven months and a number of times prior) Not just here on these forums, but also on MSG and social media. Everything under the sun has been tried, but as long as there are hundreds of thousands of contributors (Whatever the number is) and only a handful are here on the forums or on social media and as long as the vast majority doesn't care what the payout is ("It's just a hobby and something is better than nothing") nothing will happen and all mutinies to overthrow the crown will be in vain.

    If you would have paid attention since June 2020, you would have known all this

    Btw, I am not a newbie.  I joined SS in 2008 and regardless what my number of posts says today, I do have over 16000 posts over the years. Just saying, I have seen a thing or two. Back in June I deleted a good chunk of my portfolio.  Nevertheless my port was always small because my believe was and is (as I said many times here on these forums) stock photography was doomed the moment the subscription model was introduced. ( guess by who) 

    The way I see it, you have two choices; You take it like a man or woman and make the best of it, like some did,  or you look for greener pastures.


  10. 5 hours ago, Whiteaster said:

    Yes, you did. That is the result of post processing but I cant tell what.

    Maybe it could be fixed but for now the AI is right IMO.

    Not enough colors.  Probably an 8 bit image. 

    it can be fixed by starting over and process and save the RAW file as a 16 bit image . Going easy on the saturation slider wouldn't hurt either, but with 16 bit you would have a lot more leeway 

  11. 1 hour ago, HodagMedia said:

    Yes I got that now. 👍 Since I don't have and use CC it took some searching for "Overlay" to be the answer.

    But good news, now we all know that all of them had that and Elements doesn't anymore.


    Elements doesn't? Well I think for half the price of Elements you are better of with a full featured program like Affinity Photo anyway.

  12. 1 hour ago, HodagMedia said:

    Oh no, the best advise, I agree, don't do Microstock, at least don't expected to be paid what your work is worth. I wouldn't disagree at all. Where did I say I didn't like that specific comment?

    Lonndubh confused you with Steve.

    That thread Steve started is a good thread and was started before the $0.10 disaster. Either way, it is a good thread to encourage people. 

    I think that LonnDubh doesn't know what these forums were (and should be) all about before all this recent bitching started about the obvious and what everybody already knows and realizes


    Don't worry Evgeniia. It a phase on the way to new avenues


    I rediscovered pinhole and vintage cameras.

    Do I think these shots are perfect? well I don't know, but some seem to think so.

    Microstock? Not even close and cold day in hell before I sell these for $0.10 or $10.00

    Those pinholes are perfectly in focus, but not sharp and that would drive the AI crazy anyway


    Coconut Grove AlleyRZFBSS.jpg

    1938 Agfa Isolette. The back side of an historic theater in Miami (always go where no one wants to go)

    Everglades Flamingo-6-Z69-052020RZFBshutterstock.jpg

    pinhole on film  Everglades. Notice that the horizon is smack in the middle Oh my, what to do now? (most pinhole cameras have no viewfinder. That's my excuse and I am sticking to it)

    PH Jacksonville 071901RZShutterstock.jpg

    pinhole on film Just a street in Florida

  14. 7 minutes ago, Alexandre Rotenberg said:

    One thing is to shoot photography and another thing is to shoot for microstock.

    Only when I started shooting for book covers did I rediscover my love for photography. 

    My latest image accepted at Arcangel, which would never be accepted on here and i don't fking care! :D 




    I couldn't agree more.

    I also think that shot is perfect!! (for a variety of reasons)

  15. 7 hours ago, HodagMedia said:

    OK I'm slow and dull? This means if I had CC21 You say there's "No golden rule or spirals or triangles", then go on to say I'd find the Golden Rule and Spirals in the crop toolbox? Those are kind of conflicting statements?

    I looked in Elements, nothing but grid or "rule of thirds" in the crop toolbox. Someone who uses Lightroom might want to chime in.

    not conflicting. I was referring to this: "Answer is: in Lightroom it's Grid View, Photoshop View>Show>Grid" (your post)

    I don't know about lightroom nor Elements. I don't use those

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