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  1. to join the club, we have a cold front too.89F..........(a 24 hour one I think) It was 95 yesterday with the heat index 115F
  2. Clyde Butcher doesn't live in Big Cypress anymore. He moved to Tampa some time ago where he has his darkroom and a gallery. Tampa is about 150 miles north on the Gulf of Mexico. Thank you very much for the compliment Patrick! That one was done with my 6 x 17 ("The Beast") pinhole camera. That camera has a 140 something degree angle of view, which is about a 6 mm focal length on a Full Frame. It has a curved film plane with a radius of 70mm (Focal length) and f/233. I got his thing a few month before Covid 19 so I haven't used it as often as I would like, The Everglades was closed for a couple of months. I did use it a good number of times though and it still takes me 5-10 minutes to load the film. It's a pain in the rear tootsie, but one with great rewards. It's my second favorite camera Here is a BTS picture. Not the same location, but the set up is the same
  3. GREAT IDEA! I just take some pictures, load them up in Photoshop and I let Content Aware clean my house. Shouldn't take long at all!
  4. That's my stomping ground. As a matter of fact, I met Clyde and had some nice conversations with him. That video is in Big Cypress National Preserves and he used to organize those swamp walks from his backyard. I live about an hour away from that area and I never saw the need for those walks. It's all right there. If we ever move out of South Florida (which is the plan),The Everglades and Big Cypress are the only two things I will miss Warning: shameless plug: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/rudy-umans?tab=artworkgalleries&artworkgalleryid=910218 I just finished my educational photobook about the Everglades National Park
  5. I actually have never seen a significant sinkhole in my life. It seems they are more in central Florida I guess Yes Hurricanes are scary, but at least you usually see them coming. Tornadoes, Earthquakes, and especially those California fires are as scary as they come to me.
  6. Yes, it's very sad they are not here. There were great people here on the forums since day one and there are still great people here. Yourself included.
  7. and where are those people now? The bullies I mean.
  8. There is always South Florida............
  9. Thanks for replying everyone who did! Nowadays it is mostly doom and gloom about things we can't change anyway for the most part. There was a time when a thread like this would have had 15 pages in 24 hours, even though there was plenty of doom and gloom in those days too. We need to have more fun on these forums! Debbie understands.....:)
  10. No worries Wilm. I understand your dilemma. Food or dustpan! Boy oh Boy Anyway, I know what I would have chosen.....................
  11. A field camera is probably more like what you are looking for. Press cameras are designed with a specific task in mind. Misunderstanding here. I thought we were talking about 6 x 7 backs
  12. Many blue moons ago, I was an advanced amateur movie soundman. We made full length movies on Super 8. The cameraman had a Beaulieu with Angenieux lenses (His father was the chief editor of a major photography magazine) Lots of fun
  13. Of course they are limited with movements. They are press cameras and not designed to function as a view camera. Linhof might have some more movements, not sure, but they are a lot more expensive. (would love to have one) Some of the prewar ones have a fixed front standard. (pre anniversary) I am most familiar with pacemakers and they have all front tilt, shift and rise. To my knowledge, none of them have any rear standard movements. What they do have is a drop bed, so you can simulate a rear tilt and, of course, it also means they have to have a front tilt. Dropping the bed works with all lenses and with extreme wide angle you will have to. Talking about Linhof, If you want medium format with full movements, maybe you can find a (somewhat) affordable Technikardan S23. Otherwise a Wooden Field camera.
  14. I can help you there if needed. A Century Graphic is the low budget version of a Crown. It is made out of plastic. Otherwise pretty much the came. Not sure if a 50mm lens would work. You might not be able to focus on infinity. 65mm is more the norm. To advance the film and they would be on top of the back on the right. The film goes from left to right Singer bought Graflex after they went south. Singer had Graflex only for a while and sold it to Toyo
  15. Look around your house and go for it! You're welcome
  16. I can see why that would work. Drama: The Spice of Life!
  17. Graflex cameras are great cameras. They were very expensive at the time and that shows. I love my Graflex. most come with (Speed) or without (Crown) a focal plane shutter. 4 x 5 or even 2 x 3 cloth focal plane shutters are a sight to behold, but Graflex Speed require more maintenance and are heavier. I have a 1948 Crown 23. Pacemaker Compact and lightweight. I am too old to lug a heavy 4 x 5 around. Been there done that. The other thing to pay attention to is that Graflex is very confusing with there backs. They are not all created equal. There is Graflok, Graflex/Graphic, and Spring backs. Spring backs are fixed. You want a Graflok. Graflex/Graphic backs look at first glance the same as a Graflok back, but have a different light trap and won't fit The Speed and the Crown come in different models and the most common ones are the Pacemaker and the Anniversary. Pacemakers can come with either Graflok of Graflex back, while the Anniversary has always a fixed spring back. Pacemakers post 1955 with the rangefinder on top always have a Graflok back You also want an older one with a knob and not with a lever. The latter are newer and made by the SInger Corporation. (The sewing machines company) I don't have a Singer one, but I understand they are not all that reliable. Most of my backs are 6 x 9, I figured if I do medium format, I might as well go the maximum. I can always chop some off later. I am telling you all this because a lot of sellers on eBay etc. are confused themselves and they constantly mix up those names and types. So, something to pay attention to. Also to keep in mind, if I go out for some street shooting with that camera, I get more unsolicited commentary about that camera than with any of my other oldies. Anywhere from "What a beautiful Camera" or "Is that a Hasselblad? My brother in law has a Hasselblad" to "Where do you put the memory card?" (All good) Ok then, shutters. You are correct, not all shutters come with a cable release socket, but many do. The oldest shutter I have is a 1938 Friedrich Deckel Compur shutter and that one has one. On my Graflex is a 1941 Kodak Supermatic shutter with Kodak Ektar lens and that one has one, but the position is in the wrong spot and I can only use it if I put the lens board upside down or I have to use the body mounted shutter release (as in my first post) Anyway most Graflex cameras offered for sale come with a "modern" lens/shutter with usually a cable release terminal. So I don't think that a cable release terminal will be a major problem.
  18. I won't ask about your toilet. Don't need to, I know it's clean.... (how do you do that when you are in your fire watch tower? You climb down slowly, swim across the river, do your thing, swim back across the river, and climb back up again? Much like s Sloth?) Post cleaning supplies is called hiring a Domestic Hygienist .....................Oh wait......................................shoot. Might need you help after all.
  19. Just to give you a heads-up (sshhhtt, don't tell anybody), any moment now I expect a bidding war of some sort. So, if you snooze, you lose .....
  20. Once you do, let us know Sheila and Patrick, Steve Mart, or I can probably tell you what it is and/or if it is worth fixing if it needs to be fixed.
  21. Thank you so very much for your interest Wilm! It means a lot and finding a good home for these precious items would take a heavy weight of my shoulders. The condition of the brush and dustpan are excellent. Considering their age and intended use, near mint really. I took good care of them! They are both made of petroleum based materials and therefore very easy to disinfect, which is a must in these challenging times. The pan is blue and the brush is yellow with black(ish) bristles. I hope that matches your interior. The brush and dustpan go as a set for $50.00. That seems a lot and I know of course they are used, but they are used by ME and that's worth something don't you agree? If you want I sign them free of charge with archival ink, which is (limited) guaranteed for 200 years or so with the proper care. Your great great grandchildren will be grateful! I have reasons to believe the ink is made by Caran d'ache, so you know it's good. Only the best is good enough for my patrons. Considering you are in Germany, I sort of checked with DHL (since they are owned by Lufthansa) and the shipping cost is unfortunately $295.00 USD plus taxes. Based on the current Euro/USD exchange rate. The package is an odd size and nobody flies anymore, so they need to make money somehow I suppose. Plus handling, PayPal and Credit Card fees. Subscription plan? How many dustpans do you think I own? All items are unique as the price reflects.
  22. Thank Steven! That means a lot! I used the tube/nozzle of the vacuum as an air guitar sometimes and I probably will miss that.
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