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  1. When we signed up we agreed to be a research guinea pig from time to time and I am pretty sure this is one of those times. Although I do think that the rating has nothing to with the quality of the image itself, but more with the salability of the image for the intended market, I am wondering if only the owner of that account/portfolio can see that or if it's public. Nevertheless, if it's public, I will immediately delete all my pictures minus one.
  2. Yes. Nice video and it makes my case for the versatility of monolight style lights and softboxes / light modifiers
  3. not a video expert either, but I do a lot of studio work with vintage (pre-WWII) cameras with no electronics. So I have no choice than to use Continuous lights I bought a kit from GVM. These are 80 watt and daylight balanced. The Godox equivalent is 60W and more is better in this case. (They have stepless dimmers) These light also get a lot get better reviews than the Godox ones For my Flash photography I use Godox Bare bulb speed lights, which are fantastic. (not for video obviously) Instead of using the umbrellas, I purchased another (very nice btw) softbox from Neewer, which
  4. Good thing there is an abundance of alpacas and virgins in the Himalayans....... Anyway. all I know is I met my goal last year of 27, 368 with no salt at all, let alone that fancy smancy pink stuff, Who uses that in a fast food joint?
  5. You are like going to a GM dealer to ask what Ford to buy because GM sucks I think you should ask your question on a more neutral site like MSG or something
  6. What do you mean "Bland"!! Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about! Learn how to cook and know how much salt to put on your own plate before you start accusing people for not putting any on theirs.!! And just so you know, according to Mihai (I think) you can only put max. 2.35 Mg. salt on your plate otherwise things might get too noisy! How about that?? Still too bland? Not bland enough? Just another failed attempt trying to be funny. Sorry
  7. Even though you are right about the D750 vs, the RX100, it is a little bit comparing apples with oranges unless you are able to put your D750 complete with a 24-70 lens into your tight jeans pockets of course.
  8. https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/101660-useful-small-camera-article/
  9. I guess the main advantage of Sony's, incl. the RX100 series are the Zeiss lenses. Best lenses on the planet in my modest opinion. Some of their lens designs from over 110 years ago are still relevant today. Leica "R" lenses have the best bokeh in my experience, but they use the same Schott glass as Zeiss (Dr. Schott worked for Zeiss at the time)
  10. Mine is an older mark 2 and that one is definitely good enough for stock. Many of the images in my port are from that camera. I also sold 60 inch (1.5 meter) prints done by that little camera on FAA Having said that, the only thing with mine is noise above 1600 ISO and with very low light, but the noise is not bad and can easily be removed. I am pretty sure it is better under control than with your old DSLR The mk vii is the latest and the greatest and I am sure it s better than the mk ii and he only reason why I don't upgrade is because $1200.00 for a little pocket rocket is a lot
  11. Well......some of us still love you Having said that, I agree. The forums were most of the time fairly pleasant and open to a point they became addictive. At one point it was easier to quit smoking (25 years ago for me) than to quit the forums, but not anymore. The forum was called "Anything Goes" (for real), but they changed it into Anything Went
  12. He is a good guy and he really tried. We went through a lot of nice and capable moderators over the years, but as soon as they became a little bit too cozy on the forums they all disappeared. Kate is still here, she is nice and she tries, but her hands are obviously tied and it seems they picked her to be the bearer of bad news, err..... I mean new developments.
  13. Same here. As a matter of fact, as soon as I try it locks my account (only on my phone) for 14 minutes. I guess it's in line with their policy "You pay more, you get less"
  14. Maybe it's their way of telling you you should get a tattoo.........
  15. I think that $34 is for a special hardcover printed workbook they came out with at one point, but sure, they have a slough of video and PDF tutorials and the normal help features from within the software I have that workbook and it has a lot of project samples about how to do something from beginning to end. However, that book came out with version 14 or 15 if I remember correctly and now they are at version 18 and a lot of functions have been improved upon in the meantime so you can probably do without
  16. Read the manual/handbook/help files. One of those might give you more info. Personally I never had that problem Try your eyes instead of a calculator. Who knows, your problem might magically disappear
  17. Just sold a 4 x 5 Gundlach to somebody in Israel for about $350 Remember Direct positive paper has an ISO of 2-3
  18. Interesting, but wondering how you got your 354 X rated pictures and 243 clips you dirty man. Have you been standing on a street corner?
  19. I actually get that question from time to time where I put the memory card. Especially with my 1948 Graflex for some reason. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's annoying Depending on my mood You will be amazed about all the film they still make today. Even odd sizes. Check out Freestyle in California or the Film Photography Project and others There is a company called WeinCell that makes Mercury replacement zinc/air batteries with the same size and voltage, but without the mercury. I have them for one of my light meters and they work fine and accurate, which could be an issue for li
  20. I just sold a rice cooker to somebody in Singapore it feels like I sold ice to an Eskimo (not that I ever have)
  21. I watched a cooking show this morning with Rick Bayless and he said: " A true craftsman (M/F) never blames the tools" I will try to remember that. We all should try
  22. Well, My main walk around camera was manufactured in 1938. My favorite landscape camera is a 6 x17 medium/large format pinhole camera with auto nothing. Just a box with a tiny hole as you know, not even a viewfinder, and I have all the fun in the world. Much more so than with my fancy somewhat dated, but brand new compared to my other cameras, FF DSLR actually. I also have a phone that does RAW. Used it once that way and I think my also dated Sony RX100II has wifi. (would need to double check that) For digital, I might go Steve's route and throw in the hatchet (or the Machete in my
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