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  1. 20 minutes ago, Marco Fine said:

    Yes of course, I'm interested.
    My idea on the first photo is that, in addition to the crooked lines, the colors are quite far from reality (too strong PP), and also the focus is rather soft, especially on the sides.
    I think that this same image would not be accepted today by SS.

    Not looking at the focus since I can't tell that from these images anyway, the first (crooked) one is better I think because of the composition and exposure. The horizon is in a much better place in the first one. There are also less distracting elements on the right side. Unlike you apparently, I think that the colors in the second one are not realistic.The colors are overcooked, the skies are all blown out and there is too much distraction going on on the left. It would also be hard to crop the second on on the left side because then you would cut the bridge in half and a bridge to nowhere doesn't look all that great.

    just my opinion. Yours (and others) may vary

  2. 27 minutes ago, Sari ONeal said:

    I don't even know names of 5 "famous" photographers, much less would I know anything about anyone's work, so I couldn't even discuss the topic.

    I don't know, and I don't care, as I don't see how any of that would be inspirational to me.

    Maybe that's why I suck at this, as I'm not willing to "aspire to be like person X".


    That said, I have full respect for those who CAN draw inspiration from others' work! Good for you! :)

    Thw thing with me is Sari, I don't read photography magazines or "how to" books anymore, but I do read books about other photographers and art in general.

    Anyway, they don't have to be famous and everybody (even you :)) gets influenced  by something or somebody one way or the other.  In some things it is just more obvious than in others. Like music for instance is much more obvious.

    In general I think it is a beautiful thing

  3. 7 hours ago, Foodio said:

    It would be impossible for me to narrow it down to five after a very good friend of my fathers who was a pro studio tog before he passed away.

    I have to agree with Sexton. He would be at the top of my list too.

    There are a lot more whose work I love (dead or alive), but not every photographer I love influenced me.

    Ultimately I think that these 5 had the most influence on me.

  4. What is your top 5 photographers who influenced you the most in your photography (for stock or art) ?

    19th, 20th, or 21st century and dead or alive and doesn't have to famous

    Mine are: (not in any particular order)

    • Alfred Stieglitz ( A very influential photographer and gallery owner in the beginning of the 20th century. Without him, the USA art world might have looked different today)
    • Edward Steichen (Friend of Stieglitz, co founder of Gallery 291, At the time world best known fashion photographer. Worked for Conde Naste)
    • Margaret Bourke-white (She is somewhat of a hero to me. Fearless woman and among the first 4 photographers for Life Magazine)
    • John Sexton (assistant to Ansel Adams. His black and white is unequaled )
    • Man Ray (he was a great contribution to have photography recognized as art. Especially surrealism-what I love)
  5. 3 minutes ago, Milleflore Images said:

    Thanks. We're fine here, we live near the beach, but what's happened to Australia as a whole has been really upsetting and has a lot of long term consequences. 

    Most things will recuperate, but will take decades or longer. Other things will never recuperate 



    ......... With apologies to Matteo for hijacking his thread ...........

  6. After 13 pages, I have no idea if it came up already or not, but just to be sure, sometimes it is good to ignore typical composition rules and leave some space for the buyer for copy or  cropping.

    This one has been downloaded a lot (and I mean a lot) and is at he end of it's lifespan now after a number of years. (otherwise I would not have posted it here frankly)  I left the space in the foreground and, to a lesser extend, in the sky on purpose. it gives the buyer options, which worked apparently.


  7. It's not an excuse.  This rule has been around for years and is on the known Restrictions list here: https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/Known-Image-Restrictions-Objects-and-Subjects

    Some tattoo designs are in public domain and some are not and since nobody knows all designs and knows which ones are in public domain and which one are not, the rule is a good rule. There are numerous copyright law suits involving tattoos and they are almost always ruled in favor of the tattoo artist (as far as I know)

    You can try editorial. (Something you would do if you submit a picture of Angelina Jolie anyway)

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