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  1. If you mean Museum glass as in real glass, you don't buy it. There are many drawbacks using real glass. One of them is that it does not block UV rays 100%. It blocks some, but not all. (you can get a tan from behind glass for instance) As Foodio points out, there are some options pertaining to glass, but I still would not recommend it.

    Buy Crystal Clear Acrylic. Modern Acrylics are not like in the old days anymore, they are very good nowadays.

    Glass might be good for smaller frames, but anything over 16 x 20, I would go Acrylic.

    I buy all my framing and film supplies from Bags Unlimited (the name is misleading, they do a lot more than bags) They are relatively cheap, but very good in my experience


    If you do insist on glass, you can buy it here: https://www.framedestination.com/framing-supplies/glass-and-acrylic.html



  2. Update

    So "our" Grey goose I was posting about a few days ago was apparently sitting on unfertilized eggs for 30 days!!. Her eggs got destroyed somehow and now the poor thing walks around all confused.

    The Egyptian Geese however made us the proud grandparents of 3 cute little babies, but only to disappear. All I got was a glimpse. The new family went swimming down the canal and we haven't seen them in 2 days.  We fed them, we protected them, kept them safe, and calmed them down when they were upset about something. We were good grandparents to be and now this. (had my camera ready and everything)

    Our backyard is rather empty right now, with the exception of Bernie, the grey goose, and a rather pushy Muscovy male duck. We also have a mockingbird in a tree in the backyard, but that one only shows up at night  to imitate the sound of a Blue Jay all night long. It keeps other people in my household awake, but I kindda like it.  lol.

  3. That looks like plastic and if it is, it is therefore probably BER.  (Beyond Economical Repair)

    If you have a local camera repair shop, you can check with them. Maybe they have old lenses for parts they can use. Are all the screws still mounted straight or do they look crooked?


  4. 1 hour ago, Phil Lowe said:

    I got a quote from them on all my Nikon gear that I was going to trade in on another system.  When they sent me only one mailing label for what was going to be about 7 separately packaged shipments, I wrote and called them and never got a response.  A friend who works sales at a camera store in Michigan read their quote and said it sounded "too good to be true".  I never got back to them.  When I do decide to either trade or sell all my Nikon gear, I'll do it through a local store and deal with people face-to-face, as I have always done in the past.

    Strike 2. One more and MPB is out.

    I am man enough to admit that I am wrong. lol.

  5. Thanks Steve. it is always good to learn about experiences.  All I know is that they have a good reputation, but if they pull little hat tricks like with you, that good reputation will probably not last very long. 

    Of course it is always about money and selling or trade-ins always triggers a different attitude that outright buying in my experience. (there is little money in it and it's bad for their cash flow)

    I think that their good reputations comes from the notion that they test everything. B and H and Adorama don't.

    I have a similar not so good experience with Adorama and I know people who have similar experiences with B and H, but overall they are still reputable companies i think.

    Some give warranty on used equipment and some don't , but that might be just on analog equipment. Digital equipment is more tricky for warranties

    The only used equipment I buy nowadays is old vintage stuff and that is a whole different ball game (just bought a 1970 something Gossen SBC with 1 degree spot attachment if you can remember those.

  6. 1 hour ago, Whiteaster said:

    I think this shows the answer:


    "we have not developed them" = we don't own the copyright


    Free download of the old version: https://nikcollection.dxo.com/nik-collection-2012/

    No No. I don't wonder about it for myself (you know better than that LOL) I have the paid DxO version. That red underlined part is about support, not copyright ownership

    Like you, I was wondering why the OP brought up potential copyright violation when a NIK filter was applied.


  7. 11 hours ago, Focus_Redefine_Fotography said:

    Great idea Rudy, I'll get used 5d series and invest on Glass.... Thanks.... do you think that online store like b&h photo or any other store are reliable that they sell good camera...? Thank Phil Lowe for the link...I will check that out too..

    B and H and most well known online retailers are reliable, but check out their warranty if there is any.

    You might check out Mpb and Keh as well. They specialize in used equipment and both have a very good reputation



  8. I agree with Edithevideo

    I use the original 6D and I just sold  a few  5 x 6 feet prints to a commercial client. (no, they are not in my port here)

    I keep my 6D as long as people buy these kind of prints, but I did invest a small fortune in a nice collection of the best  L glass I could afford. I rather have one really good lens than  a dozen mediocre ones. I also invested in a very good tripod and I am about to invest in a new geared tripod head.

    My point is,  don't pay too much attention to the camera and buy a used 6D or 5D mk2 or 3 and spend your money on glass and things that last. Cameras are almost disposable peripherals nowadays.

    If you do video, it might be a different story, but I don't do video, Camera video specs are lost on me.

  9. 48 minutes ago, HodagMedia said:

    That's a violation of the TOS.

    but whose TOS? we don't know where that image comes from and therefore we don't know if he is a customer or not and therefore Anita is on her own and therefore no TOS (of any agency) will be violated. At this point, no agency can claim this guy as a customer.

    I understand your POV and you are right normally, but I don't think it applies here.

    Having said that, as Yori said earlier, it is a violation of Behance, so she could contact them.

  10. 1 hour ago, HodagMedia said:

    Just a side note, we aren't supposed to contact people ourselves. Darn violations at every turn? ☠️



    Since nobody has a clue where that picture comes from at this point, no agency can claim potential loss of income and no rules will be violated. 

    Besides..........Ouch.  I just bit my tongue...

  11. 5 hours ago, Anita Ponne said:

    It's going to be hard to decide whether or not he's telling the truth if he tells me he bought it. (Or should I ask for a receipt?) I have to think that over. Besides, I'm a shitty liar. If you believe that ;)

    You are interested where he bought (?) it, aren't you? So you're not lying.

  12. 30 minutes ago, Sheila Fitzgerald said:

    From your previous post, I thought they were pets. If they're wild, then I wouldn't even worry about it. I'm sure they'll work it all out. 

    Well I dont worry about child support  or anything. I was just curious since there is no mail goose around.

    Technically they are wild yes, but they hang out in my backyard and I  can pet them and all that. The other day she saw me and she ran over to say hi.  I love that.

  13. Does anybody know if Geese and (Muscovy) ducks mix? We have a semi wild Grey Goose in our backyard and she has been sitting on eggs. Her name is Bertha. (First it was Bernie, but then we found out it was a girl lol) We also have several ducks that are about her size, but no other Grey Goose.

    We also have a pair of Egyptian Geese - we call them "The Black Eye Geese" . They are sitting on eggs too, but I think they are legit....

  14. 22 minutes ago, Sari ONeal said:

    Ruudeeeh, yeah, I have a feeling that Hank doesn't know anything about it :P


    Luckily, he loves everyone equally. Except for Bob, he doesn't like Bob....

    Bob doesn't know how to paint horses. That's probably why. You can't paint Hank with a 2 inch brush and liquid white

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