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  1. That image btw was captured with a 1948 Graflex 6 x 9 camera in case anybody wondered
  2. Wow. Hubby seem to know his trucks
  3. Would one of the car experts here be able to help me with the year of this chevy truck? Can't find my notes Thanks a million
  4. Printing is a whole different chapter and starts with downloading the proper profile of the paper you are using from the manufacturer's website (Canson and Hahnemuller in my case) The printer software/properties must also be able to access that profile so you can actually use it and not all printer can. I use Canon's print studio pro photoshop plugin and in my opinion nothing comes even close to Canon's psp. I don't do much color printing, but greyscales can be just as tricky I agree, the display "calibration tools" build into windows are horrible and can really screw you up. Never use th
  5. May there is some misunderstanding here. If you talk about hardware calibration I read it that I can hardware calibrate my monitor, meaning I can directly program a EEPROM chip in the monitor, but it requires proprietary (BenQ in my case) software and a sensor like from Spyder or X-rite. The Spyder or X-Rite software that came with their sensors cannot hardware calibrate. It cannot erase and re-program the chip. The BenQ proprietary software sucks however and i was never able to get it right. Not even at the recommended settings. Software based calibration with the sensor does a much better j
  6. I don't think his monitor has user set hardware calibration, but software calibration works just as well in most cases IMO
  7. Graffiti and logos are rejected because of copyright issues in some countries. Some countries are okay with editorial of those things, but there is no way SS can separate each country they sell to, so they don't allow it anywhere.
  8. in my example, it is not possible blurring a private phone number is not a "major alteration" Especially not if you can still see there is a phone number. (just not legible)
  9. You cannot edit as far as cloning, removing or adding is concerned. You can blur a phone number. Especially if there are privacy or defamation concerns such as a license plate or a private phone number. A business phone number is different. For example, what if someone goes to the restroom of a bar and photographs a wall that says: For a good time call Brian at xxx-xxx-xxxx........just saying It would be foolish if SS does not allow you to blur a private number as in this example. It would even be more foolish to submit it "as is" if that's the case.
  10. Your BenQ monitor has special features to prevent eye strains. Make sure your monitor is set to sRGB 0-255. I have a BenQ SW2700 without any problems whatsoever. You shouldn't have any problems with yours, at least not because of the monitor and like others said. Calibrate. To check the cleanness of your background, Sari's method is by far the most accurate. Level adjustments on it's own layer What I (used to) do is a little different than what you do. I select the object, delete the background, create new layer, solid color and go over the edges of the object with a small sof
  11. Good luck Kate! Great you get to work with a small start-up!
  12. There was a time that microstock actually contributed to the craft of photography for beginners and experienced contributors alike. Many contributors' photography actually improved thanks to microstock and Shutterstock was at the forefront of that phenomena for a long time. Today It just makes me sad that it seems to be the complete opposite and microstock seems detrimental to the craft, which is a shame. Software and computer technology don't help either, but those are things that make the craft different, not worse. Nevertheless, it would be sad if basic photoshop techniques are calle
  13. Shutterstock Terms of Service & License Agreements Scroll down to part 2. If you need more or something else, you will have to contact Shutterstock (I would as a buyer here: Shutterstock Help Center)
  14. There was nothing advanced about my posts frankly. My 16 bit recommendation could prevent problems that would need to be corrected otherwise, which would become, in turn, a lot more advanced actually than going to: image>mode>16bit Correcting banding or halos for example is a lot more advanced than not getting them in the first place and images with banding or bad halos would be rejected here (yes, even for $0.10), so in that regards, my posts were very appropriate The only disadvantage could be that some plug-ins don't work in 16 bit. Other than that, not sure what the bi
  15. I post something for everyone that comes here. If it doesn't apply to somebody, it might apply to somebody else. But since you seem to like to shut me down (as usual frankly and without even reading my posts), you have the chair Pete. Sorry Steve, but I suddenly remember why I don't post that much anymore
  16. That "some day" to create a great image just for the joy of it could be today! Microstock as we knew it, is not coming back so today is as good as any other day to pick up where you left off before the microstock era. What might help to get your groove back is to have a theme. Just pick a theme like doorknobs or bridges or whatever you like The other thing you could do is what many other, especially young, people do is go to your favorite auction site and buy a film camera. You can get those for cheap and they give you a great sense of self in your photography.
  17. The exposure is ok, The images are a little flat and could use some more contrast. You could use the curve tool for this. the curve tool in photoshop - YouTube
  18. I thought frankly none of us were. There was the impression that Steve started this thread for people who want to learn something that is worth more than $0.10 If it was just about microstock, this thread might have been a lot shorter. Go to IMAGE >ADJUSTMENTS>AUTO and maybe some cropping and/or cloning and done Somebody would have replied with Yes, but....., which would have been debated over 5 pages or so and that would have been it. Fortunately, this thread turned out into something more interesting and helpful for beginners, seasoned pros, and people in between.
  19. 8-bit vs 16-bit Image Editing - YouTube A Shocking Reason to Work in 16-Bit! - Photoshop Tips - YouTube
  20. Don't you worry about a thing! You are doing just fine. As a matter of fact, you're doing better than fine, you're doing great! English is not my native language either. ( which is Niederlande) Since I live in Miami, FL for over 30 years now and I speak a little bit of German (Survival German and it has been a while I needed it, so don't get your hopes up, but still...) I might be able to help you if you need a technical term to be translated into English. Just PM or email me. btw, sometimes it is better not to get too technical. Sometimes it is better just to explain the bas
  21. If I save an image as a Tiff file it is for editing purposes only and if I go through the trouble I want the biggest and best file possible, so no compression for me and since it is only a temporarily file, size doesn't matter. Besides the JPEG, I save my RAW files and negatives for archival purposes. If you convert a RAW file, a sidecar is created that saves all the changes you made. Except in DNG where the original image file and the sidecar are incorporated into one with an overall smaller file size. So, if file size is a concern, DNG might be a viable option. The final JPEG plus the RAW f
  22. Steve, You're welcome and don't worry. there are enough people here on these forums that are proficient enough in PS to mess you up! and very few people are Photoshop experts. I am certainly not. I know for the most part how to process images. Especially B/W. (My favorite technique are Luminosity Masks and my Photoshop UI doesn't look like a normal UI, but we save that for another day.) But I know people that are truly masters in creating composites and surrealistic masterpieces where I go like, how in the world...... Just saying I guess we can be experts in bits and pieces
  23. Ok. Since this thread came up in another thread and this is an interesting thread, much more interesting than Artificial Intelligence (AI) is much more Artificial than Intelligent or something along those lines, let's pick this up again. AI rejections teach us nothing and this thread hopefully does. That's the beauty of photography and design, no matter how seasoned and established one might be, learning never stops. it's an ongoing process I actually read the whole thread sort of, all 15 pages, and a few things haven't come up yet or I missed them. The first one I want to touch
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