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  1. You could have saved me some time Pete, but hopefully my lengthy post was helpful to somebody anyway
  2. Don't blame you. It's as boring as hell!
  3. I know that many PoD sites print art prints in 100-150 DPI and they look just fine. Recently I sold four 60 inch prints to a hotel and they were all printed at that DPI and they look just fine. Book and calendar printers prefer 300 DPI and for magazines it depends. sRGB or any RGB has nothing to do with 8 or 16 bit. (any) RGB determines what colors within the color gamut are covered. Adobe RGB for example covers a greater range of colors than sRGB. (Adobe cover more in the green areas.) That's why images look more dull when edited and saved in Adobe RGB, but converted to sRGB later on. RGB is not related to the number of colors, which can be the same for any RGB. With Adobe and Prophoto RGB for example, a larger number of shades within one color goes at the expense of fewer shades in another color. 8 or 16 bit (or 32) is about the color density, meaning the number of colors within a particular color space. 8 bit shows 16 million colors and 16 bit 280 trillion colors. It doesn't matter what particular colors are covered or not, That is what RGB gamut is for. The number of bits, and therefor colors, determines how smooth one color flows into another. 16 bit images have usually more leeway with editing than 8 bit images and things like banding etc. are less likely to occur with 16 bit. For that reason, everybody should make it a habit to work in 16 bit. especially for stock or any other curated site. The only thing is that JPG images are not capable of showing that number of colors, so if you want to work in 16 bit (and you should) , you have to work in RAW of TIFF (converted from RAW). So, shoot RAW, Convert to 16 bit TIFF and work in sRGB. At least that's what I do when I work in color. I am gonna stop now, Don't want to give Debbie a hangover.
  4. Actually, don't mean to be frank, but if you care about photography and you want to upload your images to stock sites or PoD sites, you should care because sooner or later you will run into this issue and it would be good then if you know the difference between MB, MP, and DPI. (I threw in DPI to make it more interesting and I could throw in 8bit and 16bit, but I won't. lol)
  5. As long as you don't go for the bottle, you will be fine.
  6. Well Brian, you have to thank you for that since you set your own mark-ups on FAA Sign in on FAA, Click on your name go to "Behind the Scenes" Go to "General" Go to "Default Settings" alternatively, set your mark ups when up upload and edit. If you leave a field blank, that item or size won't be for sale
  7. Congratulations Adventure for having common sense. Don't see that too often anymore.
  8. That has been the case since day 1. Especially the search algorithms.
  9. No can't do! She is named after Coco Chanel and she has the attitude that goes with the name. Also, I better not tell her there is a cat out there with the same name..... we have a cat named Joe (a proper name for a cat don't you agree?) Who is twice the size of Coco and with nails and teeth longer my vet has ever seen (or so he says) and Coco doesn't care. She is after that cat all the time. Just saying.... Besides, she is 6 pounds, a biker chick, and I am afraid of her! (not really, I love her to death!)
  10. I have a dog named Coco and she is very sensitive about it. So yes, a dog's name is sensitive ........
  11. hmmm......... lots of duplicates and I would have collected other ones. But thank you for thinking about us crazy people!
  12. You're in luck. The subject just came up: https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/101023-email-regards-digital-model-releases/ https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/en_US/kbat02/What-is-a-Shutterstock-digital-release?l=en_US
  13. if there is any noise (big "if") you won't see it in the lighter part of the sky in your 100% crop, you would see it in the darker blues.
  14. to join the club, we have a cold front too.89F..........(a 24 hour one I think) It was 95 yesterday with the heat index 115F
  15. Clyde Butcher doesn't live in Big Cypress anymore. He moved to Tampa some time ago where he has his darkroom and a gallery. Tampa is about 150 miles north on the Gulf of Mexico. Thank you very much for the compliment Patrick! That one was done with my 6 x 17 ("The Beast") pinhole camera. That camera has a 140 something degree angle of view, which is about a 6 mm focal length on a Full Frame. It has a curved film plane with a radius of 70mm (Focal length) and f/233. I got his thing a few month before Covid 19 so I haven't used it as often as I would like, The Everglades was closed for a couple of months. I did use it a good number of times though and it still takes me 5-10 minutes to load the film. It's a pain in the rear tootsie, but one with great rewards. It's my second favorite camera Here is a BTS picture. Not the same location, but the set up is the same
  16. GREAT IDEA! I just take some pictures, load them up in Photoshop and I let Content Aware clean my house. Shouldn't take long at all!
  17. That's my stomping ground. As a matter of fact, I met Clyde and had some nice conversations with him. That video is in Big Cypress National Preserves and he used to organize those swamp walks from his backyard. I live about an hour away from that area and I never saw the need for those walks. It's all right there. If we ever move out of South Florida (which is the plan),The Everglades and Big Cypress are the only two things I will miss Warning: shameless plug: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/rudy-umans?tab=artworkgalleries&artworkgalleryid=910218 I just finished my educational photobook about the Everglades National Park
  18. I actually have never seen a significant sinkhole in my life. It seems they are more in central Florida I guess Yes Hurricanes are scary, but at least you usually see them coming. Tornadoes, Earthquakes, and especially those California fires are as scary as they come to me.
  19. Yes, it's very sad they are not here. There were great people here on the forums since day one and there are still great people here. Yourself included.
  20. and where are those people now? The bullies I mean.
  21. There is always South Florida............
  22. Thanks for replying everyone who did! Nowadays it is mostly doom and gloom about things we can't change anyway for the most part. There was a time when a thread like this would have had 15 pages in 24 hours, even though there was plenty of doom and gloom in those days too. We need to have more fun on these forums! Debbie understands.....:)
  23. No worries Wilm. I understand your dilemma. Food or dustpan! Boy oh Boy Anyway, I know what I would have chosen.....................
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