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  1. Not exactly! Not in the US. Conspiracy theories can be very dangerous What happened in the US on January 6th and for a great deal what led up to it, was caused by conspiracy theories (look up QAnon)
  2. Ever since the invention of removable type, you never could trust the newspapers. Not by a long shot The medieval troubadours were probably not all that reliable either
  3. You mean after it was discovered by William Janszoon? ("Bill-Son of Jan) and James took credit for it? (Well the indigenous people at the time told him, didn't they? The Spanish called the island later " "Austrialia del Espiritu Santo" - "Southern land of the Holy Spirit" Maybe some on that Island need to be reminded? I have a number of Friends and relatives there and it has been on my bucket list for some time now but it will probably stay there for a little while longer. (If my dogs can't go, I don't go)
  4. That's true! It can only go up. Might take a while though since I have different photographic priorities nowadays.
  5. Dropped 4 stories here too. One sale this morning for 0.10. I will try not to spend it at once.
  6. Reading too fast or too slow again? It is not the price for the customer, it is her cost for a shoot. “The thing that people don’t seem to get is that it takes about $250,000 to $350,000 to produce the kinds of shoots that I do,” she says.
  7. Ask the people who were exclusive with IS or DT Of course, you could just (non-exclusive) upload to the one site of your choice
  8. I seriously doubt that even Annie Leibovitz 's elaborate shoots cost that much The price of babies must have gone up tremendously ................
  9. and you know that how? Either way. I think that net worth is in Australian dollars and even if only half or even only 25% is true, she will be fine methinks
  10. one of FAA's best sellers Anne Geddes - Shop (fineartamerica.com) With a net worth of 85 million dollars, I have a feeling she will be Okay. Anne Geddes Net Worth (idolnetworth.com)
  11. Sounds like a soap opera Sheila! "All my Children have One Life to Live"
  12. it turned out that I have 3 drops of blue blood (could be 2, but I stick with 3) I am a Descendent of the Count Dirk van Brederode. This line started in the 12th century, but stops for me with my great grandmother on my father's side The maiden name of my great grandmother was still Van Brederode, but she married a Smit. They had a daughter, my father's mother, who married a shoemaker named Umans. Dirk's place (of what is left of it) built in the 13th century
  13. That's interesting. Let me know the outcome. If you happen to have Belgium/Dutch (Flanders/Vlaanderen) blood, I can teach you some dirty words ...
  14. To differentiate themselves from kindergarten, the early pioneers in this field called them Composites or Photomontages. Not Collages (even though there is obviously a huge overlap) Hell, we still call it "cut and paste"
  15. with 5222 Panama Flag images there is a better than average chance it is allowed No guarantees. Nothing is for sure anymore in the world and especially not on SS
  16. That's right! The Original Cheesehead! Nothing like that fake Wisconsin cheesy chewing gum stuff! (Just kidding!!!! my brother lives in Williams Bay- on the other side of Lake Geneva)
  17. Yes there are rules and restrictions. There is just no guarantee that everybody abides by it and if somebody doesn't there is not much you can do about it and even if you can do something about it, the harm is already done. Besides there are a lot of goods and subjects in advertising that are not desirable for children, or anybody for that matter, but would be perfectly fine and legal such as condoms or whatever I don't think you would be happy if you drive down the road and see your niece associated with an advertisement like that. or worse than a billboard, on television or
  18. Absolutely! And maybe "disappointing " because it sure was when we got there. At least for a cheesehead like me.
  19. Maybe I didn't explain it clear enough
  20. Now if people would only use their brains as well as their cameras, they wouldn't have had any problems figuring out that Tim was talking about composites when he said collages as opposed to straight photography. Collages is a term used in the art world other than photography. Composites is a term used in the photography world, but it is all semantics really. The first "collages" in photography were made in the mid19th century by hand (obviously) by a guy named Oscar Rejlander, Shortly after that, it was made famous by Henry Robinson. Since they were done by hand, one piece of paper comb
  21. That's why I suggested to try MSG. You have a better audience there People will take you seriously when you act seriously and come up with something constructive. @Elliott Cowand Jr and I (and others) tried to help you with that despite everything, but what do we know with our meaningless ports............... All you do is piss people off with all that yelling and screaming,. The same people you need to support your cause mind you. How about that? You think that will work?
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