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  1. Challenge me with enough questions and concerns I am willing to address or not and you could end up with enough information about me to wake up a whole new generation of hackers Like what I told Doug, rest assured the problem is not with me. The bottom line is that the problem is with Shutterstock (as they admitted in not so many words to Luisa) subject closed on my end.
  2. A. That information is not somewhere else B. Password is unique C. That "somewhere else" would have been hacked too. D. Shutterstock's security is insufficient as others also pointed out. I know that what happened to me has been going on for years and nothing has been done so far and that cavalier attitude towards our personal information is a disgrace and apparently not one of the priorities. E. Potential limited control by SS. I know that the digital assets (the database) are managed by Webdam, that Shutterstock used to own, but was sold not too long ago to Bynder, a Dutch company. I do not know if that includes contributor's profiles. (The forum software is also 3rd party)
  3. Learn something every day! Word of the day: ob·fus·ca·tion /ˌäbfəˈskāSH(ə)n/ noun the action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible. "when confronted with sharp questions they resort to obfuscation"
  4. I got a warning email from SS for "unusual activity" That's their tactics. They try to hide SS's warning email by spamming your inbox with as many spam emails as they can get in hoping that you miss that one important email.
  5. BS Easy to blame the user and the "user" would be me in this case and I don't think so. I have been around. This is the first time in 25 years or so that one of my accounts was hacked and there is a reason for that. This is not user error I am afraid. Even if the "user" did something really stupid as you put it, SS's website security is still not the user's responsibility. (We pay SS handsomely for that responsibility)
  6. The irony is that Jon started in the tech business with a successful computer security software program. I guess he is pre-occupied now by other things
  7. I had to delete all those emails pretty much one by one since there were also legit emails mixed in and a notification from SS was one of them I have all kinds of accounts that potentially can be hacked. My computers and my network are protected as good as I can, but I have obviously no control over somebody else's server. I have yahoo email and it sucks , but gmail is even worse.
  8. Yep. Most of them are subscriptions I will have to unsubscribe to
  9. Like slicing the royalties by a lot wasn't enough yet, my shutterstock account was hacked this morning and my PayPal email was changed. I changed it back and changed my password. In the process they also got access to my email with the result I got over 500 junk emails mainly with subscription based crap, which should keep me busy unsubscribing for a while. So, I changed that password as well. I also changed my PayPal password to be on the safe side Better check yours Thanks again Shutterstock &^%$*@
  10. Nah.. I am Okay. lol. The forums are a nice distraction. Maybe I should rejoin the Hummer thread (again) I was the first person to reply to the OP there. Paul asked something about hummingbirds and I told him to ask Kelly. Then you jumped in with Hey! What about me? ..... and the rest is history. (at least that's how I remember it lol) olemme kaikki ystäviä täällä!
  11. "and remove the latest bug that still allows us to post" :-) My apparent inability to quit these forums is the greatest bug. So, thank you Shutterstock for helping me to overcome my weaknesses with this latest "hiccup". now I know this hack and that's a little bit of a hurtle....
  12. We're on the same page and that's what count.
  13. You're right. Wrong choice of words. ( I used "catch up" in the same post actually) From all people I should know. See my posts to Milo J and Barry P
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