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  1. The information about the interest and usage is most likely different per market area. The info is probably not the same for the whole planet. In this case, it could be that the image hasn't been downloaded much in German speaking countries while it has been downloaded a lot in English speaking countries or some similar parameter.
  2. Same here. Only my desktop works. Mobile devises only the contributor side. Not the forums. Kelly can't sign in at all The forums are outsourced to a 3rd party and not technically speaking maintained by SS. DxO uses the same 3rd party I noticed. No problems there though.
  3. What do they know? I am a must more reliable source in these things than Shutterstock
  4. Good to hear you had a great day! You deserve it!
  5. SARI!!! Kelly just text me and asked me to do something. For reasons unknown to mankind, Shutterstock won't let her sign in anymore (no she is not banned. Just another stupid technical glitch) Soooo........In behalf of Kelly and I, a very happy birthday! hyvää syntymäpäivää sinulle, hope you have a great day and they spoil you rotten!
  6. Some of us were here when he was still on the forums ever so often and told us Love you guys (in not so many words)
  7. If I get an email I am not sure about, the first thing I do is checking where that email came from in this case, if it came from "shutterstocksupport55186428495621gvrfl@gmail.com" for example, it is not from Shutterstock
  8. Just had one of those $55.00 sod's Would have been $120.00 before SS had our best interest in mind....
  9. I saw part of the race and the ending, but not telling anything!
  10. Hmmm.... I know you like soccer Sari. Me on the other hand, I am one of the 12 Dutchies world wide that is not too wild about it. I am sorry Besides, the tour de France is in full swing and we have Formula One racing in Austria (A Dutch guy is leading in the World Championship and that's kind of special. It never happened before I don't think)
  11. so.................just had a $55.00 download on an image that sold only a few times in 5 years or so Darn! "Every time I think I am out, they pull me right back in" Love that kitten image Sheila!
  12. I am just saying, AS wants to pay you a few bucks to throw your images out there and in my opinion, those "free" images become instantly unsellable thereon after for the reasons I stated. We all should be more expensive than that. I could be wrong (it happened before)
  13. Well "regular" RF licensing is already pretty liberal and virtually uncontrollable in my book. Free images is like a free for all global distribution. Sooner or later those free images will lead their own life on the WWW. So, it seems more efficient just to skip the agency step. Nothing is "free" It all depends what price we are willing to pay for "free"
  14. We have a different scale in south Florida Sari. (if you don't like your local one, you will really hate ours!) Wendy's scale should be similar to SoFlo's
  15. I am used to it Sheila. Like the true tropics (Miami is in a transition zone), we only have two seasons, wet and dry. On the other hand, we don't get the winters nightmares are made of.
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