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  1. I'll race you there... am at 2433 as of Dec 1. Yup, we'll make tier 5 just in time for the reset. Glad you're doing well as AS. Your work deserves it.
  2. From your many post here over the last couple of months, I can tell that you are really struggling with your decision. Only way to find out is to click it back on and see for yourself, but I guess you'd then have to remove all your editorial clips that are currently exclusive at P5. Plus, the tier rollback is right around the corner. I don't know. All we here have to offer is anecdotal input. Personally, I did better here than over at P5 this month. AS was zero for clip sales. But my video port is small, and sales are jumping all over the place anyway.
  3. Average to good month. Pretty good actually, for being a November. Definitely way up over Nov of 2019, but I've grown my port since then as well.
  4. What would be the point? Just to "show them"? SS is too big to care. But on your end, some income would be gone, and some income is better than no income. For me, SS did alright this month. Not spectacular, but a very decent month, and beating AS by over a hundred bucks. January will be painful, but as you said, it's going to be all about volume and getting back to a reasonable tier.
  5. @Mike Kuhlman: I wonder if some of that old super 8 film would be worthwhile uploading, if you could somehow get it past the noise & focus police... maybe someone could use such footage for some sort of documentary.
  6. I think this is precisely why you are doing well over at P5. Your clips had a head start of two years there. For me, SS is selling more regularly than P5. Also, different clips sell at different agencies. My bestseller here has never sold at P5, and vice versa. I get how you and others are angry at the low commissions that are possible here. My lowest clip sale this month was for $0.43 - insulting indeed. But had I disabled my port, I would also have missed out on a $38 one. And, like Doug, I do not subscribe to the notion that the buyer would have gone around to other agencies to find th
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