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  1. I have not received such an email. Last thing I got from SS was something about free flower images and how to shoot women in the workforce.
  2. I opted in about 25 that have little sales on any of the agencies, even though they are nice images. (Crowded categories). Why not.
  3. I can see all recent downloads when I go into the earnings details, and the money balance is going up, but the map stopped showing sales halfway through yesterday. Feels like someone took my favorite toy away.
  4. @Wilm Ihlenfeld My numbers are reversed - my RPD was quite a bit lower in 2021 vs. in 2020, but since the number of downloads was way up, it ended up being the same money-wise. So, still a game of luck all around as well.
  5. May ended up becoming my BME - beating the last one by a whopping 44 cents, but BME just the same.
  6. Like I said, it's whatever works, right?
  7. Very true. And there is not just one right way to do it, every successful person finds their own niche and works it. Personally, I absolutely suck at what Annie and Terry do. I'd never have the patience. But I have found my own way of doing this, and it works. Learned a lot right here on this forum as well. I clawed my way into image level 4, and might even make it into level 5 for a little sliver of time in December. May 21 is an excellent month for me. Overall RPD in 2021 is at $1.05, despite the level reset in January. I too started out with nothing, in November of 2017, with zero backlog o
  8. The only thing is the immunity might not be as long lived. Read an article on that saying natural immunity lasts about 6 months, whereas they expect vaccine immunity to last a year. (Not sure what they base that statement on, as vaccines haven't been around yet for a year, but that's what the article said.)
  9. I live in San Diego county, things are pretty good. We are at 67% one dose, 47% fully vaccinated. Also, add to that a bunch of folks who've had it and didn't get a shot because they think they're naturally immune. I personally know several people like that.
  10. I think California is a sort of hopeful glimpse into the future for much of the rest of the world. About half of the population is vaccinated, and things are opening up. Life feels almost normal, except for the masks indoors, which will hopefully come off in June. My little family here is all fully vaccinated, including the teens. The weight has completely lifted off my shoulders, I do not think or worry about Covid anymore as I go about my life. I felt pretty terrible for about 12 hours after getting my second dose, but it's all worth it. The rest of my family had zero side effects from it.
  11. I have found that customer support for the buyer is actually very good. Try calling them. They will be very happy to assist you!
  12. Same here. I am currently ten bucks away from making this May my best month ever.
  13. For me, May is a very good month. Just became best month so far of 2021, with one week to go. Sales at AS are very poor in comparison, volume has dropped a lot.
  14. Just fill out a property release for those hearts you designed. Yes it's utterly stupid. I once submitted a photo of my daughter that was rejected for a triangle tattoo on her finger. A freaking TRIANGLE. Needed a property release from the tattoo "artist".
  15. Yeah, I just looked at my handful of EL's. Of the five, two are actually good (not excellent) images, two are okay (taken with an old Canon Rebel T3i) and one is definitely not very good. But I think Annie is talking about a different sort of market. The enhanced licenses for "sensitive use", which many of us had opted out of and are these days automatically opted in for. Sometimes, a sensitive use might involve a tampon ad and they want to use a flower pic. Under the old rules, none of my images would have been available, even if I wouldn't have cared about the flower being used in suc
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