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  1. March has just bypassed February in earnings, so not a bad month. Had a very unusual day last week, with only two sub downloads but 4 ODDs, and a higher than normal video cart sale of $32. Nice! I'm back in level 4 for images now, working on level 3 in video (ten to go...). Finally sold one of my last batch of videos. As usual for me, SS is beating AS. Covid-wise, things are looking up in my area. Cases are down significantly, 32% of the population have gotten at least one shot (myself included). My county upgraded to tier "red", which means that school will reopen on campus, restaur
  2. @Steve Bower my ranking would have been 3,1,2 @Awana JF 2,1,3 Two is my top because the person in the lower right foreground provides a nice element of composition. Bot may or may not agree. @Tim photo-video 1,4,2,3 or 1,2,4,3 not my personal preference, but what I think a bot would think. Personally, I like 2 the best.
  3. March is going ok for me, nothing to write home about. Looks to be on track to be around the same as the two previous months. No single large sales, but very decent amount of ODDs coming in.
  4. I'm sure AI strictly looks at composition, colors, contract and overall balance in an image.
  5. It is. Same pic that scored 10/10 in India only gets a 9/10 in the US. This is lunacy.
  6. Agree. What would AI possibly know about the commercial value of an image? I don't shoot "pretty". I shoot "useful". I don't see any ratings on my stuff yet, but I guarantee my bestsellers will not score high at all. And I don't need AI scaring off potential buyers. What bullshit. And even with landscapes, flowers and such - does any buyer need the opinion of a robot to decide whether they like an image?
  7. Those below Dollar sales are for streaming licenses, and I believe they are on top of our normal sales. So, they don't bug me too much, those sales serve the purpose of getting me closer to the next level. What is way worse are the subscription model prices around $3-5. Because those would have been $15-23 before.
  8. Congrats on building such a large portfolio so fast, you deserve every penny.
  9. Quantity of salt doesn't matter, you should know that by now. All about the quality of it. Has to be Himalayan Pink, mined by virgins and carried down the mountain by organically grass-fed alpacas, or there is no chance of selling any of it.
  10. The forum has been extremely polite and ... well... quite bland since all the bickering was stopped. I miss Laurin's biting remarks (always right on target, once you worked out what he actually meant with his atrociously spelled rants), I miss Mihai's sharp logic and stats, I miss Scorsby's weird and wicked humor and off-the-wall writings. I never understood why geogif was removed. I do not recall any of his comments ever being truly insulting or anything.
  11. My February is going pretty well. Looking forward to hopefully reaching level 4 by the end of the month, so I won't have to be so angry over losing money on ODDs and SODs anymore. Much more exciting was what I saw when I logged into Alamy yesterday - I had not checked it for a while as it had seemed in deep hibernation, but for whatever reason, last week one image sold three times for $245. (of which I get to keep around $100 or so each sale) Just hoping this was not a glitch. You never know with Alamy and their strange sales vs cleared balance thing.
  12. Yes, I'm missing at least one - didn't feel like going through my entire port, but this one is from page three of my top performers so I caught it. Very, very strange. I hope it comes back, as I have no clue what image it was, but it was clearly selling pretty well.
  13. Exactly what I thought! Hooray, they finally realized the video levels are set up wrong! Nope. Oh well.
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