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  1. I haven't been around long enough to have truly old images, but even I notice that customers are really not that picky. They will generally grab what's up on top, even if there is a much better version of the same thing available. Even if it's on the same page! Drives me nuts. I have this fairly horrid video clip, shot handheld, and the light was bad - but it keeps selling, despite the fact that I went to the trouble of going back there a year later with a tripod, on a gorgeous day, with the light just perfect. Oh well.
  2. First, you have to understand the difference between editorial and commercial. Then you need to click on the correct box when submitting, and put your title in the correct format. Commercial images are those for which you either do not need a model or property release, or you obtained one. For example, a shot of a tree or a flower. Or a shot of your friend, who signed a model release for you. Click on "commercial" and title it in a way that describes what is in the shot. For example : Close up of a yellow rose Editorial images are those that show recognizable people, buildings or logos for which you cannot get a release. For example, let's say you shot a picture of people walking around the street. Follow the Shutterstock guidelines on how to title your image. The format is: City, state / country - month day, year: describe what is happening in the photo Sometimes the reviewers trip over the title if it is in a editorial format but the picture was submitted as commercial. Commercial images do not need a date.
  3. Who cares if it's on the list, as long as it shows up in your earnings. 🙂
  4. The only problem with that is that then you lose the association of the images to each other. That's one of the nice things at AS, when a customer looks at an image, they also see "more from this series" displayed underneath. I have thus often sold upwards of 4 or 5 pictures of a series to a single client, which is sweet.
  5. If you're anything like me, that EL could remain as elusive as a unicorn. I had 3 in as many years of being here, so while they're nice to get, I make way more on the day to day ODDs. So, here's wishing you lots more ODDs and an end to the stream of ten-centers!
  6. Me too. Feel bad even admitting it, but September has been very good to me.
  7. Yes, I think they don't like it when someone throws hundreds up at once. Because (unless the artist is extremely hardworking and diligent) that means a huge batch of identical titles and keywords, rather than a careful submission of individual images.
  8. Same here. The only limit I'm aware of from reading the forum is when you upload hundred of pics at once, at some point it makes you wait 24 hrs. before the next batch.
  9. @blvdone, I think the only way to find out how it works out for you is to have your own port turned on. Video sales in general are so all over the place and finicky. One contributor sells less, another sells more - hard to make a trend out of it with so few people here on the forum. Personally, I've sold so far over twice the amount of clips I've sold in September of last year. Does it mean anything? Nah. Just dumb luck.
  10. Had the same problem. I even ended up having Kate Shutterstock look into it for me, and she agreed that there was nothing wrong with my release, other than that it was not a standard SS form. She said she spoke with the review manager, and he agreed, and said he'll pass the info down to the reviewers. Well, lo and behold, after I submitted the pics again with that release they were.... drum roll... REJECTED again. After that I gave up and used their new digital release.
  11. Well, the good news is that you seem to have a fan in San Antonio. Maybe they'll buy with a smaller subscription plan in the future. Also, congrats on reaching Level 4. Get ready for some of those $0.10 sales to climb to the dizzying height of $0.13 and even $0.15!
  12. OK, got rid of it. Although I still wonder. There must be literally millions of dogs running around with that same name.
  13. So I just had a picture of a dog rejected for containing "sensitive information" because I didn't clone out his name on the dog tag. I could have, I just thought it looked better with it. Wondering out loud - is this a bot rejecting simply because it detected some sort of letters, or is a dog's name really that sensitive of an information?
  14. I am not saying that the new earnings structure is a good thing, or that it is working for me or anyone out there (it is not - this month alone I've lost something like $50), what I was saying is, when you look at that graph, the major cave-in happened in April. That's when the full reality of Covid hit us. The earnings change wasn't until June.
  15. This looks like a major hit due to Covid, not so much due to the new earnings structure. So does @Sondipon's graph.
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