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  1. I agree with @JDzacovsky, they are a bit on the dull side, the light is not particularly interesting. Try to capture some great light play (see @Jacky D photos above), sunrays filtering, mist etc. In my experience photos with some special light sell way better. Sometimes you want to photograph the light or an atmosphere rather then the trees, if you get my point. Anyway, nice start, keep going, it takes a while and a good amount of photos to start seeing regular sales.
  2. Not sure where I heard this sentence, but I often think about it: "when you met someone, be kind, as he's/she's fighting a battle you know nothing about". Very true and nice "guideline". Not that there aren't some true a**holes around sometimes though
  3. @Wilm Ihlenfeld @Monika Boncuk Thanks! Actually the same buyer (same location) had bought the same image for 12.50$ a few hours before, guess they realized they needed a different license. So it a 49 + 12.5 = 61.5$ sale in one day. Pretty amazing
  4. Just sold a photo for 49$. This has to be my biggest single sale reward ever. There's hope
  5. @Oskars Kupics I think you are doing very good. Photography is on point, some really beautiful and interesting images in your port. Keep uploading, dedicate generous time to keywording. It took me a while to get the simple concept that if a keyword is not there, and the customer is searching for it, and it is related to your photo, you are missing out, your photo is just invisible to someone who could be interested in it. So indeed litteral description, involved emotions, related concepts, all should be included. Also use the title to include additional keyworks that you could eventually not f
  6. Well, it says "powered by shutterstock". Does not look particularly dodgy.
  7. Presumably that money will also go to Shutterstock
  8. Awesome image, would definitely put it as desktop background.
  9. It's not purple fringing, but the heron's aura. Magic
  10. Awesome. Finally a positive post, I need more of those. Great achievement and beautiful, inspiring portfolio Ken. Thank you so much.
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