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  1. It's a terrible idea, don't do it. I could be dangerous for you and the models in these covid times. I also advise everyone not to do it. You may also want to delete this thread asap.
  2. @Steven Tritton dude is amazing. Next time you find a video like this will you kindly send it to me as a private message instead of sharing publicly on the forum. I foresee an avalanche of submissions with hands with glasses of wine that may severely affect my earnings from the one I will try to shoot at the next party (not anytime soon as I also foresee a second lockdown in the near future).
  3. In the digital world it is common practice to give something for free for marketing purposes. It's not really free though. Yes, you don't pay any money but you do provide some personal data and typically the privilege to be contacted further by the entity who provided the free stuff. On accepting the free photos you qualify yourself as a potential lead, and give permission to receive future offers and be the target of marketing strategies. In order to get the free photos from AS you have to sign up with A. From now on A will profile you, see what kind of niches you are interested in, and can target you further, which for sure will have a certain percentage of conversion rate, that is some of the leads will be turned into paying customers, given enough time. The fact that the 70.000 free resources will change over time will keep you coming back to AS, and every time you come you will be offered, aside to the free stuff, some paying stuff that you may like. The more the profiling is accurate, the more chances that, sooner or later, you will buy something. I made a little tour of the free images, and found out that with such a small number of free images (70.00) it is hard to find exactly what you want. In the process, I did find some images that I would have loved to download, that, sadly were not for free. They were shown to me while I was browsing the free resources, in a clever way, so I actually thought they were in the free collection but were in fact paying images. Nice job from AS there. So I think that the offer of free images, if done smartly, can for sure generate an influx of new buyers over time and it is a smart thing to do, of course when the artists are compensated fairly and are free to opt in/out this game.
  4. My thoughts exactly. Can't see why the ad would be inappropriate.
  5. Honestly the move makes sense to me. It's marketing, it how it works. You give something basic for free to entice buyers and get them want more and pay for it. A way to attract new customers.
  6. To our valued AS contributors,  Today, we’re announcing a new free content collection on AS. We know you’ll have questions, so we’d like to share some details with you.   Why a free collection? We want to address the demand for free content while supporting content creators as well as driving traffic to paid assets. The trend of free imagery websites isn't going away, and we want to be part of a positive solution for creators. We believe that offering a free collection will benefit our artists and our overall business, and we are committed to doing so in an ethical way that respects you, the AS contributors. Our goal is to drive greater exposure of paid assets and more revenue back to you. We expect the free collection to attract new visitors to AS and drive more downloads from our paid collection. What’s in the free collection? Supporting our contributor community is of utmost importance to us, and we’ve designed this new collection with your future in mind. Content for the free collection is sourced in collaboration with a small group of AS artists who have all been compensated for these assets. The collection will initially include a limited set of 70,000 free photos, vectors, illustrations, and videos now available on AS. The Free collection features a curated choice of assets across a wide range of categories. Customers who want more options are offered additional paid content results. The free assets will vary over time to help us stay relevant and attract new customers while minimizing negative impacts to our paid collection.   Educating new buyers The content in the free collection comes with the same standard or enhanced license as content in our paid collection. When customers download free content from A, we have an opportunity to educate these users—many of them new to stock—about licenses, copyright, and respect for artists’ content. We are committed to being a positive force in the stock industry. We expect this collection will help educate and convert users of free content into responsible buyers, benefitting Stock creators by exposing more content users to the value and peace of mind they get when they use AS.
  7. Great Job, well done! Alexandre site is https://brutallyhonestmicrostock.com/ Or, you may donate directly a huge amount to his paypal at ACKAB.PHOTOGRAPHY at gmail.com. Also, always beware of scammers in this forum.
  8. Not sure if my answer above will be motivating. My impression is that you can make a living and live well if you treat microstock as a real business, you work every day, you have a vision, professional equipment, possibly a team, hire models if people is your niche etc... Otherwise it can go from pocket money, with small portfolios, to a significant supplemental income, for bigger and more professional portfolios. From what I read and hear around, doing video very significantly boosts earnings.
  9. I am afraid this is the most important part, and the only way to let people find your photos. Best photo in the world will never be seen by anyone if description and keywording is not very accurate and generous.
  10. I guess that since they suspect that you do not hold the copyright of the images, they took them down. I see how the scenario is not productive, they send you the links to show what the problem is, and then take down the images before you have a chance to see them.
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