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  1. AI neural network definitely needs further training
  2. Try "A green plant growing in between rocks on mount xyz (name of the precise mountain/location here) in Bulgaria illustrates the concept of survival in hostile environments and the resilience of some species in apparently difficult environments. On the rocks concept" If you could identify the kind of plant this would help a lot, also for sales. Granted, not necessarily an easy task.
  3. Posting the rejected title(s) may help us help you. Just saying. btw, had a photo rejected. Can you guys help me figure out why?
  4. I guess you could ask a friend to open a SS account and buy all of your photos at the most convenient rate available. Can't see anything wrong with that. Needless to say, this should be done before you close your account.
  5. A little shout out to Andrew Balcombe who is doing a great job with his youtube channel imho. Let's help him reach 1000 subscribers so that he can monetize the channel!
  6. I suggest you get over this semantic detail and focus on the important things. One of those may indeed be to embed the keywords, title and description directly in the images. In Photoshop, you can go to the "File" menu, and select "File Info". There you will be able to edit the title, description and keywords exif fields to add the info. This way, next time you upload to an agency, those fields will be automatically be filled up in the submission screen and things will be much quicker. More importantly, this way you do the keywording only once, and will be then ready to upload to multiple agencies without having to start again, as this is very time consuming. I say title AND description fileds, as some agencies will use the title, others the description, and others, such as dreamstime, will use both. I usually input the very same info in the title and description fields, and then do some changes, if needed, at the time of submission on the agency website itself. Microstock is very much about an efficient workflow, and embedding info in the images is an important component of that.
  7. Great advice from @OceanicWanderer , @David A. Litman, @jean-francois me and all other posters in the thread. You need to work on the post processing to make the images POP. As they are, mostly underexposed or on the dull side, I do not anticipate many sales (if any at all). Look at the competition, rethink your beliefs and learn to post process for stock. Then upload many many more. Victim ("noone cares about me") mindset will get you nowhere.
  8. Appreciated this video by Andrew Balcombe in which he shares his data and earnings for june 2020 and the last 4 years across various agencies, so here you go. I think his youtube channel is worth supporting, so consider subscribing. Lots of useful content.
  9. It's amazing to finally have a place to discuss this topic
  10. This is an interesting video on how to close accounts on the various agencies
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