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  1. Well, it says "powered by shutterstock". Does not look particularly dodgy.
  2. Presumably that money will also go to Shutterstock
  3. Awesome image, would definitely put it as desktop background.
  4. It's not purple fringing, but the heron's aura. Magic
  5. Awesome. Finally a positive post, I need more of those. Great achievement and beautiful, inspiring portfolio Ken. Thank you so much.
  6. Clouds and sky are kind of tricky to keep clean from noise. If you shoot at somewhat high iso or even slightly overdo with post-processing it is very easy to introduce noise and artefacts. Closely look at your photo at 100% resolution and you will probably find that the system got it right about the noise/artefacts.
  7. So it looks like that, contrary to popular belief, someone from SS is reading the forums after all.
  8. Out of topic, what an interesting port. Just love the neon lights collage, and colored hats photos, among others. It's the kind of photos that motivate me to go out and shoot.
  9. Please don't be so selfish. Think about the clients. Think about the poor stockholders. Think about the management and the company. I's not all about you. (irony warning)
  10. Some great photos in your portfolio, really love the work. So the skills are there, and apparently also some nice opportunities for rare and harder to find shots. All the ingredients are in place. As others told you now need to drastically ramp the number up in order to make some regular income. Make it a goal to reach 1000 photos, then you will start to see daily downloads and some money (still not a lot, let me tell you). At 3000-5000 strong photos the game will seriously change and you may start to see a significant income, instead of some pocket money. Unfortunately the game is tougher now
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