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  1. Or someone else's and the submit as yours. Looks very profitable.
  2. Very nice photos. I would either resubmit with no changes (except for the file names maybe), or downsize a bit, slightly edit the file name and resubmit. The reason for the file name change is that it allows to start fresh with a new unbiased review (hopefuly).
  3. It is entirely possible that your long exposure images have motion blur (no tripod, tripod not steady etc..), in this case SS will not accept them (rightfully so). I you could post an example of one of the rejected image here you may have some more informed advice on how to proceed.
  4. Computing this into your original earnings for 2021 looks like a challenging, high level computing task, do you have the right hardware
  5. I was on level 4 as well (now brilliantly and quickly ramped my way up to level 1!) and did not sell anything in 2021. However it's January first, buyers are still recovering from yesterday night's huge parties (irony intended). Also, weekend is coming. So I'd set aside conspiracy theories and wouldn't expect any huge movement until next week.
  6. It's already happened several times, you are not the first and likely not the last. Great that you noticed it in time. So they didn't upload some nice photos to your portfolio since they were there, didn't they (lol)
  7. Have you now changed your shutterstock account password? You are actually lucky that you were able to login back to SS and the bad guys didn't change the password to lock you out.
  8. Alexandre, I understand you are new to the game. Just keep shooting and uploading, things will get better. Never give up. Here's a reference blog that can definitely help you: https://brutallyhonestmicrostock.com/ Have a nice day.
  9. I actually do very well, I'd say 90% accepted. I think in the photo you posted light was way too low, so you have a long exposure resulting in motion blur. Also very noisy. If you have a night mode on the iPhone 10 I would use it, it does miracles on my Huawei p30, taking plenty of photos and stacking them together. Good for night shots but also in low light.
  10. It may be that "the system" thinks that the decorations on the red may "leak" a brand and therefore be unsuitable for a commercial image. And this is not totally unreasonable. I think it may go easily through as editorial, and it could be a good seller as such.
  11. Since you are here on the forum posting and sharing useful thoughts, ideas and data, I would guess you enjoy at least to some degree some level of social interaction
  12. I wonder how the algorithm works in these cases. Granted the picture will be shown less or not at all in search results for this particular keyword after a while, will it also be generically penalized for all keywords? Likely something in the middle I would guess.
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