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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Mine reset. Does a happy dance! (double checks the paypal is correct - yes! continues happy dance) I haven't been doing much stock photography because I was worried I wouldn't get paid. If it works out, then I want to do some experiments to see if the new pricing structure works for me or if it's not a good fit.
  2. Yes, I think I reached the min in May, but I didn't keep a record. I know I reached it in June. Everyone else seems to have no problem being paid, so I suspect it's not a problem with SS. It's probably user error. But I don't know enough about American paperwork to understand where my error is. It says my tax form is accepted. But then again, it said it was accepted back when I put my PO box as my address, which on re-reading the instructions, I can see won't work. I got more reply from SS help so I'm going to try to figure out what it means so I can follow their instructions. If I figure out what I did wrong, I'll share here for the next Canadian having the same issue.
  3. um, wow! fastest help reply ever. improving my opinion of SS. Apparently it hasn't reset yet and the email hasn't gone out. Fingers crossed!
  4. Doesn't seem to have reset. I sent them a query to find out what I've done wrong.
  5. Thanks. if it didn't work, I'll be back here next month.
  6. I'm in Canada. We're a very troublesome country. 😄 I left the payment set to 35 and the place where it's going is correct. I think it was the wrong address on the tax form that might have done it. I hope that is what it was. I didn't think it would be this difficult to get paid. I wish there was some obvious sign that said "Well Done, you reached the minimum amount. We want to give you money so you can keep submitting more photos - but you forgot to do Z U and X. Do these things and money will arrive next month." Sigh. But I'm hopeless with computers.
  7. Thank you. I reviewed the tax form and it looks like I had a PO box and it wanted a house address. So I'm guessing I won't get paid this month either because I made a mistake. I'll wait till next month. But I don't want to upload more until I can see the money in my account.
  8. The email and payment type are correct. I'm just wondering if it's something to do with not being a US resident/citizen? Do I have to do some special step?
  9. Still no reset. The thing is, I'm certain I got past the minimum before the start of June. Which means I would have been paid last month? How can I tell if there's something wrong with the way I've set things up?
  10. I'm trying to understand better how to get the money from my account here. I think I reached the limit before the end of two months ago, but I wasn't sure. But in June, I definitely exceeded the minimum amount for payment. Am I supposed to be doing something to get the money? I've set up the tax thing and the payment details. It says it should reset the counter to zero and pay me in about 2 weeks... but do I get any clue now that I'm going to get paid. I'm hesitant to upload more if I'm not going to get paid.
  11. There are a lot of choices here. SS is one option. They bring the web hosting, the customers, the search engine, enforcement against customers breaking the rules, etc. We bring our photos. Because it's their playground, they get to set the rules, but it is always our choice to opt in or go play somewhere else. For me, what SS brings to the transaction outweighs what I'm bringing, so I am content with the 25cents I've been getting. But I'm not yet sure if I'll be content with the new price structure. The price increase seems much easier for me to meet that I could get more than 25cents per image if I put some effort into it is attractive. But the annual reset seems a bit daunting. I've got other irons in the fire so I'm not going to be uploading or leaving SS until I see where this change leads. But I have been looking into selling stock photos on etsy where I can choose my own price. Etsy also takes fees, but they provide a nice search engine and payment processing which I like. But they don't have the advantages of a stock agency. So I don't know yet if it's worth the bother.
  12. Wow, that's a big change. Not sure how I feel about this. As a low level contributor, I kind of like the annual reset. But I suspect 15% is a lot less than the 25 cents I'm getting now. Time will tell if it's worth my bother uploading more. I'm in the wait and see camp. Question: is this change retroactive to Jan 1st this year? That would really suck!
  13. With review times so long and rejections getting a bit silly, I've stopped uploading images to SS until they can catch up. Which is working out well for me as I can take all the things I learned from the SS reviews and improve my product photography for my etsy shop. I'm really happy with how my technical skills are improving.
  14. Cute images. keywording looks good. The only thing I can see with your titles is they might be longer to gently stuff more keywords in there. One trick I learned is before uploading or doing a photo shoot, I have a quick search on Shutter Stock to see how many images there are. I see you have an image of a plaster, so I looked up "plaster vector" and found 65,302 results. That's a lot of competition! Your image has to be better than the 65 thousand people who were here first! But when I look up "ripped plaster vector" there's less than 200 results and many of them of electricians tape. That's a tiny niche. It may have more specialized buyers, but it does mean you're images will show up higher in the search. There are a lot of near-empty niches on SS if you look. On the whole I think it would be worth uploading more. Most blogs/articles these days say that it takes 700 images to start selling on SS, but I started selling at about 100. I notice a direct correlation between the number of images and the amount of sales. I'm trying to get to 1000 by the end of the year but real life keeps getting in the way of photography.
  15. Strange text on the first post so I couldn't read it. But guessing it's a "I'm new, how can I improve" kind of post. Neat picture. The keywords include things that aren't in the image like "farmer" which will hurt your status in the search. Also the title "banana on a strange brown background" could be changed to describe it better and take advantage of the keywords that people will use to search. ie, "top down photo of one banana and one peal on a textured brown and red background"
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