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  1. I imagine they find the photos on Alamy and then reverse image search to buy them here on SS. The ones that sell best on SS are on both platforms. The ones that sell on Alamy are exclusive to that venue. That's one of the reasons why I'm thinking of not uploading here anymore.
  2. The ones I have on both SS and the more expensive platform sell best on SS. I suspect potential customers look at my other images, then do a reverse image search and find it here for cheaper.
  3. I tried a few more and I'm stumped. The similar rejection just isn't making sense. It is like the reviewers are not working from the same help pages we are. I'm not seeing enough return for my time, so I'm going to go back to learning YouTube. I'm over half way towards monetization. Woot! I'll probably stop by again this winter when we are doing a bunch of home renovations. demolition photos seem to do well here.
  4. I'm sad to hear it. These forums were a great learning place to improve my photography. I'm grateful. I haven't decided if I want to come back fully. I've sold a few more photos on the other platform I upload to and the lowest they paid so far is $10, not $0.10 so I might just focus on the kind of content they like.
  5. It's also amazing how slow this forum is now. It used to be many posts an hour... is no one using SS to upload anymore?
  6. I like the theory behind the similar rejections. So often I search and there are pages of the same exactly the same photo with different colour grades (filters?) applied. But, it is frustrating when feel like I'm following the guidelines, but it doesn't work. The advise is to re-read the guidelines which say what I did was fine.
  7. That makes me feel better. Crazy though. But I imagine the reviewers are under a lot of pressure to go through the images as quickly as they can. I'll try to upload images from the same shoot a week apart to see if this helps.
  8. beautiful photos! Sad about the noise. I think this time, the reviewer got it right. Sky seem to be a difficult subject. Even with my fancy camera, I have trouble getting good sky shots without noise. But I'm not at the skill level yet and out sky here is usually all blue or all overcast. We don't get the energetic weather like you captured. You've got a good eye, it might be worth upgrading to a DSLR or Mirrorless that can do the better quality images.
  9. Imagine I've been hiding under a rock for a year or so (since the 10 cent thing started). I thought I would give it another go and uploaded some photos. Got hit with the similar content rejection. Looking for help understanding why. (and yes, they aren't awesome photos, I'm still learning) https://download.shutterstock.com/gatekeeper/W3siZCI6ICJzaHV0dGVyc3RvY2stdXBsb2FkcyIsICJrIjogInBlbmRpbmdfcGhvdG8vMjUyMDgwMzQ3MS9tZWRpdW0uanBnIiwgImUiOiAxNjI2NzM1NTMyLCAibSI6IDB9LCAiRzVFaGVtL003OWwzOWdTUmtBaE5iTi9CakZZIl0=/2009687444_medium.jpg was rejected but the closest I've uploaded
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