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  1. Hello! I have a similar story, July is disappointing, it has completely sagged, and after all, two-thirds of the month is already behind.
  2. Hello everyone! Heide, I have the same problem with changing the language to English. Moreover, everything changes perfectly on the contributor's website. But on the SS website, it also jumps to my Russian language, no matter what I do. I switch to English in bottom, also cleaned the cache and removed the prefix /ru and put /en instead of it, there is no sense. At the same time, if I switch to French or German, for example, everything switches perfectly, and even the description of the photo (see below). I apologize for my English.
  3. Hi, Roman, congratulations! Of the 48 photos proposed for consideration from my portfolio, I left the selection boxes for about 30. So far, all of them have the status 'IN REVIEW'. Maybe they didn't like them in the end, or still have to wait.
  4. Steven, a very pleasant start to the month, congratulations, feel free to share the positive news :-). I wish you a productive continuation!
  5. I started having the same problems last week. I waited 4 days (SS says that in three days at most the images will appear in the portfolio) and uploaded the already accepted photos again with the same description to the same categories. The images were rejected with reason that they were already accepted earlier. After that, after a short period of time, they appeared in the portfolio and disappeared from the considered ones. Now the same thing is repeated. 😞
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