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  1. Thank you! But maybe this time I overdid it a little. Well. What I meant is that, especially if you are a beginner (your first 4 or 5 years of trial and error, I believe), a little bit of information that can guide you and allow you to correct your route is very better than any income. Why does everyone need to get short-term returns? The demand (so, price) of things is regulated by the market, even those that cost only 0.25, even here at SS! This stands out in our jurisdiction. What you can (and should) do is develop a business plan/goals (something handwritten, scrawled in your notebook is better than nothing), try to regulate your sales volume and decide (even during the journey) whether you have the means to face this endeavor successfully here at SS or wherever. From the fish market to the photo market. No surprises so far.
  2. Logic, congruence, method, sense, nexus, foundation. I mean, find them and maybe you won't need to worry so much about 0.25/image. Insects don't sell very well. Landscapes sell better. Macros (nature) are commercially uninteresting. Travel drives the economy etc. etc. Just to illustrate (facts): January was my worst month ever. February is being my best month ever. In January I uploaded more than 30 files (tiny portfolio). In February I didn't uploaded anything (demotivation). I have been writing those things (and its aberrant contradictions) down in my notebook in a serious, systematic and good-humored way. Images only. I don't understand anything about footage yet.
  3. This is the basis of philosophy: the mastery of language.
  4. In my research on mirroless cameras, for example, I found that the advantage in terms of weight and size is not that great. Mainly because, as you said, I will continue to evolve there and depending on large lenses. Unfortunately, if I intend to switch to really small equipment instead, I think I will need to make more drastic and impactful decisions. This issue between MS, photo contests, wall/fine art I am still pondering. They are two different worlds and yes, this will greatly influence my final decision.
  5. I haven't decided yet. I'm calmly evaluating the possibilities. My situation is very particular, it involves circumstances and values that I believe are not framed in what would be considered the standard for most photographers and this makes the process a bit difficult. I need to adapt these precious tips and experiences that you are kindly offering me to my reality. For example, problems with security (marginality, violence) are not taken into account by many of you (thank God!), but it does count a lot in my decision. You can't carry around or even hold a fat camera anywhere in here (usually the best places!) without worrying more about who is around than with the composition you are looking for and trying to achieve. I would not need all this drama if I had been referring to exporadic situations, after all, good photographers face everything, even hostile environments. Would even be exciting! But here it is still kind of boring and tiring routine (although the situation is improving in unprecedented speed now). So I need to get a sense of how much my mobility and discretion would affect the final quality of what I would have to offer and find out if it would be worthwhile to increase my production at the expense of a slight drop in the overall quality of my files. I consider my images reasonable for any context, but my production (for the reasons mentioned above) is mediocre. This is the point! Thank you, again. ll keep the topic up to date.
  6. It was just a joke. Ok. Life goes on.
  7. You are too tense. It's unnecessary. I just asked an honest question, after all, in your post I couldn't distinguish between a friendly advice and a verdict. Only that! And then you answer me with another verdict: "you might give up now". Oh, man... I follow your work. I already took a good look at your portfolio as soon as I started here, just over a year ago. You don't have to prove anything to anyone because you know what you're doing. But on the other hand, I still live on tests. I don't need to sell yet because I don't even aspire to that (at least not with regard to my videos). And everything is fine! This GoPro video was my second video uploaded. It was a test, because the first one (done with a much better camera) was refused by problems with excessive grain. And it was successful because the video made with a GoPro (whose excessive noise is almost the standard, under any circumstances, even more underwater without much lighting) went through the moderators easily! Regarding the keywords, I thank you for the tips, but I'm still learning how to do it. It's a little more complex than it looks and, believe me, I have some tests going on about that too... Tests, tests, tests... When I said that my video didn't sell, it wasn't complaining. Information only. So much so that, all my handful of footage follow the same line, each one more stupid than the other. Are we going to be friends again?!
  8. That's was my point here: If my plans were to keep photography exclusively as a hobby and/or a pretext to compete in photo contests around the world (which in most cases happens only once a year), I would in no way undo my investment in an FX to return for a compact camera. But, to produce in "large scale" to sell for 0.25, if that is my objective today, I do not see logic in an expense greater than what would be necessary for me to obtain products of equal acceptance and in greater volume, while improving my logistics. If they value quality so much, my price needs to increase. Unfortunately. So you ask me: equal acceptance? Yes! And from what I have noticed, what defines the desirable technical quality in my images are the reviewers, the same ones who have accepted photos of me made from cheap cell phones without any kind of obstacle. By the way, the same ones who have rejected my very sharp photos taken with a full frame camera due to problems with focus. So you ask me again: but nobody is more interested in the quality of your images than your customers. And then I answer you: In fact, the photo taken with my cell phone (AND from irrelevant topic) has already been sold more than once. So, that's OK! https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/skin-change-ecdise-brazilian-serpent-genus-1254408922 That is why I am so interested in the experience of all of you. I already realized that in this business you can't just rely on logic; you must see to believe (and understand)! And for that I am so grateful for everyone's comments here so far.
  9. I really don't know much about this line from Olympus. I am very grateful for your advice and for this reason I must study it carefully before making any decision. Regarding how much I would be willing to pay, as long as I was well served in relation to the overall quality of the equipment and it was easy to carry around, I wouldn't mind spending a little more even if I had to sacrifice a little bit on the image quality (I don't even know if that would be the case) in relation to my 6D. Thank you, Maxal! Macro photography was what awakened me to this world. Macro is my passion, my gift, my vocation, my art! But... My experience has shown that it is not worth selling nature macro photos for 0.25, because in addition to the demand for this type of image being relatively small, the production of good macro photos (the ones that would make me happy at the end of the day; and also my buyers) has a high cost in a reasonable volume . And I don't even mean the equipment you need to maintain (and carry around!) at all times. A good pair of twin flash lights, a good hitter, a good tripod and a L series 100mm macro lens was all I needed. The problem is the time and technique required to obtain a single photo. Not to mention that, if you are willing to specialize in arthropod macro (the heart of my art :), you will have your production cost doubled by the species id research you will need. No way. At least commercially speaking, I want to compete for landscape photographers now. Even more knowing that my country is extremely poorly explored in this area. Exactly! Especially the part of "the difference between 1 photo and 0 photos". It is what has happened to me and it is what has bothered me a lot. By the way... the photo that has brought me the most happiness so far (artistically speaking), I got it with a $ 80.00 camera, a Canon PowerShot A490 (which died in my hands but I still keep it as a souvenir today!). And on top of that, via long time exposure (1s, the maximum she allowed me)! This was featured on the National Geographic USA home page for 4 consecutive days, even competing with a photo taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2012/3/120301-best-news-pictures-we-love-aurora-india-dogs/#/49401.jpg That was as much as I could get. Absolutely!! I'm also thinking about not discarding the possibility of maintaining my DSLR while investing in something more portable. Thank you!
  10. Thanks for the input, geogif. I was aiming for an RX100 V initially. Its image quality is clearly superior to that of the Canon G7X II, and it seems to be a little more robust as well. But it is high investment for my purpose. I haven't seen a RX100 VI or VII yet. Hi, Steve. I will study Olympus and Sony's mirrorless options (my first camera was an Olympus, 13 years ago, a compact with 5cm supermacro mode and I loved it!). There is only one reason why I'm reluctant to return to compacts, especially the most expensive ones: they are very fragile. Compact cameras (fixed lenses) are extremely vulnerable to the accumulation of internal dirt, and their lens extension mechanism is also quite sensitive and not very durable. I'm not even referring to the absence of weather sealing. It is as if they absorb dirt! I had 3 compacts and 2 died in my hands. One was victimized by inaccessibility to cleaning and the other due to mechanical wear on the lens retreat system. These cameras are really very fragile. Thanks Roger. Interesting to know that there are many photographers using Sony's RX around here anyway!
  11. Summarizing severely: there are creative photographers who need equipment that allows the exercise of their creativity (and to make shocking photos!) and there are stock photographers who want only, and only, to make salable images (in all aspects) available in their portfolio and profit from them. Under certain circumstances one type of photographer may cover the other, but not necessarily. That is the conclusion I came to recently. And why did I conclude this and what do I want to get to? It has to do with logistics. Today I shoot with a Canon 6D MII. In terms of "serving creativity" (or get editorial photos in low light) there would be no better cost vs. benefit at my disposal. The problem is that I use motorcycles as my main means of transportation due to the type of photo I like to take, nature & wildlife. With my bike I get to the most inaccessible and unexplored places and this is crucial for me. But imagine you climbing an bumpy trail carrying a 6D MII plus a 70-200 lens hanging on a nervous dirt bike, sometimes even under storms (it has happened to me! :)? I already tried to do that and it worked, but I expose myself a lot and submit my camera to various risks, from problems with frequent falls to robberies (still reasonably common in Brazil, although it has improved a lot over the past year). Solution: equipment downgrade. I intend to sell my 6D and go back to the compact world, more specifically with a Canon PowerShot G7X MII. I think that even with all its limitations, for my purpose which at the moment is to produce a lot of clear and well-lit images to sell them for $ 0.25 and being able to get to where I need to be without remembering all the time that I'm carrying a camera with me, I would be well served. Even better considering that lately I have been more interested in landscapes, an extra facilitator for not so powerful gear. I would like to know your opinion and/or similar experiences.
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