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  1. The ratings just went up by one point 👍😄
  2. Noticed one of my best sellers got a rating of 6/10..🤨 If I were a customer, that would put me off. So thank you again for this wonderful new tool, which will surely push my portfolio into the Abyss. Give us a break, please. 😧
  3. Congratulations ! 10 years of hard work shows a lot of dedication.👍 Well done ! Hoping to reach your current milestone in 10 years time when I am 60 (though this might be an impossible task, as after one year I already feel deflated like a hot air balloon ready to hit rock bottom 🤪)
  4. It’s a kind of ironic to use AI in the review process and at the same have a security check in place when logging in, so that we can we prove we are not a ‘machine’... As in “A.I. is perfectly capable of reviewing images as good as a human” and “AI will not be able to recognise certain images but a human will be”. It seems like we are fighting the machine nowadays. 🤪
  5. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/beautiful-fresh-crocus-flowers-white-purple-1925766338
  6. I liked @geogif ‘s sence of humour, and it’s a shame he is no longer on the forum. I learnt a lot from his posts and they encouraged me to keep going, especially at the beginning. So, vote for @geogif to come back 👍 P.S. Unless he doesn’t want to come back..😬
  7. Just throwing in a few idea’s of my own ; It’s only been two weeks and your portfolio is still very small. Don’t be discouraged because it usually takes time before an image sells 😉 Make sure you input as many relevant keywords as possible. Name everything visible in the image, including colors. Using your black and white insect image as an example; use ‘bug’, ‘insect’ ‘beetle’ ‘scarabas’ , the latin name of this insect (important).And words like ‘eco system’, ‘environmental friendly’ (unless this beetle is killing Australian wildlife ofcourse 😄). Is this beetle suitable for human
  8. I am unfamiliar with digital illustrations as you describe it (no auto tracing, or reference image used), but in my mind it should work the same as a drawing on paper. Upload it as ‘illustration’ and add a digital property release. However.. This is the info from the support centre : Digital illustrations If you made the image digitally, without any reference images, there is no need to provide any additional documentation with your submission. Basically, I am reading this as ‘upload as ‘illustration’ without extra info. I assume that’s what you did, but resulted in the ‘mis
  9. Well... How about that..December is already my best month since I started in 2019.😳 No more cups of coffee, but a nice Thai food takeway for 2 !😂
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