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  1. Sorry to hear you are leaving SS, but wish you all the best with your future endeavors. Surely you have a good backbone also having to deal with the ‘negative’ on this forum besides having fun. Therefore, I have no doubt you will succeed in whatever you will do, as long as you will stay you 😉
  2. What is that link in your post ? 🤔
  3. What are these links in your posts.. ? 🤔
  4. Anyone got a 10/10 on an image of a turd 💩 ? 🤪
  5. Has anyone seen the documentary The social dilemma on Netflix ? This is basically another tool to influence our brains. It is like being back in school and we are indeed lab monkeys. 🐒 I believe it is supposed to be an incentive to have contributors improve the quality of their images and mostlikely to give customers the option to only show the highest rated ones. Business wise it is probably a good idea, but it can only be successful when A.I. thinks like a human. Luckily that is not the case otherwise us humans would be in serious trouble. 😄
  6. The ratings initially moved up by 1 point but went back down again and some actually disappeared 🤔 The ones that have ratings are valued one point too low in my opinion.
  7. The ratings just went up by one point 👍😄
  8. Noticed one of my best sellers got a rating of 6/10..🤨 If I were a customer, that would put me off. So thank you again for this wonderful new tool, which will surely push my portfolio into the Abyss. Give us a break, please. 😧
  9. Congratulations ! 10 years of hard work shows a lot of dedication.👍 Well done ! Hoping to reach your current milestone in 10 years time when I am 60 (though this might be an impossible task, as after one year I already feel deflated like a hot air balloon ready to hit rock bottom 🤪)
  10. It’s a kind of ironic to use AI in the review process and at the same have a security check in place when logging in, so that we can we prove we are not a ‘machine’... As in “A.I. is perfectly capable of reviewing images as good as a human” and “AI will not be able to recognise certain images but a human will be”. It seems like we are fighting the machine nowadays. 🤪
  11. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/beautiful-fresh-crocus-flowers-white-purple-1925766338
  12. I liked @geogif ‘s sence of humour, and it’s a shame he is no longer on the forum. I learnt a lot from his posts and they encouraged me to keep going, especially at the beginning. So, vote for @geogif to come back 👍 P.S. Unless he doesn’t want to come back..😬
  13. Just throwing in a few idea’s of my own ; It’s only been two weeks and your portfolio is still very small. Don’t be discouraged because it usually takes time before an image sells 😉 Make sure you input as many relevant keywords as possible. Name everything visible in the image, including colors. Using your black and white insect image as an example; use ‘bug’, ‘insect’ ‘beetle’ ‘scarabas’ , the latin name of this insect (important).And words like ‘eco system’, ‘environmental friendly’ (unless this beetle is killing Australian wildlife ofcourse 😄). Is this beetle suitable for human
  14. I am unfamiliar with digital illustrations as you describe it (no auto tracing, or reference image used), but in my mind it should work the same as a drawing on paper. Upload it as ‘illustration’ and add a digital property release. However.. This is the info from the support centre : Digital illustrations If you made the image digitally, without any reference images, there is no need to provide any additional documentation with your submission. Basically, I am reading this as ‘upload as ‘illustration’ without extra info. I assume that’s what you did, but resulted in the ‘mis
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