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  1. Interesting.... Because this is exactly what’s been said about Netflix. On Dutch commercial television, there are so many adds in between programs, series and movies, and the balance is completely gone. At the same time, TV/internet providers subscription prices have also gone through the roof, so I am paying a lot of money to watch adds all the time. I have grown to hate commercials, because of the overkill, which is why I subscribed to Netflix.
  2. That’s a great interview @Alexandre Rotenberg ! And you can tell from the images there is a great vibe in the studio and the models seem to be enjoying the theatrical shoots. Fun is the key ! 😄 Impressive portfolio @Krakenimages.com 👍😄
  3. Will have a look at Makoccino’s channel too for inspiration 😉 It’s just another hobby for me (sketching) and I find it interesting to see how artists can still make a living, eventhough it’s not from the art itself.
  4. They are both young indeed, and things do change rapidly, But from my perspective, $ 350,000 a year is 8x my gross annual income. If she is able to keep this up for the coming years and is careful with her spending, she will be able to buy a nice home and retire early.
  5. Your welcome 😄 I was only looking for a video on ‘how to use watercolor pencils’..😳 And when I saw her first video, I thought ‘wow, she is really good at this’. When she mentioned her earnings per year, I nearly fell off my chair 😂 So here you go. My new hobby is drawing with color pencils.
  6. I am making an educated guess that most of this income is generated by the tutorials, but she also has 1.1 mln followers on Youtube and two ads in the middle of each video. No idea how much can be earned on YT with ads..🤔 On Patreon, she has subscribers - patrons - and on her page you can see that she is earning $ 20k a month on 3300 subscriptions. And in addition to the subscriptions, there are loose tutorial packages available for purchase. She has managed to set up a succesful online business basically. And she doesn’t hold back with sharing her knowledge on Youtube either. Unlike some others.. I am following a food blogger, but all I have learn’t from her video’s is which food photography book to buy. 🤨 In any case, I believe nowadays in the ‘making industry’ it is impossible to generate a full time income just out of the artwork. Painters should be willing to make their art available as print, or become a ‘brand’ and sell gadgets with their artwork. I have seen a tattoo artist do this. Promoting her Instagram page, showing off her tattoo’s, travelling the world, having many followers and selling t’shirts and all sorts of gadgets as well, via her website and in physical shops. She has promoted herself as a tattoo artist, and because of that (and her talent), she is able to ask a high fee for her tattoo work and only have a limited amount of customers a year.
  7. She is basically selling her knowledge, and the tutorials are her ‘passive income’ as they keep selling ones uploaded. Her artwork is ‘active income’, but it takes time to make them, and they only sell once. So her passive income is where the money is generated. This could be of interest to anyone with specific knowledge, including photographers. I was thinking along the lines with @Doug Jensen and his courses on video, or @Alexandre Rotenberg and his guide to Microstock as examples of earning additional income with sharing knowledge. Also the graphic designers, illustrators, etc. on here - The ‘how it’s done’ in detail, is what people might still be willing to pay for. Knowledge that goes beyond Youtube video’s. It’s just an idea 😉 If I had any specific creative talent, I would try this myself. Unfortunately, my best is not good enough, so I am staying on the buyers side for now (and forever) 😄
  8. About new opportunities... Found a Youtube channel of a young artist - Kirsty Partridge - and she has posted amazing tutorials on (water)color sketching. She has basically made a succesful business over the years and is now making $350k per year 🤩 Her full tutorials can be purchased on the website Patreon.com. I was unaware of this website but I believe it could be a good opportunity for anyone with a real talent and that also has the knowledge, skills and equipment on how to make video. I loved the message on the first page... Guess this also applies to the photography business 😉
  9. I have bumped into a major problem when trying to fill out a Property Release form digitally in Adobe (including pasting in the image). It now wants me to buy a subscription of Adobe Reader DC for a monthly fee of Eur 18... 🤨 Is there any other way to fill out these forms digitally ? Or should I go back to printing it and filling it in by hand ? This is obviously not cost effective either.. At Astock, I can’t even upload a manual form as it directs me straight to the Adobe software. So basically I am stuck, and unable to upload anything that needs a release. Any tips are welcome 😉
  10. You can upload the property release when re-uploading the image. There is box at the bottom under ‘notes to the reviewer. 😉
  11. I am missing 1 image from my portfolio; my dashboard shows 580 images, but when opening ‘portfolio’, it shows 579 images. This happened about 2 weeks ago when I uploaded an image and deleted it again, right after it was accepted. The missing image is the one that was accepted minutes before the one I deleted. Is this similar to what you are experiencing ? (Mismatch between the dashboard and portfolio)
  12. The only information about where your images are sold is the map which gives a location. If they were used on the internet, you might be able to find them by using google image search.
  13. 😄 Well..I could take a wild guess to figure out the logic in all of this - why mine are enlarged and yours downsized; 🤔....nope..😂 I did find an article in the SS blog and it mentions using ‘preserve details 2.0 and a few other steps. Will look into that and use ‘original size’ for the time being. Guess it’s better to know what your doing, before actual doing it 😉
  14. Question about ‘up-sizing’.. Before saving an image in PS, I usually go to ‘image size’, then click on ‘auto resolution’ which increases the file size and then save as ‘best’. Have I been creating pixels out of thin air by doing so ? And does this decrease the quality of the image ? Without cropping, the images are large enough already - standard 5616 x 3744; 21 MP, so is it better to keep the size as is ?
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