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  1. Great idea from @Studio 2 and the information on your website @Alexandre Rotenberg is very useful.You seem to be ahead of the game. I wish I bought your book a year ago, but I did so this morning 😉 Anyone else interested in buying Alexandre’s book or donate can just google his name and his website is the second one, right after his SS portfolio 😉
  2. Sounds really amazing, and I can fully relate to your husband loving it ! 😄 And you just reminded me to watch The Crown on Netflix. Maybe I can spot him (only 5 seasons to watch..) 😉
  3. Well... Every day is a new day... Today I had 6 out of 8 images of paintings rejected. Basically the nice ones did not make it through the gate. 🤨 I am done uploading now, like many others (tantrum) !! 😡 O.k. - tantrum over - not worth it 😄
  4. Yes. Images still waiting in que as from Saturday..
  5. The name is fake too.. Seems they used a soccer players name - Vincent-Louis from team Rot-Weiss, Oberhausen, Germany. I am guessing the website did not want to show the fact they bought the image from SS, but surely this is against SS policy.
  6. Not what I was expecting, but out of 9 images of sections of paintings with canvas texture, only 1 was rejected by the A.I... 🤔 Well, that’s one theory out the window 😄
  7. Agree with Rudy. A year ago I discovered something (a link to a website) in the legal section - list of restrictions regarding Property- of SS and reported this. It was handled correctly but it did make me think how the link got there in the first place and why I spotted it instead of those involved with the websites security 😉
  8. Meandering on... Two of the most searched keywords on SS in 2020 are ‘Macro’ and ‘texture’. But it’s obvious that A.I. has a problem with both. This includes the ‘soft spots’ in Macro photographs. Yesterday, I was shooting macro of sections of my paintings. And what I am trying to achieve is show the sparkles in the paint as well as the canvas texture and search for weird ‘creatures’ in the paint. Sometimes they only ‘appear’ when tilting the camera, which means part of the image will be out of focus. But the out of focus section makes the ‘creature’ stand out, or gives a sence of depth in the image, so it’s all intentional. I was lucky to have had many images go through this last year eventhough they could have been rejected for all rejection reasons, but now I am not sure if they will get past the gateway. I was ready to upload the first one yesterday, and then thought about the Property release I had to fill in, whilst the image might be rejected, so the work would be done for nothing. Motivation lost. 🤨
  9. Everything is relative 😉 My number of sales dropped to 11 from March to May and went back up in June. July - 30 downloads. I did upload new images as sort of a test to see if increasing the number of images in my portfolio would have any impact on my sales (read this in another thread). And for some reason, I recently sold a few images that did not sell before and are right in the back of my portfolio. As well as some new ones. And after uploading 25 images to Fine art Am., one of them immediately sold on SS 🤔 The 2 images I sold on AS were sold on SS without a location. And I sold my first image on AS on 1st June.. It all just feels a bit ‘fishy’ to me... Could the contributors that kept uploading have been favoured by the algorithm ? Hence, my sales went up too ? Or is this again a coincidence ? Haven’t had any OD’s this month either, but those were rare before. 😉 AS uses AI as well. However, some images accepted at SS were not accepted on AS and visa versa. 🤔
  10. Started uploading to AS as well an will do the same with Alamy 😉 Made my second sale on AS yesterday for Eur 0,99, which is really nice. At the same time, my number of sales increased this month on SS. I will continu to see how this goes for a while, and might decide later to withdraw all of them off the internet. The A.I. review is brutal when it comes to texture as @Milo J mentioned. Especially when I use my macro lens. Visible canvas texture, sparkles in paint because of the light reflections of the metallic pigments. Or breadcrums. All recognised as grain or noise. They mentioned A.I. will be helpful eliminating similars ? It can recognize similars, but it has a flaw when both images have different lightning. Uploaded an image two days ago, and decided to lighten it up and uploaded the new one. In the mean time the first one got accepted before I could delete it. So now they are both in..
  11. There is no human side to any of this, is there ? How many reviewers lost their jobs ? It’s pretty cold up there.. And in the meantime contributors are fighting ‘bots’ to get their images approved. Questioning ‘what’s wrong with my image’. 😲 I wish SS would change it’s P.R. strategy to ‘this is how we support our creatives’ - meaning ‘our contributors from all around the world’ - to make a living. Just like the ‘fair trade’ products.😁 Expand ones horizon to a different kind of ‘social awareness’ market - ‘help those in financial need because of the pandemic’. Bring in more customers that will support that cause. Obviously raise customer prices. Just a crazy idea, and a bit too late, I’m afraid. Or as a Dutch saying : “achteraf een koe in de kont kijken”. 😂
  12. Thanks for the tips how to ‘hack’ the forum back 😄 Was starting to have severe withdrawal symptoms which made me want to upload more images - and I did 🙀 Nice to read your posts again. ☺️ Hope everyone is okay and safe.
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