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  1. I am sorry but I am unable to help you with this, but I strongly recommand to delete the top section of your post. This information is private to you and this forum is open to the public. 😉
  2. My best guess (based on Google’s search result on Yucca desert plant) is “Yucca Eleta - Soap Tree Plant “ 😉 Edit : Searched a bit more and it could also be “Harrimaniae Narrow Leaf Yucca Asparageaus” Well at least we know it’s a Yucca 😄 The Flowers in your image are the seed pods.
  3. After all these arguments, I am not sure what to do now..🤔 Will my images included in the free collection stop selling here at SS ? What will be the impact if many other contributors chose to opt in ? Will sales stop on AS ? (In that case, it would be better for me to opt in some, as I am Eur 5 away from my first payout) I think it would have been easier if I was a long term contributor with many sales. I would have just picked the ones that were not selling or stopped selling because they sank into the database. I would definitely not pick the ones that are selling. 😉
  4. 😄 Surely it’s the opposite. Your images are too good to be selected for this free collection. 😉👍 I am joining in as well. Only sold 15 images out of 199, and 13 are opted in. Haven’t made € 5 on any of those sold images in a year, so it makes sense 😉
  5. I am based in The Netherlands and things are slowly opening up again. As the vaccination program continues, traveling to other countries will become easier too (mandatory test / proof of vaccination). Hopefully all will be close to normal by the end of this summer. 😉 Don’t think I will be traveling overseas this year and more likely enjoy everything we have missed out on, in my own country. I am due to be vaccinated in two weeks, which is scary on one hand - don’t want to be that person that drops dead after the shot - but - fingers crossed - on the other hand I am expecting to feel
  6. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/beautiful-fresh-crocus-flowers-white-purple-1925766338
  7. Sorry to hear you are leaving SS, but wish you all the best with your future endeavors. Surely you have a good backbone also having to deal with the ‘negative’ on this forum besides having fun. Therefore, I have no doubt you will succeed in whatever you will do, as long as you will stay you 😉
  8. What is that link in your post ? 🤔
  9. What are these links in your posts.. ? 🤔
  10. Anyone got a 10/10 on an image of a turd 💩 ? 🤪
  11. Has anyone seen the documentary The social dilemma on Netflix ? This is basically another tool to influence our brains. It is like being back in school and we are indeed lab monkeys. 🐒 I believe it is supposed to be an incentive to have contributors improve the quality of their images and mostlikely to give customers the option to only show the highest rated ones. Business wise it is probably a good idea, but it can only be successful when A.I. thinks like a human. Luckily that is not the case otherwise us humans would be in serious trouble. 😄
  12. The ratings initially moved up by 1 point but went back down again and some actually disappeared 🤔 The ones that have ratings are valued one point too low in my opinion.
  13. The ratings just went up by one point 👍😄
  14. Noticed one of my best sellers got a rating of 6/10..🤨 If I were a customer, that would put me off. So thank you again for this wonderful new tool, which will surely push my portfolio into the Abyss. Give us a break, please. 😧
  15. Congratulations ! 10 years of hard work shows a lot of dedication.👍 Well done ! Hoping to reach your current milestone in 10 years time when I am 60 (though this might be an impossible task, as after one year I already feel deflated like a hot air balloon ready to hit rock bottom 🤪)
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