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  1. There are many options to export from Lightroom, options like ColorSpace(sRGB, Display P3, Adobe RGB (1998), ProPhoto RGB), also huge variants of resolution ( I usually use default resolution from camera 6240x4160 ) I suppose that industry use some standards for colorspaces and resolutions and photos will more demanded if they meet the requirements.
  2. I have the same problem, looks like metadata title truncated to 64 symbols in my cases ( FTP or site upload). More details here
  3. I'm using Lightroom for my image database and when I upload image with Title metadata longer than 64 symbols it's truncated. I write in support 3 times and all times they answer after some period that they fix the problem. But problem is still exists. It's easy to reproduce when upload through FTP or site "Upload images". Do you have same problems ? Or may be you know concrete person in Shutterstock management where I need to write to solve the problem.
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