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  1. Rudy, this is exactly the average intelligence here I'm afraid to say. In another thread I was downvoted for trying to help someone with a question. I've stopped posting and trying to give my opinion of just about anything. I'm now only occasionally reading some threads as I've given up on SS, not uploading anymore and just occasionally checking if I have any sales, and they have been the last few months few and far between.
  2. One thing to note in this whole discussion that Africa Studios (the largest contributor on SS) with over a 1,000,000 images have disabled their port. It seems to me that SS is purposely trying to drive 'small' ports away and rely on the large ports, but this might just bite them in the ass. You make such a statement while you have 816 images and say some one is 'new' and don't know what they are talking about. Get real FFS.
  3. Not worth your time transferring to other ms sites, after this they will all screw you.
  4. Might be that 'support' is having a hard time right now with contributors complaining, closing accounts, etc. Sometimes they are also slow when it comes down to checking thieves accounts, sometimes the just remove the image you complained about and sometimes they close the whole account. If you don't hear anything in the next few days I would send another email asking them to take action.
  5. If you only contacted support that might not help, did you send an email to compliance@shutterstock.com ( think that's the right one ). Clicking on the link you provided when looking at similars there are 4 versions of this photo which different backgrounds but the horses are the same don't know if any of them are yours.
  6. Since June 1 I am basically mostly getting $0.10 DL's and ALL but 2 are from Asia and most of them are from India. Seems like the rest of the world is closed due to ...... (fill in your own reason : Covid-19, Economy, The f*cking algorithm, etc). I even tried an experiment (the see if disabling and enabling sales would have any effect on my port) last Friday I disabled sales completely and enabled them again on Sunday (everything was at 0) yesterday sales started coming in again and once again only from Asia, so as far as I am concerned it's the F*cking algorithm.
  7. He is still on the board. But the fact that he sold 3,000,000 shares at the beginning of the month is writing on the wall.
  8. If I were you I would stop uploading right now and not invest anymore time on ShutterStock. You have a very small port ( 38 images and 8 videos ) and with the new royalties scheme you will get a payout in 5 years, if you are lucky, and would need a port a lot larger than the one you have now.
  9. Database seems to have increased since July 19 Over 320.955.776 royalty-free images with 921.692 new stock images added weekly.
  10. But he WILL get his ass kicked in January when he is put back to Level 1.
  11. Agree , but in America describing people as black was frowned upon they had to be be called 'Afro-Americans' but how do you describe other coloured people from other places than USA. We also don't describe Asians who have migrated to USA as Asian-Americans. So what is the politicly correct way to describe people of different colours no matter where they live.
  12. 'or you could do what a lot of successful contributors are doing' = contact Shutterstock and make a special deal otherwise you will pull your port, what doesn't work for almost all contributors maybe the top 100 or even the top 1000.
  13. Then according to Jon you are doing something wrong 😂
  14. And this from the guy who sold, what was it, 3,000,000 shares at the beginning of the month, and he did that for a reason. Would like to know what these so-called successful contributors are doing after only 3 weeks of the new scheme to be so successful.
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