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  1. I wouldn't leave, just stop uploading and find new places to earn money. You already did all the work uploading, keywording, etc , just leave these images here. I stopped uploading after June but didn't delete my account and I did the same on IS some time ago and started concentrating on selling my paintings on a local art site (less competition) and am making more money per sale than I ever did on SS or IS, average 15 euros commission per sale.
  2. The commission framework with so as you say (10ct subs for almost everybody) is BS. They are dangling the well known carrot in front of everyone's noses knowing perfectly well that the levels won't make any difference and has been stated many times OD's , SOD's and EL's have almost completely disappeared. Not worth the time submitting even once to SS.
  3. If you think threatening to remove your videos is going to somehow get you more (higher) sales I think you are mistaken. As @aluxum stated make a decision : stop uploading and leave the port as it is or just remove it and move on. I stopped uploading in June and just left my port as it is, I've already done the work so why remove it. I started concentrating on selling my paintings on a local (NL) art site and I'm making more money per month than I ever did on Shutterstock.
  4. Because car buyers tend to stick with the same brand of car. They trust the car, they are familiar with the garage they use for maintaining their car so that is a completely different world. It's the same with many different products : why do Apple users stay with Apple when they can get a PC for a much lower price.
  5. Don't waste your time creating 3d animations for stock as you will hardly earn anything compared to the time to create them.
  6. 1 lousy 10ct DL since dec 24. Could it be that they are pushing the images from high earners to get them back up to the high level before they leave.
  7. Not one single DL since 24-12 😠 Glad I stopped uploading in June.
  8. Thanks, Wilm, didn't know that but it's been like this for a few weeks now, at least for me.
  9. November as SS is going better than last moth but this is how it is, at least for me, at IS
  10. Hey Steve, I see a few images in your port that I think might sell. Just give it a go, you never know. One thing to remember hier that they have stylists that seem to check your work so getting added to a specific collectie is up to them and they don't seem to add to collections very often. I have complained on their forum that sometimes when I add new images that even I can't find them in their 'New' sorting function. I only received totally very vague replies and as I have worked in the ICT for 25 years I found their replies BS. They also do some weird change to the site on Sunday evening ju
  11. Ja inderdaad lokaal heb je veel minder concurrentie en deze site werkt samen met het TV programma VTWonen, ze hebben een showroom in Haarlem en ze hebben 'zuster' sites in Duitsland en Frankrijk. Ik zie ook dat sommige Nederlandse beeldmakers verkopen ook in Oostenrijk en Zwitserland. Je kan je eigen provisie instellen, standaard is 20%, ik heb hem op 25%. Sommige beeldmakers hebben het zelfs op 100% maar die zijn blijkbaar zo bekend dat ze zich dat kunnen permitteren. Advise van WADM is op 15 tot 25% te gaan zitten en als je beelden beginnen te verkopen beetje bij beetje te verhogen. Ik was z
  12. I stopped uploading to SS after June I started concentrating on selling my paintings on a Dutch art site that also collaborates with a Dutch TV program about home styling. This month I had my first sales, one for 13,22 euro and one for 19,11 euro, way better than the cents SS gives us and a great feeling that someone wants to buy the image to hang on their wall.
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