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  1. Thank you David your valuable suggestion. You open my eyes. Thanks a lot. How can I improve ? Can you give me some ideas apart from here which you given.
  2. All image sets remain live with a sign.Dose video sets also remain with the sign in catalog manager.
  3. Have a look in Kashmir, India https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/kashmirindiaoct-10-2018-indian-army-soldiers-1464456368
  4. Hello. I am Rajesh from India. I am new to this platform. Sorry if there is a mistake. I am presenting India's cultural heritage, customs, food, literature, festivals, fairs to you. In my portfolio you will find everything you want to know about India. Come to my portfolio once and guide me.
  5. Description is :Pigeons eating grain near the famous Amber Fort in Jaipur. Don't understand why reject any one give idea.
  6. A lot of images rejected due to Missing Property Release while in these images not violence any property .
  7. Hello ! My name is Rajesh. I am from India. I am uploading photos on shutterstock from last several months. I have uploaded about 650 images so far. This includes both editorial and commercial. There are also some video footage. You may be amazed to know that only four photos have been downloaded so far. For which shutterstock has deposited only one dollar in my account. I'm surprised, despite having such a big portfolio, just four downloads in the last 6 months. I am worried, whether or not I will reach the Threshold at this birth. Can someone guide me right? Is $ 0.17 value of commercial downloads? $0.17 only get? I have seen some videos that are loaded on shutterstock. He/She explains that they gets $ 50-60 per download, which is sometimes more than $100.
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