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  1. I've recently started uploading video and have had the same issue with noise. I use Premiere Pro to reduce noise which helps but you can only go so far without losing image sharpness. I found my GoPro Hero 8 only took acceptable videos in sunny daytime conditions. Even then, if there was a lot of texture in shot it didn't cope well (e.g. forests with leaves on the floor, sandy beaches etc). Have the same issue on stills with my Nikon D3500 - pin sharp on sunny days at open aperture but otherwise can be difficult to get non-noisy, sharp photos. Have bitten the bullet and bought a much better ca
  2. Thanks for that, good to know others having the same issue. I'll be making the most of the sunny days (with the right amount of wind). I live in Scotland so not that frequent (but the scenery is fantastic when they do occur!).
  3. Hi all - I've just started uploading footage, captured on GoPro Hero 8 (mainly time lapses, using tripod) and DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone. I've been a bit disheartened by the rejection rate which is more than 50%. This is mainly on the drone footage (for grain). Looking closely at the footage I think the rejections are fair and the drone isn't taking great footage in anything other than bright lighting conditions. Most of the GoPro is accepted but similarly had a couple rejected for sunrise/sunshot time lapse in low light (again fair rejections). I'm not sure if it's my settings (in
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