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  1. Good month for me on ss The rest of the sites are almost dead
  2. Many higher subs, these days Nice!
  3. Me too, Focus is also a common reason for me Frustrating, to uploud videos over and over again
  4. A small sod today All of my sod's are from the US
  5. Thank you, for your reply I had already noticed that, but I don't know how to change that. Time to do a study
  6. Lately I have been more focused on video So it's a good time to ask some feedback om my video port I have found a nice simple freeware tool to do basic video editing: https://www.openshot.org/ What can I improve to get more video sales?
  7. For me, download numbers are quite good But the rpd ...
  8. Indeed frustrating. If you keep submitting the rejected images (sometimes wait a couple of days), finally the accepted most of my images
  9. Not a great start of the month, mostly $0,10
  10. Congratulations! My goal is, to have 2000 photo's and 100 video's in July/August
  11. Alamy is a complete disaster for me, my last sale was one year ago. But when i upload photo's to other sites, it is easy to upload them also to Alamy. My guess, you have to be lucky to have sales there
  12. Where are Enhanced sales come from mostly? I have never had such a sale. But most of my (also low) SOD's are from the US. Or is it bad luck?
  13. Sales are not so good, the past days (also on AS)
  14. Indeed a slow start of 2021 My guess, is that many people are still free After next weekend, is the real start
  15. Thanks you all! Photo is uploaded and accepted: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/small-green-wooden-jar-euro-coins-1880475970
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