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  1. I have never have a EL With more then 500 sales i had expected some EL's
  2. For me September is a good month with some few dollar sales (instead of cents)
  3. This is a english forum, why do you use Spanish? Ik ga toch ook geen nederlands gebruiken?
  4. Today a odd $0,65, how is this possible? Most of my odd sales are around $2 (level 2)
  5. September sales are reasonable so far
  6. Hope to see some ODD's this month, last month i had only subs
  7. For me, no Sales on AS and 7 subs on SS Let's hope for a beter September!
  8. 1 sub, so far August is a vacation month, so expect a low month
  9. Sales are not very good this month, also on other sites Maybe because in June i uploaded just 2 images (i was not motivated). Or it is the Corona pandamic
  10. After a upload break month of a month sales are decreasing Last week, i had a nice OD $2,12
  11. At this moment (with my small port), it cost me 2 or 3 months te reach the new level My rpd is almost the same as last month But i have 7 10c dowloads in a row I'am not motivated to upload, 10c for a download is too low! My (long term) goal was to build a stable second passive income source. But what is the next step, 2 or 3 cent subs?
  12. Concrats! Good to know that such sales are possible in the new earnigs structure I had never a EL sale And my biggest SOD is $2,66
  13. The big question is, what kind of subscription customer that download my images have? If they all have 10 to 50 images a month, earning will be higher if they all have > 350 images a month, earnings a going to be bad
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