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  1. Q2 - 2020 https://investor.shutterstock.com/news-releases/news-release-details/shutterstock-reports-second-quarter-2020-financial-results
  2. well, i know ZERO persons in SS and get accepted.
  3. spot news, press events, sports, professional photojournalism in general pictures and their partnerships, clients and fast times to upload the images.
  4. This is not AP or Reuters, but if you look to send spot news pictures that needs to be fast online, try to apply for https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial . Your approval as a contributor is not guaranteed, depends of your experience, quality of work etc.
  5. same here. from saturday nothing approved was added to the port. so, looks like a bug with a lot of people.
  6. https://blog.payoneer.com/home-page/wirecard-in-the-news-update-regarding-wirecard-and-your-prepaid-card/ - working again
  7. https://blog.payoneer.com/home-page/wirecard-in-the-news-update-regarding-wirecard-and-your-prepaid-card/
  8. one good thing about payoneer its the debit mastercard they provide. you can use the money on the account directly from the card, worldwide. free for transactions in dollars and a small conversion rate for other currencies. also, u can choose a card with euros or gpb too.
  9. 4-days waiting today for a covid-19 editorial image to be approved.
  10. ahahaha wtf is that ? c'mon. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/washington-dcusa0222-trump-supporters-reveal-who-1652540887
  11. well, the money goes to your Payoneer account automatically. Mine was payed yesterday. Then, if you want to withdraw it to your bank, you need to do that by your payoneer account website. i don't know how long it takes the transfer, because i always use the payoneer debit card.
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